10 Highlights in our Mind Body Soul

With over 150 offerings in the Mind Body Soul area this year it’s hard to choose a stand out favourite, so we’ve decided instead to ask the core healing team for their top picks from 2019’s program. So without further ado, here are some of the very best highlights in for your Mind, Body and Soul. 

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1. Better Work Together in the Future of Living 

Start your journey of exploration in our new Future of Living venue with Anthony Cabraal, who will be leading a workshop exploring how we can all work better together. His organisation ‘Enspiral’ is a community of impact driven entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing and organisational design. 

2. Discussion on the Future of Politics on the Mind Stage

Join Ronan Harrington for a three hour series on the future of politics, featuring Skeena Rathor of the Extinction Rebellion, Ivan March from Guerilla Foundation and Indra Adnan of The Alternative UK.

This lively debate will cover topics as diverse as activism, new forms of governance and the potential activation of the Noisily community into a force for good outside the woods.

3. Spirals of Life Yoga in the Body Tent 

Explore a new way of practising yoga and connecting with nature.

Ancient philosophy tells us that life is not a cycle but a spiral. Every life lesson that has ever been presented to you will come back again, until you learn it.

Beginning with a barefoot silent meditation walk in nature, this music infused spiral workshop will move you through a spiral flow and work through unstructured movement (non linear flows and sequencing that reflect what we witnessed off the matt) and work into the spiral line of the body.

4. Surround Gongs and sacred Cacao with Lani Rocillo in the Soul Space

The plant Medicine cacao is a powerfully nurturing plant which has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It supports physical health, psychological well being and improves cognitive function. 

This workshop with nourish the heart, release emotional blockages and encourages heightened intuitive, sensory and emotional awareness.

Leave feeling balanced, nourished & restored from within, with full, happy hearts for the weekend ahead.

5. Life Drawing with Max Baccanello in the Craft Tipi

Max is a London based figurative artist. He teaches very occasionally, and when he does he applies himself with warmth and charisma that transfers into his work, and those of the students around him. 

Bring your friends and / or lovers, as this class is for everyone from the budding beginner to the romantic professional. It’s an art ex-bonanza extravaganza where if you’re lucky you might even learn something;  you may laugh, you may even cry but you will be guaranteed an arty experience!

6. Bonobo Banquet in the Campsite Food Court 

Bonobos are human’s closest animal relative: When bonobos have surplus food they don’t waste it or hoard it: they proactively find others to share it with – they turn surplus food into social capital and make new friends.

Join Food waste activist Tristram Stuart & Fruitful Abundance to be a Bonobo for a day and join us for this one off food experience. Stuff yourself with delicious food otherwise destined for the bin, and make lots of new friends along the way

7. Chris Timmerman – the Science of DMT in the Mind stage

DMT is a fast-acting psychedelic drug known for its extraordinary effects in consciousness, inducing feelings of immersion into different dimensions, communication with entities and (on occasions) deep feelings of spiritual and emotional insight. 

In recent studies carried out at Imperial College London, more than 50 doses of DMT have been administered to healthy participants in order to understand what are the effects of DMT in the human brain and mind. Chris will present these results and the relevance of DMT research for our understanding of human consciousness.

8. Let loose with the Witch Clown Rave Ritual in the Body Stage

Witch Clown combines chaos magic and banging beats in a wild rave ritual to induct you into the art of mischief and manifestation.

Through an epic set of seductive techno, you’ll be plucked from the ordinary and transported to a dimension of transcendental triviality.

Summoning our intentions into every cell of our body we raise our vibration until the world around us shifts to align with our new and improved modus operandi.

Let the mayhem begin!

9. Body, Mind & My Grind – Where Permaculture meets African Yoga with Darren Springer & Sanae Orchi in The Future of Living 

Do you sometimes feel stuck and want to change your situation?

Do you feel there’s more to life but struggle to find true purpose?

Would you like to explore your inner world and rediscover your connections with nature?

We have created a series of integrated boot camps that connect permaculture and Ancient African Yoga which are designed for you to get away from your distractions, for you to focus on yourself, your dreams and your growth, and to re-calibrate and redesign yourself in a holistic and sustainable way.

Our boot camps offer a full program of workshops, workouts, meditations and personal development practices. We use both modern & ancient techniques to help you re-discover all parts of your-self.

10. Conscious Breathwork with Hannah Goodman

Look at the way we breathe as a reflection and expression of the way we live, it is the breath that bridges our internal and external worlds.

Eye Gazing and Breathwork combined is a powerful healing method that very quickly takes us on an experience of reconnecting with feeling and directly inquires into the illusion of separation from others. To Soul Gaze offers us the chance to repeatedly taste our fundamental unity or what Rumi called the ‘Consciousness of Union’.