2017 Art Case Study – Trip To The Moon

Artist name

Emily Meacock Fryer

Email address


Contributors names and roles

Emily Meacock Fryer artist (mother), Raffaella Fryer Moreira (daughter) and Stefano Terranova were responsible for the visual content and the projections. Mark Pace provided transport,  logistics and site support.

Concept of the piece

In 1969 the first rocket lifted mankind off the earth’s surface and catapulted the human imaginary into space. The technical innovations of last century transformed our species from a grounded animal limited by bodily constraints, to an experimental being with the innumerable possibilities of self transformation presented by new technologies. The trip to the moon is the ultimate voyage into the unknown, the exploration of new worlds which open up new possibilities of the real.

This installation presents a historical pastiche of futurisms, ranging from progressive optimisms to dystopian nightmares. It documents the development of visual representation of the real and its possibility for transformation. Working through the decades, these shifting visions of the future mark differences in how the path ahead looked from particular moments in time. Incorporating generative visuals with interactive sonic interfaces, this sculpture invites the audience to participate in the object and its historical trajectory, to consider what the future may look like from here, and what that might say about where we are now.

‘’What I thought was important was that some of the projections were of images made in space – so images made possible by rockets, or of microscopic life, so images made possible by technologies like microscopes. In this way, we see the rocket as a symbol for human technology, and what is made visible as a result of human-technology interactions’’ Raff.

Description of piece including materials, what technology A 13 foot high steel  rocket with a surprise interior including talking robot, 1970s wallpaper, orange telephone and balloons. The exterior was projection mapped with different  music responsive visuals on each night of the festival.

What made you want to bring an art installation to Noisily Festival?

Noisily festival is a showcase for the very best cutting edge music and art each year. I make interactive installations and I love showing at Noisily, the feedback is instantaneous .The people make the party and complete my work in a way that doesn’t happen in a gallery setting.

Had you visited Noisily festival before and what installations were your favourite?

I am lucky enough to have been invited back  to Noisily many times.Last year I loved the teapot installation in the healing area, and the roving circus acts .I view the festival itself as a massive dancing installation in which everyone is a star player. The festival site just gets more and more beautiful and exciting each year.

What made you want to become an artist?

Art for me is a vocation, and the answer to every question. So really being alive at this moment in time makes me want to make art.

What inspires you as an artist?

Seeing  people interacting with my work, and enjoying it on levels I myself hadn’t even imagined really is the best. We installed the rocket at Noisily and I hadn’t realised the full moon would be rising right behind it. So we had a rocket, and a full moon, and every time I walked past , people would be playing with the phone, making up conversations, really having a laugh… so for me, to facilitate other people’s enjoyment , that’s my inspiration.

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipe line?

Yes, but they are top secret… I’ll just say football in space ….

What was the best thing about creating this piece of art?

Collaborating with Stefano Terranova and Raffaella Fryer Moreira who projection mapped the installation with their own unique images was a total thrill.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when making this installation?

At the end of the festival, we loved watching the projections on the rocket so much we couldn’t bear to switch it off. We sat there , entranced by the power of teamwork. But yes, rocket retrieval was a challenge, it’s a big heavy object….

What advice would you give to someone who is applying to bring an art installation to noisily festival?

Really, go for it, Noisily is the best, the crew are incredibly professional and supportive of your artistic vision,  and remember, teamwork !