2018 Arts Applications are now OPEN

Art is one of the pillars of Noisily, and in our art Director Ruth Herbert we have a creative mind whose dedication is surpassed only by its genius, and since her arrival at Noisily a few years ago the aesthetic of the festival has eclipsed all expectations.

Last year the bar was raised again, and the creative juices flowing betwixt the trunks of Coney Woods were of Niagral proportions. Her team just kept swimming, and in an inspired fashion at that, adorning our Leicestershire canvas with a plethora of interactive aesthetic wonderment.

Alongside our in house wizardry, many individuals and groups applied to come to the festival to share their own subliminal concepts and out-the-box designs, adding to the cacophony of pleasurecrafts.

Art applications for 2018 are now officially open! We’ll be accepting submissions until January 31st 2018, so you have a little over four weeks to sharpen those pencils and get creative.

We also have grants available of £1000, £500, £400, £300 and £200 for the pieces that really catch our eye and fall within the scope of our theme…

‘Use Your Illusion’

For more information and for the application itself, visit our Arts Page here.