Goodbye Flo

Dear Noisily Family,

It is with great sadness that we are saying goodbye to Flo Cannon, the wonderful woman who brought her Mind, Body and Soul to Noisily.

Since opening our gates in 2012, we have wanted to provide a space for healing and learning, where festival goers could be part of the party away from the dance floors on the forest floor.  

In 2016 enough of you came to the festival to allow us to create the new space without spreading everyone to thinly, and the Mind Body Soul was born.

In 2017 the area proved itself utterly invaluable, becoming a hive of activity and a hub of learning. Practitioners, therapists, healers, musicians, and experts in almost everything compiled a comprehensive program spanning the weekend.

The work that went into curating the Mind Body Soul was immense, and for that we are all grateful beyond bounds to Flo for transforming the face of Noisily from woodland rave, to fully fledged transformational event.

Flo is moving on to pursue her passion for yoga, having qualified as a teacher just two weeks after Noisily 2017. Alongside this she is dedicating more time to her photography, something she studied many years ago but had taken a back seat in the wake of a decade working in the festival industry.

At Noisily 2016 Flo met Noisily co-founder Charles, and despite their efforts to maintain a professional working relationship, love got in the way! 7 weeks later Charles started designing a ring, and they are now planning their wedding in August of this year. So the Noisily love bug strikes again, and they have upped sticks and moved into a converted Toyota Landcruiser to drive round the world.

They are currently in Canada enjoying a snowy winter having driven up from Los Angeles via the Eclipse Gathering in August, and we are told have migrated from roof tent to apartment in light of the climate! You can follow their journey at and on Youtube and Instagram @findingneverbland too.

We wish Flo nothing but happiness as she moves onto the next stage of her professional life, but we have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her just yet, and she’ll be back as a special guest yoga teacher at Noisily 2018.

Moving forwards the core team and more specifically festival founder Lachie will be managing the Mind Body Soul with the help of Charles from the other side of the pond. Applications will be open next week.

With Love, ,

The Noisily Team