Ambassador Scheme

Welcome to the Noisily 2020 Ambassador rewards scheme where you can earn tickets, merch and drinks tokens, just by bringing your mates to the festival!

You can choose from the following awesome rewards just by signing up and persuading your friends to buy a ticket through you, which isn’t going to be hard, especially as the tickets are almost £25 cheaper than the current ticket price. Please note that you will need to choose from rewards, they are not cumulative (except the bonus T Shirt)

Rewards for selling:

1 ticket

2 drinks tokens

crowd cheering and dancing to techno at the Noisily stage during Noisily festival

7 tickets

1 FREE ticket

14 tickets

Noisily Minirig or two tickets

And to top it off, when you hit the magic 14 tickets, in addition to the above rewards you’ll earn a bonus:

Unique, one off T-shirt only given to ambassadors!

Sign up

Please note: Each year the ambassador scheme resets, so even if you have signed up to the scheme in previous years you will still need to sign up for the 2020 scheme separately by clicking the link above! If you have any questions, please email and one of our team will get back to you!