An Environment Which Feeds The Mind, Body and Soul

Over the past 7 years Noisily has evolved from an underground electronic music event, into an environment which feeds the Mind, Body and Soul.

As our community has grown into the vibrant and diverse collection of beautiful souls we now call family, the desire to create a space in which to re-engage with our inner self has grown with it.

At a time of intense global transformation, we need to look inside ourselves and to our communities to find answers to seemingly impossible questions. We want Noisily to be a crucible for personal development, connection and discussion, in order to seed the healing of our planet.

Feed your Mind with talks and workshops co-curated by the Psychedelic Society (learn more about the Psychedelic Society here), covering topics such as permaculture, the future of politics, the mystery of consciousness, the nature of reality, ritual, the resurgence of psychedelic research and everything in between.

Engage your Body with a diverse program of Yoga, Acroyoga, Capoeira, Breath-work, craft and musical workshops, 5rhythms dance and other movement practices.

Nourish your soul with workshops, circles, meditations and ceremonies lead by the Psychedelic Society and our experienced and beautiful team of facilitators.

Realign yourself with our experienced team of therapists and healers ; covering Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, Massage, Reflexology, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Kambo, Happay and Sananga.

Gaze at the stars in wonder in the UK’s largest mobile planetarium with high definition full dome projections.

Explore playfulness, meaningful connections and sexuality with Togetherness London.

Refreshed and reconnected, you can put on your stomping shoes and lose yourself on Noisily’s high vibrational dancefloors.