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Lottie is an artist and poet from Norfolk. She is currently living in Bristol and currently training as a Mental Health Nurse. 

She is interested in creating ethereal experiences with paint. The theme of escapism plays a large part in her practice. Transferring her daydreams onto canvas is a great form of catharsis and is especially necessary considering the depth of her day to day nursing life.

Lottie’s artistic focus generally centres around female empowerment. She is always inserting mythological and historical symbolism into her work, taking inspiration from art styles and movements including naïve and folk art, Impressionism, psychedelia and conceptual art.

You can find her work on Instagram @Lotties_kingdom.

Totem Making

Totem Making Workshop with Ruby Warner & Abbie Swan

FRIDAY | 15:15 – 17:15 | CRAFT

This year at Noisily Festival we are very pleased to announce the return of our totem making workshops! We will running two sessions over the weekend in our Mind Body Soul area that are completely free for all our festival-goers to enjoy. Friday’s workshop will take place in the MBS craft area & Saturdays is going to be held in our brand new Art Gallery as a chance to explore a variety of creative magic that Noisily has to offer. 

The workshops will be taught by the very talented arts and crafts teachers Ruby Warner & Abbie Swan, on the Friday and Saturday of the festival. You will be guided through the process of making your very own totem with all materials supplied for you. These are recycled materials collected by the art department over the past few years at Nosily, giving you a chance to breathe new creative life into old materials. With live demos at the beginning of each session, you will be taught how to use a number of creative techniques incorporating textiles, painting and craft to help build your very own wacky rave stick… Enjoy!  

We can’t wait to see them on the dancefloor!

Ruary Allan


Ruary Allan is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland where he talked to “invisible” friends and rode small dinosaurs. From an early age he listened to Mike Oldfield and prog rock so much that he almost forgot puberty. He spent an entire summer on an exchange trip to Middle Earth and then got into Dungeons and Dragons which was really cool cause they had all the Platonic solids for dice. He also joined The Boy Scouts, a secret society founded to see how much blood could be removed from the bodies of children by midges. Ruary received an education, apparently, as the University of St. Andrews awarded him a degree in geology, much to his surprise. This led to a year mud-logging on North Sea oil rigs, which evoked for him gigantic mosquitoes, draining the very blood of the Earth.

For much of the 90s he lived Oakland (Oaksterdam), California where he got radical, went to Burning Man a lot and continued working with dirt and pollution. He also brought oil paint into his mix of materials, enjoying publication of his art and some good shows with some notable artists. After a spell living in a cookie factory prone to very large parties, there was five quasi-exotic years in Tokyo, one rather bad one in Barcelona and extensive adventure travel on the cheap before he came back to UK (or Blighty as he still likes to call it) in 2013. He found a relatively soft landing in Glastonbury (the town not the festival) which is not more strange than anywhere else he’s been.

Inspired by nature and psychedelic culture, Ruary has been inexorably drawn to express his inner vision. He didn’t know he could do it. His visual pilgrimage focuses on the use of colour, chaos and spatiality to recreate worlds of the imagination, symbolic mindscapes mediated by free association. His work has appeared in various galleries and juried art festivals in the US, Japan, Thailand and Europe, on CD covers, in alternative magazines and on too many party flyers to count. Ruary is currently represented by Heart of the Tribe Gallery in Glastonbury.


1000 Errors


1000 Errors is the work of Olly Balsom, a multidisciplinary artist who creates unique and captivating works of art across a range of mediums. He is particularly known for his intricate and beautiful sacred geometry wood art, which is created using a combination of hand drawn elements, 3D modelling techniques and cutting-edge laser technology. 

In addition to his wood art, he is also a skilled 3D animator, using his animation skills to create mesmerizing video projection mapping installations and live visual shows. He also dabbles in clothing design, and he is also an experienced virtual reality content creator, using this technology to take his art to new levels of immersion and interactivity. 

He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and tools to create truly innovative and thought-provoking works. With a passion for exploring the intersection of art and technology, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the art world. 




Kultiv8ium explores this bizarre post-truth world with a child-like sense of awe and wonder, creating colourful explosions of rebellious questioning, holding-up a rainbow-splattered black-mirror at societies darker attributes. Poking-the-bear through humour-infused images, filled with pop culture references, thought-provoking quotes, and occultic puzzle pieces; Kult invites the beholder to examine their beliefs through this psychedelic maelstrom of tranquil chaos, cultivating a more humbled approach towards life, embracing diversity, inspiring unity, and spreading love throughout the Omniverse, one picture at a time…

Robert Fung


Robert Fung has been designing and building for festivals across the world for over a decade. Using a mixture of materials he has made giant illuminated teeth to fire breathing dragons. Recently he has been working with a large number of custom built led fixtures which allow builds to be more sustainable by reusing and repurposing. The paintings here are often made during the concept design period of the stages.

Matt Wilson


Matt Wilson spent a decade as a professional heraldic artist (coats of arms) and moved into a tech career. About ten years ago he began doing visionary art and specialises in complex other-worldy scenes rich with detail. He works in pencil, pen, acrylic, digital and has been an early adocate of generative AI over the last 3 years, although he doesnt use it for his own artwork since it’s less satisfying!. His work has appeared on the cover of the Psychedelic Press and he’s spoken about art at the Psychedelic Society. Matt has also been a DJ since 2000 and is part of the Mash101 collective. He’s been coming to Noisily since the second time and is thrilled to be a part of the art gallery.



Louie Chant


Louie’s work focuses on exploring nature’s fractal beauty with a futuristic edge. Growing up in the hills of Wales instilled a fascination for wildlife and the mysterious wonders of this planet. His mission is to share this through creating visuals with an instinctive, unique expression; in a hope to ignite inspiration to the viewer.

Alex Prince


 Alex Prince is an artist that decorates objects by layering bold, colourful forms and symbols that stems from his subconscious in an automatic drawing style that expresses positivity. 


Ellen Cole


I’m Ellen! A Bristol based illustrator and sculptor of other worldly imagery. I focus on eco themes and encouraging a curiosity for nature and the world around us. I use various materials to make up the elements of each sculpture, creating surreal creatures that could perhaps exist in another timeline.