Breath Ceremony

Breath Ceremony with Lisa Li

Friday 11:30 – 13:15, Saturday 11:30 – 13:00 | BODY | £25

After many years travelling the world’s festival scene, Breath Ceremony is now back gracing the healing areas of the UK. This is a mixture of breathwork and shamanic journeying, a deeply powerful ceremony where you will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using a connected breath. This allows for any trapped energies or emotions to come to the surface for release. Leaving you feeling more whole, balanced, energised and integrated. Releasing all that is not serving you, to give space for more joy and freedom.


Niio Dance

Niio Dance – Raising you Frequency with Helene Su

Saturday 1030 – 1130 | BODY

Come, breathe, move, connect, feel present and alive in this somatic dance practice to soothe your body and soul. Through the science of somatics, body mind wisdom, neuroscience, classic dance principles and the Tao, we journey deep within, into our visceral bones, fluids and organs to sense into their physical and energetic qualities of support.

Feel more in touch with your body, find new ways to move, feel more confident in your dance, or simply experience the pure joy of your vital, dynamic dancing self. And what better way than connecting together in the beautiful trees of Coney Woods.


Mindful flow & freestyle ecstatic dance with Catherine Perry

Sunday 1745 – 1900 | BODY

BLOSSOM weaves therapeutic wisdom with mindful flow & freestyle ecstatic movement to create an uplifting transformative space!

Catherine encourages you to cultivate self-compassion & self-love, to see your fears and gather the courage to gently move beyond them.

Connect back to your body with gratitude and love & learn how to LET GO & BLOSSOM against the backdrop of a beautiful & VIBEY playlist.

About Almond Blossom Yoga– Catherine is a Yoga teacher & Specialist CBT therapist specialising in creating immersive yoga experiences to promote body image healing & self-acceptance.

Insta- @almondblossomyoga  

Our Light


Saturday 1800 – 2000 | BODY

COLOUR is the most fundamental expression of nature as form.

Our Light will open space for a divine adventure with COLOURS. Delve into the realms of intuition and senses to allow for specific colours to arise in the living moment.

Discover their energy and wisdom within our personal and collective experience, and remember the divine significance of our origin as Light.

Our Light collective will guide the group exploration through a sacred ceremony involving heart sharing, guided meditation, intuitive voicing, tarot, songs, and free expression through dance.


Lani Rocillo, Ori Tolkovsky, Lewis Jones, Chantelle Blackwood, Dan Ashby, Sam Watson, Annabelle Stappleton-Critenden, Aliya Ishtar

Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga with Viviane Petit 

Friday 1515 – 1645 | BODY

This yoga workshop will draw on five element acupuncture and embody a set of asanas aimed at activating the energy meridians in the body and guide us into experiencing each of the elements of nature – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, from within. 

In a world where our habits are focussed on externalising, Kundalini Yoga is a practice that does the very opposite: It brings all your attention back to the vastness within. It is by navigating to the yin aspect, to the shady side of the hill where lurks all of our subconscious conditioning, that recalibration and reprogramming takes place.

Viviane has been working with teens and adults for the past 5 years. Privately, in groups and in mental health hospitals, including Mental health hospitals, high security units and Feltham Young Offenders Prison working with people recovering from acute psychological and behavioural difficulties, work that she is rightly incredibly proud of. Her work is compassionate, deep and profoundly healing. 

However, the party does not stop when you enter her class! Quite the opposite, it is a huge uplifting and highly vibrational event and she could not promote this without working with the music as a healing tool. Her classes are a safe place where you can recharge, pause and strengthen your nervous system.

Mystical Yoga


13:30 – 14:45 Saturday | BODY | £12

‘Mystical Yoga’ is an all levels Hatha class focused on synching our bodies to the rhythm of nature, with influence from Qi Gong, Kundalini and multi-spiritual sacred practices using wisdom from many different spiritualities, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, and Mayan. 

This is not just a physical yoga class, it is spiritual and mental too. The classes follow the Earth’s natural cycles and rhythms, the wheel of the year, lunar calendar, and the weather. This yoga practice creates a deep connection to the Earth, and ‘We Are Nature’ after all. 


Kundalini & Cacao Ceremony

Kundalini & Cacao Ceremony with Lani Rocillo & Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden

Friday 15:00 – 16:30 | BODY | £20

Explore the cultivation of luminous life-force in our bodies to heighten presence and awareness, elevate our creative spiritual capacities and return to realise a state of balance and clarity through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Sound Immersion, in a ceremony with the powerfully heart opening spirit of the Cacao plant.

KUNDALINI YOGA is known as the yoga of awareness. As a technology it combines pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation to safely raise the Kundalini energy up from the base of the spine, removing obstacles and healing energetic blocks as it goes. We develop our strength, flexibility, and coordination, expand our lung capacity, improve the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems, nurture our intuition, induce states of deep meditation, provide powerful detoxification for the body-mind-spirit and much more.

In this class participants will drink a rich brew of sacred Cacao, a plant spirit that powerfully opens the heart and guides us to feel more deeply and awaken to the intelligence of our body and the wisdom of our intuition. In turn, restoring emotional balance, heightening sensory perception and creativity.

The Cacao for this ceremony comes from Guatemala, where ancient seeds have been grown, tended and harvested in a sacred way by their guardians, so that the purity of their wisdom is retained and passed on.

To the Mayans Cacao symbolises community, celebration and intercultural exchange.


Release the Dragons

Release the Dragons with Tony Langford

Saturday 1630 – 1745 | BODY | £20

Through movement of the body to music we release the dragon energies that reside within us.

The dragons represent our emotions that surge through our body – and yet which are often suppressed. We may neglect these body energies when we are stuck in our heads, stuck in our thinking minds.

The three coloured dragons are based in part on Professor Paul Gilbert’s “three circles” motivational brain “drivers” from Compassion Focused Therapy. The green mode is of rest and digest, affiliation and care; the blue mode of drive and achievement, and the red mode of threat, fear and unmet needs.

Through music and movement we can explore and release each of these dragon energies, and in particular the Green Dragon that restores and soothes us.

Tony has a diverse background overlapping music, the arts, technology and wellbeing. He has trained in the Body in Mind Neurocognitive Model and has developed the ‘What Colour Is Your Dragon?’ workshops with colleagues at the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. He has completed training and courses in Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Compassionate Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing.  He has also been a record label manager and DJ, and has re-kindled his love of playing deep, emotive electronic music as part of his local 5 Rhythms group.

‘Release the Dragons’ is a new project for 2022  combining creative expression, emotional awareness and ecstatic dance.


Yoga & Sound

Yoga & Sound with Jenna Alexandria

Saturday 9:00 – 10:15 | BODY

Trained as a Quantum Yoga teacher Jenna uses the lens of Ayurveda to balance exacerbations of the doshas (mind body constitution) through different vinyasa sequencing, breath and meditation.
Beginning the practice with breath to arrive into the space, before flowing through a movement practise to help warm up the body. The movement and breath combined helps to prepare the body for receiving healing frequencies of sound, which will shift anything that is ready to be released. The practise will leave you feeling grounded, aligned and relaxed – a magical start to your Saturday!

Jenna is a psychotherapist, sound healer and Quantum Yoga teacher. Through her understanding of the mind, body and soul she weaves together a mixture of modalities to aid in releasing tension, & energy blockages in the body. Her holistic approach allows her to tailor make each session, whether with individuals or groups, to the specific needs of her clients.

Instagram – @jenna_alexandria_
Website –

Somatic Workshop

Somatic Workshop with Ian Young

Sunday 1015 – 1115 | BODY

This workshop will introduce you to the delights of a movement practice called Hanna Somatics. This is a gentle and accessible practice mainly done lying on a mat but which can be surprisingly powerful in its effects. One of the wonderful things about it is that you can sense it working on unwinding through the years of tension and holding patterns that we all experience through our stressful modern lifestyles or even from a hard night on the dance floor! 

The workshop will be led by Ian Young, a movement teacher who has lived with severe arthritis since childhood and required the use of a walking stick for 20 years before discovering Somatics, which has since enabled him to give up using it. 

Ian draws on these personal experiences, sharing the ways he has learnt to overcome physical challenges. The workshop will be like experiencing a moving meditation but will also give you some really great tricks and tips to use in your everyday life to combat stress and tension. So come and get dance floor ready and be prepared to move as you never have before!