Contemporary Choreography

Contemporary Choreography with Elisha Mallinson

Sunday 13:00 – 14:15 | BODY

This contemporary dance session is inspired by the pioneers of contemporary dance; Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Jose Limone.

We will open with a release technique warm-up; focusing on the freedom of bodily movement and the flow of breath.

Followed by a creative choreography session; within which you will choreograph your own movement sequences, and perform these sequences to your peers before combining these ideas to create group dance routines.You are welcome to record your solo performances and share them on social media. Group dances or whole class performances can only be filmed for social sharing if each participant provides verbal consent.

Instagram: @mallinsonssenddanceyogapilates
Tick-Tock: @Mallinsons_SEND_D.Y.P


Mindful flow & freestyle ecstatic dance with Catherine Perry

Sunday 1745 – 1900 | BODY

BLOSSOM weaves therapeutic wisdom with mindful flow & freestyle ecstatic movement to create an uplifting transformative space!

Catherine encourages you to cultivate self-compassion & self-love, to see your fears and gather the courage to gently move beyond them.

Connect back to your body with gratitude and love & learn how to LET GO & BLOSSOM against the backdrop of a beautiful & VIBEY playlist.

About Almond Blossom Yoga– Catherine is a Yoga teacher & Specialist CBT therapist specialising in creating immersive yoga experiences to promote body image healing & self-acceptance.

Insta- @almondblossomyoga  

Yoga & Sound

Yoga & Sound with Jenna Alexandria

Saturday 9:00 – 10:15 | BODY

Trained as a Quantum Yoga teacher Jenna uses the lens of Ayurveda to balance exacerbations of the doshas (mind body constitution) through different vinyasa sequencing, breath and meditation.
Beginning the practice with breath to arrive into the space, before flowing through a movement practise to help warm up the body. The movement and breath combined helps to prepare the body for receiving healing frequencies of sound, which will shift anything that is ready to be released. The practise will leave you feeling grounded, aligned and relaxed – a magical start to your Saturday!

Jenna is a psychotherapist, sound healer and Quantum Yoga teacher. Through her understanding of the mind, body and soul she weaves together a mixture of modalities to aid in releasing tension, & energy blockages in the body. Her holistic approach allows her to tailor make each session, whether with individuals or groups, to the specific needs of her clients.

Instagram – @jenna_alexandria_
Website –

Our Light


Saturday 1800 – 2000 | BODY

COLOUR is the most fundamental expression of nature as form.

Our Light will open space for a divine adventure with COLOURS. Delve into the realms of intuition and senses to allow for specific colours to arise in the living moment.
Discover their energy and wisdom within our personal and collective experience, and remember the divine significance of our origin as Light.

Our Light collective will guide the group exploration through a sacred ceremony involving heart sharing, guided meditation, intuitive voicing, songs, and free expression through dance. Including a DJ set of eclectic music with live drumming by Ori Tolkovsly.


Lani Rocillo, Ori Tolkovsky, Lewis Jones, Chantelle Blackwood, Annabelle Stappleton-Critenden, Aliya Ishtar, Maxwell Owen Reynish, Mathhew Jorje Brock

Dance of the Archetypes

Embodying Archetypes dance workshop with Gaia Harvey-Jackson

Friday 1900 – 2100 | BODY

Archetypes represent different facets of our psyche. They are a personification of certain qualities and behaviours that can be recognised in the human experience throughout all time, and across all cultures. We see this manifested in the similarities between the deities, and myths around the world.

This work is about deep self enquiry to understand our way of being in the world, so that we can notice where our shadows are playing out, and bring awareness to how we need to grow, in order to become whole.

In this 2 hour dance we’ll be bringing 5 archetypes to life through music and movement, to receive their embodied wisdom, and activate their potential:

The Fool – Play, lightness, creativity
The Warrior – Rage, boundaries, clarity
The Lover – Sensuality, beauty, flow
The Sovereign – Power, leadership, celebration
The Sage – Wisdom, serenity, stillness

For more of Gaia’s powerful work –

Sensory Awakening

Sound & Somatics with Sensory Alchemists

Sunday 1130 – 1245 | BODY

Sounds & Somatics – ‘Sensory Awakening’ is an active and energising experience that uses drums, percussion and music to facilitate and guide you through this embodied primal experience.

The sensory alchemists will guide you through movements and sounds that are fluid and detached from any preconceived ideas of ‘form’. Creating patterns and shapes evolved from evolution (such as reptilian and childlike) and organic shapes found in nature.

The sounds and vibrations from the medicine music and instruments help facilitate and encourage a sense of play, wonder and curiosity.

Raising your vibration through the senses will leave you feeling more connected to the Earth, Yourself and each other.

Sensory Alchemists are are a group of Black/brown, queer and marginalised wellness and creative practitioners. (formerly called the Elemental wellness collective)

Part of our ethos is to change the face of the wellness industry and to create spaces for those that have in the past felt excluded.

We practice radical inclusion and exclusion, as well as the decolonisation of yoga and other wellness practices.

In the world of festivals, this translates to being mindful and respectful of what we teach and educating people about the lineages of the practices we share. To honour cultural appreciation, not appropriation.

Our Sacred Rhythms

Conscious Dance Experience with J.Müller.

Sunday 16:15 – 17:30 | BODY | By donation

Our Sacred Rhythms (OSR) is a conscious dance experience where movement is optimum for unlimited expression and freedom. Through moving our bodies we move through our emotions and nurture our healing. I think there is something so tribal about the way we meet in the night on the dance floor and find connection with each other. The problem is that these days it’s very hard to find this connection and to allow ourselves to be free to move our bodies unashamedly because we aren’t creating these spaces for ourselves. I wanted to create a night where the energy is high, people are joyful and you can feel love as soon as you enter the room. And most importantly — it feels like home and therefore you can express yourself as you wish. I wanted to create a space where human connection is valued and encouraged. A judgement free zone, which requires your full power expression and the warmest welcoming for each other, in a space that is our home.

South African born, London based artist, J.Müller, designs new realities as a singer, dj, producer, poet and creator of parth_é. She made her solo debut in 2018 with the single ‘I Surrender i’ and has released another 3 self- produced tracks as well as 2 full books of poetry; ‘Peaceful Thoughts’ + ‘You Are A Mystic Child’ since then. Clash Magazine describes ‘Rebirth’ as, “a caramel soft piece of songwriting where each word seems to slide effortlessly out of the speaker.” Her recent single release, ‘Rejoice’ from Philou Louzolo’s forthcoming album sees it’s way onto Black Coffee’s ‘Track ID’s’ Spotify playlist and is the 1st of 2 songs in collaboration from his album, May 2022. Prepare to be taken into the unknown through all of her creations as she weaves a new way of being through her art and watch this space for the release of her debut EP. Coming soon.

Sacred Alchemy, Embodied Power with Cacao

Friday 1700 – 1830 | BODY | £20

The Shanti Space Retreat Guardians Jessica and Jack Weaver are bringing an experience of magic, cultivating new neural pathways that align your consciousness with new possibilities and power.

Working with the medicine of the heart, Cacao, you’re invited to be moved, to open and rekindle the flame of transformation as we journey through breath, movement and sound, creating alchemy from the inside out.

Reclaim your innate oneness, magic, power, by weaving in Daoist and non-dualistic practices that cultivate the expansion of awareness, energy and reset your nervous system with the intention of coming into alignment with your greatest potential.


For more on Jessica & Jack’s beautiful work –

Rave Ritual

Rave Ritual with Witchclown 

Saturday 21:30 – 23:45 BODY

“A wickedly divine creation. This is ecstatic dance with claws on. Joyful, naughty, heart-opening.”

Rave Ritual is somewhere between a shamanic ritual and a fierce rave, bridging the worlds of the sacred and the absurd, our dances facilitate safe spaces for you to totally lose your shit, break free of the box, and express yourself with wild abandon.

Allow your inner weirdo to breathe, and move as your body wants to, not as you think you should.

We combine chaos magic and banging beats to induce you into the art of mischief and manifestation. Through an epic set of seductive electronic, you’ll be plucked from the ordinary and transported to a dimension of transcendental triviality.

We celebrate the culture of consent, respect and kindness for each other amidst all the chaos. We are a community of dancers, magicians, and fools who come together to honour life, and use the energy we create through movement as a vessel for healing and liberation of the individual and collective.

Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga with Viviane Petit 

Friday 1515 – 1645 | BODY

This yoga workshop will draw on five element acupuncture and embody a set of asanas aimed at activating the energy meridians in the body and guide us into experiencing each of the elements of nature – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, from within. 

In a world where our habits are focussed on externalising, Kundalini Yoga is a practice that does the very opposite: It brings all your attention back to the vastness within. It is by navigating to the yin aspect, to the shady side of the hill where lurks all of our subconscious conditioning, that recalibration and reprogramming takes place.

Viviane has been working with teens and adults for the past 5 years. Privately, in groups and in mental health hospitals, including Mental health hospitals, high security units and Feltham Young Offenders Prison working with people recovering from acute psychological and behavioural difficulties, work that she is rightly incredibly proud of. Her work is compassionate, deep and profoundly healing. 

However, the party does not stop when you enter her class! Quite the opposite, it is a huge uplifting and highly vibrational event and she could not promote this without working with the music as a healing tool. Her classes are a safe place where you can recharge, pause and strengthen your nervous system.