Body Art

Body Art with Pashet

Saturday 19:00 – 21:00 | CRAFT

Body painting through the ages has always been a precursor for ceremony and celebration. My patterns are inspired by the natural world and its diverse rhythmic pulse. Fascinated by human nature I often find myself moving from canvas to painting on skin and staying true to an intuitive signature style I call encoded sensations. To me painting on the body is a reminder of the energy waves and particles we are made of. Amplify this rhythm and flow with patterns of the rainbow. The colours represent clear waters, fresh air, bountiful earth, resonant fire, sun rays, electric moon, star-seeds and our mystical cosmos. I use body paints that let the pores breathe and are easily washed off with water. When the brush touches your skin it becomes a meditative journey in silence or in communication… Reminding us of our very being, as works of art here on this earth.

Deep Sym

Deep Sym – See your breath transform into light

Evenings in CRAFT

Sym ( is an immersive interactive experience synthesising technology, art and wellbeing. Using custom sensors, deep slow diaphragmatic (belly) breathing is visualised in moving soothing lights, creating a beautiful relaxing space to unwind in. A space to connect to breath, to yourself and to others. Breathing through the belly is something we naturally do as babies, yet as adults need to be reminded to be conscious of. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, improving physical, emotional and cognitive states overall. You can experience Sym together with a partner or new friends as each participant’s breath is visualised in a different colour, and when in sync, the lamps animate with joyful rainbows. Sym is for symbiosis – a beneficial process in nature where connections beyond the self improve the overall ecology of being. 

Mother Nature

Mother Nature – Nature Art workshop with Emma Philippa Maeve

Saturday 9 – 1030 | CRAFT

Working in a time frame that allows people to go out and forage materials, we can create dream catchers, and create performance art by using natural sourced materials. The concept will be to create artwork with what is found apart from the paper used this ideal will be hopefully placing people with a positive mind set so that after this year and all our yearning to reunite under the magical canopy of Coney Woods. To collect materials fallen and create a ground mural with each other acting in a group to collectively talk about how you made and why you connected with those pieces found.

About Emma – An applied artist who is inspired by the beauty of the world, emotion and the connection that we have with our emotions and understanding of how we relate with one another. Emma Philippa Maeve allows herself to be viewed by others within her work and this weekend will be a way to truly connect with each other meeting people alike to who will be interested in nature, the environment, art, wellbeing and being in a meditative state to allow one to create pieces or work that relate to themselves.

As we look into ourselves and find the connection between our body and what we have to give or rejoice from our mother’s nature. The workshops she will be offering will be exploring our inner self, from emotions to how we feel when we allow ourselves to connect with nature and with each other.

Intuitive Poetry

A creative poetry workshop with Aggie Davies

Saturday 16:00 – 18:00 | CRAFT

Through an intuitive process, engaging with methods of active imagination, we will bring together fragments of found images and word to help bridge the gap between our conscious mind and the realms of the unconscious. 

This creative poetry workshop aims to support participants in connecting to the wholeness of Self. It may help to bring forth stories that have been forgotten and wish to be retold, or channel messages that are stirring deep within.  

No previous experience of poetry or writing is necessary – just bring along your curiosity! 

Trust the process and you may just be surprised! 

Life Drawing

Life Drawing with Jessica Legon

Sunday 11:00 – 13:00 | CRAFT

Everyone is welcome to come have a go at drawing the human body! It may seem daunting to draw from a life model, but rest assured life drawing doesn’t require any prior experience and you can’t enjoy it wrong! You’re bound to have lots of fun translating the human form into pencil or charcoal and might pick up some new skills along the way! Jessica, an illustrator from London, will guide you through quick gesture sketches and longer poses with some tips to help you fall into the flow of figure drawing. 

Facebook/insta: @JessicaIllustrates

Sacred Objects

Sacred Objects, Amulets, Charms and Talismans with Aggie Davis

Sunday 9 – 10.30am | CRAFT | £15

‘Sacred objects go beyond words and capture the spirit of a moment, creating a memory of lasting power.’

This workshop opens a space for reflection and reconnection through the creation of personal talismans, amulets, charms or miniature altars. Using symbolism, colour magic and the power of intention, natural and recycled/found materials can be alchemised through ritual into powerful, embodied objects, alive with personal stories and emotion. They may become whatever their creator needs them to be…. potent vessels of hope, charms for luck or good fortune, or simply a gentle physical reminder of ones unique relationship to, to earth, to spirit or to Self.

Participants are invited to spend time in the ritual making of their own sacred object, using a range of materials provided.  Our objects will come together to create a temporary, collective altar. There will be time to share the stories they tell, and to witness within the containment of our circle. 


Enchanted Mala bracelet making

Enchanted Mala bracelet making workshop & meditation with India Terry

Friday 16:00 – 18:00 | CRAFT | £40

Join Enchanted Malas for a relaxing and informative workshop where you will make your own healing crystal mala bracelet. This workshop is suitable for anyone, from the people interested in jewellery making, yoga and spirituality; to the regular meditator and practitioner. The workshop is a relaxing and informative opportunity to learn about mala beads and mantras, make your own mala bracelet (specially designed for them) and have two relaxing meditations. 

The workshop begins with a guided meditation to set an intention for your bracelet. We will then intuitively choose from a large selection of healing crystals, seed and wooden beads; India will assist in sharing the properties of the semi-precious stones and how to work with colour theory/numerology in your creation. With group and one to one help, you will knot these beads intently to create your bracelet. Once everyone has completed knotting their mala bracelets we will end with a round of Japa (mantra meditation) to connect you to your mala bracelet.

All equipment is included and you will leave not only with your unique, attuned mala bracelet in a sustainable cotton pouch; but also with new knowledge, a mantra book, and a peaceful state of being after a calm and creative workshop.


Upcycle workshop

One Beings Trash is Another Beings Treasure! An upcycle workshop with Jo Bodimeade

Sunday 1330 – 1530 | CRAFT

In a mad world of escalating mountains of waste and mayhem, it’s time to get creative. Join me to make some beautiful upcycled creations as we muse mindfully over how to help heal the planet! Choose from a dreamcatcher, plaited headband, or key holder.. 

Warning: all will be upcycled!

 For more on Jo’s work –

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Get Pickled

Get Pickled with Paula Neubauer

Friday 11:00 – 13:00 | CRAFT | £35

Wild Herbs and Fermentation: A practical guide to make your own sauerkraut with foraged plants.

A workshop on how to upcycle your veggies, adding nutritional value and bringing good bacteria to your food through fermentation and foraging.

First, we will go for a little foraging wander at the Noisily grounds where Paula will discuss  properties and benefits integrating foraged plants into our food. Paula will talk about fermentation in general, its history, health benefits and the different processes. She will bring a few different kinds of her own home made ferments, like miso, Indian pickles, hot sauces, aminos, kraut/kimchi for people to try and discuss. At the end participants will make a basic sauerkraut incorporating the wild plants we gathered in our walk to be taken home.


Colour & Chill workshop

Colour & Chill workshop with Psychedelic Colouring

Fancy a break? Come and relax while you colour your cares away and recharge your batteries for more dancing! Choose a picture to colour with coloured pencils and glitter pens, on your own or with a friend! Whether you already love to colour or have yet to rediscover the soothing joy of colouring, come chill with friendly company for a tranquil, can’t-do-it-wrong workshop. Everyone welcome!

Facebook/insta: @PsychedelicColouring