Play with Clay

Clay Workshop with Michelle Musical Mud

SATURDAY | 18:00 – 20:00 | CRAFT | £23

Play with clay around the Sacred Fire space, creating beads and pendants which will get fired in the sacred fire by Sunday night. Arrangements will be made for collection time during the workshop. You can then take your stone clay sacredly fired pieces home with you to create your Noisily Necklace in your own time. A lovely momento created by yourself to remind you of a beautiful space and time in your Life.

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Totem Making

Totem Making Workshop with Ruby Warner & Abbie Swan

FRIDAY | 15:15 – 17:15 | CRAFT

This year at Noisily Festival we are very pleased to announce the return of our totem making workshops! We will running two sessions over the weekend in our Mind Body Soul area that are completely free for all our festival-goers to enjoy. Friday’s workshop will take place in the MBS craft area & Saturdays is going to be held in our brand new Art Gallery as a chance to explore a variety of creative magic that Noisily has to offer. 

The workshops will be taught by the very talented arts and crafts teachers Ruby Warner & Abbie Swan, on the Friday and Saturday of the festival. You will be guided through the process of making your very own totem with all materials supplied for you. These are recycled materials collected by the art department over the past few years at Nosily, giving you a chance to breathe new creative life into old materials. With live demos at the beginning of each session, you will be taught how to use a number of creative techniques incorporating textiles, painting and craft to help build your very own wacky rave stick… Enjoy!  

We can’t wait to see them on the dancefloor!


MycoTek: Fungi Cultivation for Beginners with Dr Sam Gandy

SUNDAY | 11:30 – 13:00 | CRAFT

Rather than needing to rely on buying fungal supplements, did you know that you can easily grow your own fungi for consumption at home for a fraction of the price? Through a mixture of theory and practice, Dr Sam Gandy will lead you through the process of growing your own lion’s mane fungi. Suitable for beginners, this simple and low-cost approach requires minimal equipment and is well suited for people who lead busy lives or are tight on space. Through this workshop, Sam will empower you to grow your own fungi by giving you the means of being self-sufficient in producing your own mycelium of whatever species you would like to grow – using a simple approach that is highly effective and immensely rewarding. Post-workshop, you will have access to a walkthrough guide and a variety of other resources to help you get growing! 


  • Theory: Why do this, and what are the benefits of lion’s mane? 
  • An introduction to simple liquid culture techniques 
  • Preparing grain for inoculation 
  • How to perform inoculation with liquid mycelium 
  • Creation of one’s own culture jar lids
  • Using a pressure cooker for sterilisation 
  • A guided walkthrough (including theory and practice) of the process from start to finish 
  • Preparing mycelium grain for consumption with recommended recipes 
  • ‘How to’ guides and support information which you can use post-session 
  • There will also be time for Q&A 

Love Potion

Love Potion Workshop with Earth Remedies

FRIDAY | 17:30 – 19:30 | CRAFT | £35

Create your own massage oil for the ritual of giving love; First with self love and then love to another in both romantic, as well as platonic, relationships. In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn effective massage techniques to deepen your connection to self-sensuality, how to open to heart space, the benefits of aromatherapy and the multi uses of aphrodisiac oils. You will also be given all the ingredients you need to craft your own love potion to take and use at home.

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For more on Phoebe’s incredible work –
Instagram – @earth.remedies
Website –
Etsy -EarthRemediesStore

Ritual Incense Creation

Ritual Incense Creation Workshop with Earth Remedies

SUNDAY | 16:00 – 18:00 | CRAFT | £28

Create your own unique incense blend in this 2 hour workshop, connecting to the spirits of the resins and their historical uses. We will show you how to work with the smoke, using techniques such as cleansing, visualisation and intention setting in ritual practice. This workshop will include: a meditation, a lesson in herbal wisdom & all the ingredients you need to craft your own incense blend to take home.

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For more on Phoebe’s beautiful work –

Instagram: @earth.remedies
Etsy: EarthRemediesStore


Self Love – a creative workshop with Emma Trussler

SUNDAY | 9:30 – 11:00 | CRAFT

This body image and empowerment workshop will explore how we can all see ourselves negatively and at times be very hard on ourselves.  We will do this through the exploration of colour – expressing these feelings through paint. We will talk about which colours we feel represent these negative aspect of ourselves. After this, we will focus on the positive, and chose which colours we believe are good and have positive attributes. We will discuss what power both the negative and positive have and what they mean to us and how they make us feel. Then we will work in groups, discussing positive aspects of the individuals around us. We will again use pain to reinforce this positivity and reflect it out to the world.


Surrender – a creative workshop with Emma Trussler

FRIDAY | 1215 – 1345 | CRAFT

Together we will create a place where you will be able to communicate and work with each other to create your own interconnection with all life on Earth.  The intention of this is workshop is to listen to your inner thoughts and wisdoms that are delicately woven into our incredible living network; thus allowing your senses to explore and nurture your true feelings. We will do this through the exploration of fabrics, create collages, bunting, whatever feels right to us at the time.  By doing so, we will combine our capacity for love, beauty and rooted change, collectively transforming our living story. Mind and matter meet, thoughts meet reality. We will explore the use of fabric and words, summing up the emotion we are currently feeling. This exercise will help us explore these emotions and feelings and help us to rise above our demons, absorb and display them through what we create. An intimate workshop that will use discussion and understanding then demonstration and creation.

Drum Making Ceremony

Drum Making Ceremony with Root of the Gods

SATURDAY | 14:30 – 17:30 | CRAFT | £90 / £120

A ceremonious workshop wherein you will build your own Panhuehuetl shamanic hand drum, working with wood, leather and rope. This type of drum is native to Northern Mexico and is used in ceremonies or as a personal tool for meditation & connection. During this workshop you will be guided through the symbolic meaning of each element & to connect & put your intention into your drum whilst weaving & creating your instrument for life.

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About Root of the Gods

Ahau Samuel is a native Mexican medicine man, co-founder of Root of the Gods; a project that preserves and re-activates sacred wisdom. Studying and sharing ancestral medicines for 11 years through ceremonies, workshops and deep healing experiences. Ahau is a great teacher with a humble heart, his lessons and words valued by many communities across Mexico. His teachings include Temazcal Sweatlodge, Vision Quest, Drum Making and ancestral medicines such as Kambo & Hapé; with experience working in many settings including rehabilitation centers, working as a doctor of ancestral medicines to support and heal chronic and autoimmune conditions, addictions, mental and physical disease. Ahau is part of the Camino Rojo Foundation and is responsible for supporting cultural ceremonies such as the Moon Dance (Danza de Luna) and Sun Dance (Danza del Sol). All that Ahau takes into his path is aligned to his life purpose – being of service to humanity.

Robyn Leonie is a sacred space facilitator, medicine woman, creator & natural living advocate – leading through a powerful, grounded approach to connected living. Co-founder of Root of the Gods; a project that preserves and re activates sacred wisdom. Robyn has traveled the world as a student of anthropology and ethnobotany – studying the roots of our cultures and learning how they positively guide and support our human experience. Throughout her journey, aligning with whole living, natural cycles & mind-body medicine, it became her purpose to be of service and to help reconnect us all back to our original state of love and abundance. With her unique filter, she transforms her knowledge into simple guidance; creative, clear & humble steps towards a more beautiful future for all. Sharing her tools through prayer, sound, breath, ceremony and sweatlodge, her powerful work is an organic expression of all that has been learnt on her own way to presence & wholeness. Robyn embodies a bridge between the ancient and modern cultures – working alongside indigenous wisdom keepers creating programmes and experiences wherein their cultural teachings can be honoured, shared and guided in their growth and integration.

Essential Oils Make & Take

Make & Take Workshop with Earth Mamma Essential Oils

SATURDAY | CRAFT | 10:00 – 11:30 | £12.50 / session

Paulina will be teaching how to safely and effectively use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA essential oils to support our physical and emotional wellbeing. Using nature’s powerful healing tools and encouraging you to lean in & trust your instincts to discover natural solutions to use within our homes. dōTERRA Essential Oils are a powerful tool for our mind and body. I am passionate about sharing these precious gifts of the Earth so we can truly thrive. Each person will be able to ‘make & take’ their own essential oils roller blend, beauty serum and/or zero toxin product home. You will follow appropriate safety guidelines and there will be a variety of resources for your perusal. I love to connect and share my experience, can’t wait to see you at Noisily!

3x sessions with up to 12 people each, tickets at £12.50

Session 1 – 10:00 – 10:25
Session 2 – 10:30 – 10:55
Session 3 – 11:00 – 11:25

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Colour & Chill

Colour & Chill colouring workshop with Jessica Legon, Psychedelic Colouring

SUNDAY | 13:30 – 15:30 | CRAFT

Come and join us for a colouring session with pens, pencils and glitter gel pens and relax in a creative, but completely undemanding workshop. Let yourself melt into the soothing joy of colouring, whether you love to colour regularly or haven’t coloured since you were a child, you may be surprised how therapeutic you find it. I have drawn a few different soothing and uplifting pictures for you to choose from and It’s the perfect way to recharge yourself for more dancing!