Enchanted Mala bracelet making

Enchanted Mala bracelet making workshop & meditation with India Terry

Friday 16:00 – 18:00 | CRAFT | £40

Join Enchanted Malas for a relaxing and informative workshop where you will make your own healing crystal mala bracelet. This workshop is suitable for anyone, from the people interested in jewellery making, yoga and spirituality; to the regular meditator and practitioner. The workshop is a relaxing and informative opportunity to learn about mala beads and mantras, make your own mala bracelet (specially designed for them) and have two relaxing meditations. 

The workshop begins with a guided meditation to set an intention for your bracelet. We will then intuitively choose from a large selection of healing crystals, seed and wooden beads; India will assist in sharing the properties of the semi-precious stones and how to work with colour theory/numerology in your creation. With group and one to one help, you will knot these beads intently to create your bracelet. Once everyone has completed knotting their mala bracelets we will end with a round of Japa (mantra meditation) to connect you to your mala bracelet.

All equipment is included and you will leave not only with your unique, attuned mala bracelet in a sustainable cotton pouch; but also with new knowledge, a mantra book, and a peaceful state of being after a calm and creative workshop.



Get Pickled

Get Pickled with Paula Neubauer

Friday 11:00 – 13:00 | CRAFT | £35

Wild Herbs and Fermentation: A practical guide to make your own sauerkraut with foraged plants.

A workshop on how to upcycle your veggies, adding nutritional value and bringing good bacteria to your food through fermentation and foraging.

First, we will go for a little foraging wander at the Noisily grounds where Paula will discuss  properties and benefits integrating foraged plants into our food. Paula will talk about fermentation in general, its history, health benefits and the different processes. She will bring a few different kinds of her own home made ferments, like miso, Indian pickles, hot sauces, aminos, kraut/kimchi for people to try and discuss. At the end participants will make a basic sauerkraut incorporating the wild plants we gathered in our walk to be taken home.