Sauna Heaven

If you are looking for some beautiful relaxation and rejuvenation at this year’s Noisily festival please come join us at our welcoming sauna space. The lovely Tim Britten and crew at Hello Sunshine sauna and Royal Tubs sauna (hosted by sauna masters Evette Caplan and Amy Starr) are delighted to hold this nourishing and delicious space for all your sauna and replenishing needs. We will be offering two saunas, two plunge pool, cold showers, and chillout space, while our sauna masters will be whisking and aufgussing away for a truly special and unique sauna experience. From our hearts to yours…  Looking forward to sweating with you!   

Weekend access wristbands will be available to buy from Sauna Heaven’s reception 🙂



Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity. Our climate is breaking down and destructive industries continue to threaten our forests, oceans, air and humanity as we know it. But together we can overcome these challenges. Learn more about what Greenpeace is doing to protect our natural world for future generations, and have fun doing so ! At festivals we aim to engage, empower, educate and inspire people to take action on the biggest challenge facing us. We are here to offer solutions and hope.

Earth Altars

Earth Altars – Weaving the Magical & Mystical into Land Art with Michelle & Jodie Scott

MBS | All Weekend

Living by the ocean in Cornwall has gifted twins Michelle & Jodie Scott numerous hours combing the shorelines collecting shells,rocks & driftwood, from which they weave and sculpt their impressive land based art, ‘Earth Tapestry’.

Their creations include various sacred symbols & intricate Celtic patterns, invoking a sense of beauty, prayer, connection and ultimately belonging.

In recent years, the Twins have received annual invites from festivals (Medicine, All About Love, Love Jam) to come and create unique pieces of land art to inspire, enchant, uplift, move and wow audiences.

We are so excited to be welcoming them to Noisily this year, where they will be weaving their magic around the fountain in Mind Body Soul & holding ceremonies throughout the weekend to offer your prayers & intentions into this beautiful living co-creation.


MotherLove – a loving ceremony with Candice Quartermain

SUNDAY | 14:00 – 15:30 | RED TENT

A Celebration of Motherhood: a receiving of love and a remembrance of all that we are as women, as daughters, and as mothers.

You feel your power, and you know you have so much to offer our world. Yet, your unmet needs and tender wounds keep you quiet and unseen from the world more than you would like.

Are you ready to find your voice, to ask for what you need and to feel the joy and delight of feeling connected, acknowledged and appreciated for all that you are? 

MotherLove is waiting to meet you. To hold space for you and to celebrate you. 

This is an invitation to join Candice as the midwife to a rebirthing ceremony where breath, gentle movement, and poetry transport us back to our womb spaces, inviting us to set new intentions, speak for what we desire, and embody all that we need to give our gifts of creation and creativity. 

Inspired by ancient traditions and reclaiming the act of women gathering. Paired with the real world experience of personal deep suffering experienced through abusive parents and their inability to love, Candice acknowledges the truth felt by many of us seeking the natural unconditional love that should be gifted to us all in abundance but is unavailable. 

MotherLove is a space created to receive alternative and primarily self-led pathways back to this love. To be nurtured, nourished, protected, and guided through new places and spaces through connections to women, our ancestors, and Mother Nature herself. Experience the abundance that awaits you, reminding you that you are so loved and so worthy of all that you desire.

About Candice 

Candice, a joyful visionary and nurturing force, wears multiple hats as an artist, activist, entrepreneur, and coach. With a passion for personal growth and inclusivity, she creates transformative spaces where individuals are seen and embraced. Guided by her own journey she fosters vitality, belonging, and the pursuit of a heathy world.

Noisily Observatory

Noisily Observatory with Dr Ben Burningham & friends


When the stars are out and the sky is clear, stop by the Noisily Observatory to connect with your cosmic self while gazing at our home amongst the stars. Realise that you too are starstuff, bound to our world by an invisible force we hurtle through the Universe. 

Dr Ben Burningham and colleagues from the Centre for Astrophysics Research at the University of Hertfordshire will be on hand to give a tour of the sky, and bounce ancient photons from stars in distant galaxies into your wonderful faces. 

Ben is an associate professor of astrophysics, who specialises in remote sensing the atmospheres of worlds beyond the solar system. He has used observatories all over the world and beyond for his research, and has previously been based at the Observatório Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, and NASA Ames Research Centre in California.  He is currently as happy as a pig in shit analysing data from the James Webb Space Telescope, and would be over the moon if you asked him about the latest discoveries. 

Ushti Kushti

Ushti Kushti – Jam, Chill & Explore

OPEN DAILY 12:00 – 23:00

Enter the magical world of Ushti Kushti. The kushti vibes make it ideal to lay back and relax under the beautifully hand crafted geodesic dome.

Catch a moment to discover a special corner of the festival tucked around the sacred fire bringing acoustic performers, singer songwriters, conscious speakers and poets. Do you want to play ? Bring your performance to the Open mic or join our host of multi-instumentalists in a freeform jam where anything goes and musical magic unfolds.


FLOWTEK juggling & flowskills collective | Open all weekend

FLOWTEK are a juggling and flowskills collective promoting positive action, aiming to improve mental health, and aid in rehabilitation, we share a passion for the flow arts, and facilitate workshops in getting everyone we can juggling, and pariticipating In flowskills such staff spinning, contact staff, poi, hula hoop, rope dart and much more we are forever expanding. Looking to grow and spread the joy of juggling and flow state achieved through these arts to the  masses. We also create our own equipment in craft sessions and have partners who aid in the design and decor of our workshops and clubs. 


Lumenate – Forest of Reflections


For the first time, Lumenate will be bringing its consciousness-shifting light experience to the festival world. Get ready to immerse yourself in an impactful journey through a colourful kaleidoscope created by your own mind… All driven by only light and sound.

Lumenate was founded on the vision of inspiring people to live more fulfilling lives by making access to the subconscious easier than ever. From this vision the team went on a winding exploration of methods to safely, scientifically and legally alter consciousness, eventually landing on the world of stroboscopic neural entertainment.

This was first designed into a group experience, then thanks to COVID restrictions, into the Lumenate app which since launch has gained over half a million users.

Now Lumenate will reimagine this experience, bringing together intentionality, community and consciousness-exploration to inspire the minds of the Noisily crowd. Intrigued? Come visit us and experience it for yourself.

Psychedelic Society

Psychedelic Society | OPEN ALL WEEKEND


The Psychedelic Society is a mission-driven organisation focused on building community, educating the public on psychedelics, and creating world-expanding experiences for curious souls. With a team of nine UK-based staff and over 100 facilitators and speakers, we proudly operate as a not-for-profit worker co-operative based on Teal principles of radical democracy and participation.


The road to awareness can be a lonely one. Our focus is on creating spaces for true connection. We cultivate arenas for people to meet, grow, and explore alongside other curious souls.

This year at Noisily we will curate and create a beautiful and friendly tent for relaxation and restoration. A haven amongst the mayhem. With daily integration sessions, sharing circles and more gentle offerings from our facilitators. Drop in for a session or simply stop by for a cup of tea and a chat!

Noisily Art Gallery

Open all weekend, uniting Noisily Artists, Magick Carpet Collective & The Travelling Temple of the Arts

Working with two separate art collectives as well as a gallery space for our site-wide artists to display and sell their art we are curating an enchanted art gallery space, full of awe-inspiring art, a place for artistic expression, escapism and celebrating life. This new creative hub will host our live art walls and be a place to connect with artists, listen to ambient music and purchase beautiful artwork.

This year’s art gallery has a focus on geometry, magic, ritual, patterns in nature and the sacred. The art explores concepts and inspirations from around the world, including contemporary, modern, indigenous and underground cultures from across the globe, transcending genre and trend. The art gallery features a mix of artists creating a patchwork of beautiful and dream-like surreal pieces with pantheistic wonder.