Omnivibes Performance with Paul Jackson – sitarist, guitarist, composer & performer

SATURDAY | 20:30 – 22:00 | MIND

A unique fusion of traditional and original Classical Indian Ragas infused with Delta Blues bottle-neck style songs played on sitar. Performances can also include multi-style original songs played on guitar. Both are complimented with emotive Conscious vocals.

Radical Unschooling

Radical Unschooling – Lessons in Love with Ben Zaven-Crane

SUNDAY | 12:30 – 13:45 | MIND

Unschooling has presented itself as an alternative to conventional schooling in recent years but why unschool when the state provides free childcare AND claims to educate them ahead of their participation in the ‘real world’?

Let’s open pandora’s box with Ben Zaven-Crane and listen to how he, his partner and their 3 small children began their journey. In this talk Ben will open the channel of conversation with the audience in a back and forth dialogue about both the day to day mechanics of their approach alongside a deeper philosophical framework that guides them.

From socialising, utilising technology and cultivating a spiritual life to calibrating a more general trajectory in one’s journey with a healthy balance of interests and awareness.

Intrigued? Come along and strike up conversation with some questions!

Consciousness Exploration

Consciousness Exploration in Recreational Settings: Motivation, Nature of Experiences & Learnings with Iryana Mosina

SATURDAY | 12:30 – 13:30 | MIND

Please join for this presentation to find out about and hopefully be entertained by the results of a research study carried out for a certificate program “Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology”. 

The study investigated the phenomenon of recreational use of psychedelics at music festivals, asking the question whether the resulting experiences could possibly be recognised as valuable in terms of preventive mental health strategies. Quantitative (online survey) and qualitative (interviews) research methods have been combined to illuminate 3 main topics: motivation for the setting choice; the nature of the resulting experiences & their influence on people’s lives; learnings from psychedelic experiences at music festivals. Will the findings resonate with your experiences? Let‘s find out!


Transcendence Research & Performance Design – a performative lecture with Maria Almena from Kimatica Studio

FRIDAY | 19:00 – 20:00 | MIND

Maria Almena is a Spanish London-based director, curator and multidisciplinar and visionary artist. Director and co-founder of Kimatica Studio and Art in Flux CI, with residencies at The National Gallery and Somerset House. Her practice combines performative experiences, interactivity, light and the human body, exploring the intersection between them and the subconscious and creative processes. She researches perception, rituals, wellbeing and embodiment, to inspire reconnection with deep human emotions and enhance human connections. Her practice focuses on media arts and wellness to create new contemporary art therapies and she explores how to achieve altered states through immersive media art performances in order to create new contemporary rituals for our Western Society.

Maria Almena will share insights about Kimatica’s project Transcendence. An interdisciplinary project, researching how live performance and interactive technology can induce altered states of consciousness. Including their latest National Gallery curated event and their research seminars in collaboration with King’s college of London on how to combine therapeutic, psychedelic, and artistic methodologies.

Love is the Key to Change 

Love is the Key to Change – a workshop with Nathaniel Dunn

SUNDAY | 15:45 – 17:00 | MIND

Love can be quite a vague concept, meaning different things to different people at different times, and it can often have a lot of baggage with it.

I know for years I struggled to even say the word out loud, especially to my dad. 

I will create an interactive experience with the audience to explore what love means, and to bring this conceptual understanding into practical application.

There are three levels to explore. 

1. Self love. 

This is the key to a deep sense of groundedness and contentment, and so is the gateway to a life of peace, whatever the circumstances. 

Full acceptance and love of self is emotional freedom. This freedom allows people to express who they are and what they want. This, in my experience, usually translates into people creating more of a positive impact in the world.

2. Love for others. 

Love, and therefore compassion, for others allows us to understand each other, to be open to different perspectives and to be able to work together more effectively. 

This is so vital to be able to create change in the world. Tribalism and the divisiveness that is so prevalent in the world is one of the biggest barriers that is slowing the change that is needed. 

The sooner we drop our judgements of others and see ourselves as part of one community, the sooner we can work together to change the systems and structures that are holding us back. This comes from love of others. 

3. Love for Mother Nature. 

Seeing ourselves as part of nature and connecting to the innate love we have to the natural world is what has us care for and respect our environment. 

Many indigenous cultures see themselves as caretakers and custodians of the land. They are there to look after the environment, not extract from it and use it for our own ends. 

This perspective has been largely lost in the west, but more people are beginning to reconnect to it. For us to change the trajectory we are on and begin to live in harmony with Mother Nature we have to reconnect to the love we have for her.  

We will explore these ideas in an interactive way, using stories, thought experiments and powerful questions to take the audience on an introspective journey to really understand love and its power to create for themselves. 

This will be a transformational experience that will lead to change in the world in the days and weeks after the experience itself. 

Psychiatry & Neurodiversity

Psychiatry & Neurodiversity – love or war? a talk & discussion with Michael Jewell

SATURDAY | 11.15 – 12.15 | MIND

Michael is a forensic psychiatrist in training having spent the last two years working in New Zealand’s largest female prison. He has a special interest in analytic philosophy, particularly how it applies to mental health. His academic credentials include a PGDip in philosophy and mental health. Clinically, Michael is seeing an increase in patients who identify as Neurodivergent. On the face of it, given their conflicting medical statuses, mental illness talk and neurodivergent talk are in opposition. He hopes that a conceptual analysis of the term ‘neurodivergent’ will provide the ground-rules for collaboration, rather than competition. In turn, this will open-up a loving, not warring, dialogue between psychiatric and neurodivergent communities.



FRIDAY | 12.30 – 14.00 | MIND

Pema is an advanced practitioner of medical biomagnetism with vast experience in successfully helping patients with chronic conditions through using magnets. She’s also a teacher of Biomagnetic Therapy and runs two clinics one in London and East Sussex. 

This interactive discussion will explore the use of magnets and polarities in helping to balance and restore the electromagnetic and cellular environment of the body, how magnets can help in correcting the function of certain organs, as well as how they can re-establish health, and treat or prevent diseases and health issues by applying simple protocols using magnets. The talk will also cover some advice on easy-to-find plants and herb medicines to support a healing and detox process. There will be an opportunity to try out the magnets and feel the magic at work!

Cosmic Connections

COSMIC CONNECTIONS with Francesca Oddie

FRIDAY | 17.15 – 18:15 | MIND

Your love language is unique to you and described precisely in your horoscope.

What do you desire? Who lights your fire? How do you seduce others?

Your star sign tells you so much about how you behave in the world and who you want to be; but it’s your Moon, Venus and Mars placements that really inform what you want from a relationship.

This workshop is an informative and entertaining walk through the zodiac that will make you want to investigate the date of birth of everyone you’ve ever been attracted to!

Francesca is an Astrologer on a mission to bring the life-changing insights of astrology to as many people as possible! It all began with relationship astrology and a desire to understand the people she knew, loved and those she loved-less! In 2022 Francesca was one of three Astrologers to host ‘Written in The Stars’ a TV show on Discovery Plus that put relationship astrology to the test.

Since 2014 Francesca has completed diplomas in Astrology and Palmistry whilst also exploring Tarot, Numerology, Reiki and Spiritual Development.



SUNDAY | 11.15 – 12.15 | MIND

Gaia is the conscious, sentient, self-regulating being that is the living flesh and blood, that we know as our sweet Earth. Humankind have fallen away from knowing themselves as natural, as part of the living landscape. We have found ourselves isolated, alienated and unattached to the damage that our behaviours are doing to our mother Earth. We need to remember who we really are. For to truly love the Earth, we must fall in love first, with ourselves.

During this session there will be a short, yet profound, guided meditation to help you realise and meet yourself as Gaia. Feel yourself in your true place, as an intrinsic part of this life force, and fall deeply in love.

Rachel Corby is an author, a personal rewilding coach and a plant whisperer. She runs workshops, retreats and has been holding Rewilding apprenticeships since 2016.
Facebook/Instagram: @mugwortdreamer


SATURDAY | 17:30 – 19:00 | MIND

Noisily welcomes back for the second year, André Power, for live workshops.

André is a Master Quantum Healer, following 15 years as a Reiki Healer, he has spent the last 7 years, shifting into and developing the art of Quantum Healing, channelling directly from the “Eternal Source of Love”.

So powerful is this healing technique, that André can connect individuals to such in just one minute. These “cosmic kisses”, are powerful and personal illustrations of this Source energy and all attendees can be gifted such, at the end of each workshop.

Also, André will take you on a journey, through the 12 aspects of love, from innocence to forgiveness, demonstrating how we each resonate strongly with a pre-determined aspect and how we can integrate the other 11 to co-create unconditional love in both our own lives and those close to us.

Initially, André will conduct a group collective energetic connection, empowering every attendee with Source energy, which has rarely been done before.

Come to a workshop and prepare to be amazed, as André introduces you all to what he determines as the “Eternal Source of Love”.

All are welcome!