Demystifying Spirituality

Demystifying Spirituality – Let’s Keep it Real with Robyn Leonie & Frankie Paz

FRIDAY | 16:45 – 17:45 | MIND

With their keep it real approach ask the question has spirituality turned into a capitalist movement? What happened to community, that didn’t all think the same, what happened to critical, independent thinking and real intuition? To voice a different perspective and be unapologetically you, is maybe the most radical thing we can do at this time…

With the ever growing spiritual scene growing Robyn & Frankie will get into the challenging, juicy and ever necessary conversations for a different perspective.

The Plastic Problem

The Plastic Problem – a talk & discussion with Cait Findlay, Greenpeace

SUNDAY | 10:00 – 11:00 | MIND

The Plastic Problem. What do billiard balls have to do with plastic waste? How much plastic actually gets recycled? Why is plastic ending up in our rivers? Find out the answers to all these questions and start thinking solutions with a talk from Greenpeace.

Cait Findlay is a journalist and writer living in Cambridge. She joined Greenpeace as a volunteer Speaker in spring 2022 and has spoken for environmental groups, schools, workplaces, and festivals. 

Getting to the Heart of Psychedelics

Getting To the Heart Of Psychedelics: The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly – a panel discussion with Dr David Luke, Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri, Akua Ofosuhene & Zoe Cormier

SATURDAY | 14:15 – 15:45 | MIND

Whether its healing trauma, relieving depression, nourishing empathy, fuelling anti-war movements and even increasing connection to nature and our ability to tackle climate change, there seemingly isn’t anything that a magical psychedelic trip can’t do based on the latest studies and effusive media headlines.

But is it really all roses and sunshine? Is it really true that psychedelics gift you an open heart or open mind? Since Aztec priests used mushrooms in violent rituals involving human sacrifice, psychedelics have been used for evil as well as good: twisted experiments on prisoners and the disabled (without their consent), weaponized as tools for interrogation and torture by the military, and today embraced by a whole new breed of self-absorbed narcissists, violent psychopaths, sexual abusers and fanatical cult leaders – plus thousands of rapacious capitalists who are only interested in lining their wallets.

Join psychedelic elder statesman and academic Dr David Luke of Greenwich University,  Co-founder of Hub and Culture Akua Ofosuhene, transdisciplinary and psychedelic researcher Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri of Exeter University, and author and journalist Zoe Cormier for a lively, funny, disturbing and controversial panel on the dark side of psychedelics. 

Embodied Resilience

Embodied Resilience with Chloe Maxwell

SATURDAY | 10:00 – 11:00 | MIND

We can not control nor would we choose the difficult moments of our lives…But these moments can be a power pause, where we each fully harness what we have influence over; our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

 It is within our power to observe ourselves, our reactions, our thoughts and emotions. To hone our skills: 

💫Of interoception, to become aware of the physical sensations of anxiety and stress in our body.  

💫To hone our skills of introspection, to notice the story’s attached to the emotions that we feel.  

💫To hone our exteroception, awareness of the environment external to us that influences us 

💫We observe, we listen, we notice. We pause, breathe and take stock before we respond.  

 Sometimes it is only through a negative catalyst that we are forced to rise, to evolve, to remind ourselves of all the positive truths about our capacity and life generally, in these moments we are reminded of our strengths and resources. 

 “The ground beneath my feet shook a little. But the feet upon which I stand are sturdy.” – Chloe Maxwell

This is embodied resilience in action, responding to life with confidence, clarity and integrity. 

I’ve spent the last 10 years training and studying in behavioural change psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, many movement modalities, transformational coaching,  as well as researching the neuroscience behind it all. Join me for a talk to dip your toe into embodied resilience, a moment to pause and notice what is alive and true for you, to meet yourself with love and compassion.

Michelle Musical Mud

Musical Mud performance with Michelle

SUNDAY | 17:30 – 18:30 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
SUNDAY | 19:00 – 20:00 | MIND

My name is Shell and I wear mi shells around ma neck aka Michelle’s Musical Mud Echoing Earth.

I have been making Clay Musical Instruments since 1989 and never stopped, but learnt. Continuously learning how to play, how to make, how to invent and create, how to enjoy and heal Life itself…

I perform, using my clay musical instruments and some percussion, in groups, duos and solos. In fact, I just love embroidering the music of others and creating my own. Words are important to remind us of the wonders of nature and Earth’s emotions. I have played at many didjeridoo festivals around Europe (Switzerland, England and France). Being a girl in the didge world was quite a mission in the early days; Rejection and not being permitted to be taught to do things because of my gender was normal. I learnt what I could and have been on an amazingly beautiful journey ever since. However, my skills are limited and I will forever be continuously learning new sounds.

Over the past 30 years, I have played with a variety of musicians wherever and whenever the opportunity arose. In more recent years, I have had the pleasure to accompany my daughter (Isis Deardon), Omnivibes (Paul Jackson) alongside Chris Puleston, and not forgetting Inta Afrika. At the moment I play with the Flaming Wet Gurus (a beautiful collective of musical souls).

I am recorded playing on Pete Smith’s Autumn Album, and 7k’s Live recording on the Tor too… ‘The Opening’.

My love to jam and improvise gives me the opportunity to play across the board with many genres of music and a variety of musicians and soundscapes.

For the Love of Trees

For the Love of Trees – a talk with Richard Tenant-Eyles of the Woodland Trust

FRIDAY | 9:15 – 10:00 | MIND

This year, in my role as a Volunteer Speaker at The Woodland Trust, I will be delivering a ‘For the Love of Trees’ talk focusing on several tree related themes: why people need trees and what they do for us, the state of our woods today and in the past, and what we can do to help woods and trees in the future. I’m also going to discuss some of the latest understandings about the relationship between trees and fungal networks and the wood wide web – which is quite frankly mind blowing . If there is time we may also delve into some case studies around rewilding. This will be followed by the festival tree planting ceremony, so grab a coffee and come to both.

Raise the Vibe

Raise the Vibe – Activate your Inner-Alchemist & Fulfil the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy with Tanishka

SUNDAY | 17:15 – 18:45 | MIND

In this 90 min entertaining slideshow Tanishka will share how to activate the sacred warrior through inner alchemy and become a conduit to anchor Heaven on Earth. This is how together we can fulfil the whirling rainbow prophecy; all colours and creeds living in harmony and transforming the world back to green. 

Topics Covered:

🌈 Activating the Rainbow Bridge
🌈 Raising Kundalini
🌈 Mapping the Path to Ecstasy & Liberation
🌈 Becoming a Sexual Activist

Tanishka is an oracle who is travelling the world offering free consciousness raising events disseminating ancient wisdom teachings to inspire the global family to respond to global events as alchemists rather than political activists. A former stand-up comedian, she is best known as Facebooks’s Moon Woman with 463,000 followers of her guidance. An author of 6 books she began writing and teaching 26 years ago after a kundalini awakening while living off grid in the Otway Ranges. A leader in the global Red Tent movement, she has trained facilitators in 44 countries & now is focusing on initiating men into the long lost rites of the Grail tradition, the subject of her latest book, The Grail. To find out more about her work & UK events go to 


Omnivibes Performance with Paul Jackson – sitarist, guitarist, composer & performer

SATURDAY | 20:30 – 22:00 | MIND

A unique fusion of traditional and original Classical Indian Ragas infused with Delta Blues bottle-neck style songs played on sitar. Performances can also include multi-style original songs played on guitar. Both are complimented with emotive Conscious vocals.

Radical Unschooling

Radical Unschooling – Lessons in Love with Ben Zaven-Crane

SUNDAY | 12:30 – 13:45 | MIND

Unschooling has presented itself as an alternative to conventional schooling in recent years but why unschool when the state provides free childcare AND claims to educate them ahead of their participation in the ‘real world’?

Let’s open pandora’s box with Ben Zaven-Crane and listen to how he, his partner and their 3 small children began their journey. In this talk Ben will open the channel of conversation with the audience in a back and forth dialogue about both the day to day mechanics of their approach alongside a deeper philosophical framework that guides them.

From socialising, utilising technology and cultivating a spiritual life to calibrating a more general trajectory in one’s journey with a healthy balance of interests and awareness.

Intrigued? Come along and strike up conversation with some questions!

Consciousness Exploration

Consciousness Exploration in Recreational Settings: Motivation, Nature of Experiences & Learnings with Iryana Mosina

SATURDAY | 16:00 – 17:00 | MIND

Please join for this presentation to find out about and hopefully be entertained by the results of a research study carried out for a certificate program “Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology”. 

The study investigated the phenomenon of recreational use of psychedelics at music festivals, asking the question whether the resulting experiences could possibly be recognised as valuable in terms of preventive mental health strategies. Quantitative (online survey) and qualitative (interviews) research methods have been combined to illuminate 3 main topics: motivation for the setting choice; the nature of the resulting experiences & their influence on people’s lives; learnings from psychedelic experiences at music festivals. Will the findings resonate with your experiences? Let‘s find out!