Thursday opening party & home to MIND this year

Ukukhapha, Good luck with pronunciation! (its: oo – koo – ka – pah) With the end goal of creating a world class, self-contained, mobile music venue packaged in an old London Bus; Ukukhaphas very first outing will be as part of the incredible MIND Stage as well as temporary host of the Thursday night Camp Site Shenanigans! It all starts at Noisily! For the grand first stop of a massive project in the making, Ukukhapha could not be more pleased to be part of such an amazing festival! It is the first of many stops for our intrepid journey; across Europe and down into Africa with the final destination of Cape Town. The main objective of which is bringing musical and creative resources (both physical and digital) to artists, industry professionals and communities where such assets were previously inaccessible or prohibitively expensive. The journey starts here and we welcome all aboard! 

From Fear to Love

From Fear to Love – healing racial division through psychedelic connection with Akua Ofosuhene  

Sunday 10:00 – 11:00 | MIND

4 years ago Akua was shocked to find out that her teenage son had been groomed into a County lines drug dealing ring. The shock and shame brought on depression, high blood pressure and a cancer scare. Although the police, social and youth services organisations  were ‘doing their best’ Akua realised that institutional racism, outdated ideas and a lack of understanding of the cult-like nature of drug dealing rings meant that they could not help get her son out. She had to find a different way.

In this talk Akua shares the healing modalities,  psychedelic medicines and protocols she used to successfully treat herself and eventually her son. 

Akua now talks and advises other parents dealing with the effects of grooming and gang activity. She’s a member of INSCAPE a psychotherapy led psychedelic retreat organisation.

Akua works full time as designer and importer of beauty and artisanal products from Ghana


Live ritual Whirling Dervish performance by Mark Wagner with Kat Hanula

Friday 2030 – 2130 | MIND

A live ritual-performance based on Hermeticism and the Great Work of Alchemy. Wagner will re-create and completely remix on the fly material from his latest record S☉N OF THE SUN melding warped electronica and classical composition with esoteric lore and a ceremonial atmosphere courtesy of Whirling Dervish Dancing by Wagner and Kat Hanula. 

Mark Wagner is an artist and composer whose work centres on Mysticism. Having trained as a Mevlevi Whirling Dervish and later as a Whirling dancer, Wagner incorporates this dance and inner Alchemy into his creative work, which includes esoteric themed electronic music and performance. Mesmerizing and trance inducing, Wagner’s work resonates to the very core of the Soul. 

Green Heart of Kenya

The Green Heart of Kenya – from a transformational festival to a regenerative town – Lachie Gordon Athié, Noisily founder 

Friday 1715 – 1815 | MIND

How my experiences building Noisily are leading to the transformation of a farm on the coast of Kenya into the green capital of East Africa.

Moshe and The Holy Rollers

A concert with Moshe Halperin & band
Friday 19:00 – 20:00 | MIND

Moshe Halperin is a beautiful musician carrying a rich heritage of unique stories in the powerful spirit of song.

A musician and songwriter, Moshe fuses the music and healing practices from traditional indigenous teachers with modern classical themes.

Moshe was entrusted with sacred songs of the Huni Kuin tribe in the Brazilian Amazon due to his friendship with Shamans Ninawa Pai de Mata and Txana Ikikuru. They share a common belief in the deep healing qualities of musical vibration and bring together people from across the world to benefit from medicinal prayers and songs.

Having always maintained a profound respect for meditation and the classical guitar, Moshe began working with Bettina Maureenji, a classical Indian musician and voice teacher, in 2010. They have played many concerts together all over the world. Moshe also holds weekly Sacred Singing and Prayer Circles in the UK, with fellow musician George Barker.

Feel more into Moshe’s magic here:

Embodied Eco-Learning

Embodied Eco-Learning – the interconnecting ecosystem of body, mind and nature with Tony Langford

Friday 13:00 – 14:00 | MIND

Tony Langford introduces his concept of Embodied Eco-Learning (EEL) which he is developing at his farm in Buckinghamshire, as part of its diversification towards rewilding, woodland creation, collaborative workspaces and mindful nature retreats. Tony will share stories from his journey so far, including his experience of how creativity, music and movement can enhance our sense of presence and connection to the natural world.

Regeneration of Life on Earth & How we Get There

A vision for the regeneration of life on earth & how we can get there – a panel curated & hosted by Ash Brown co-founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Friday 16:00 – 17:15 | MIND

“The Regeneration of the Earth and How We Get There” panel will bring together three connected movements that are each working alongside one another to regenerate our planetary home. The panel will begin with Ashleigh Brown from Ecosystem Restoration Camps giving an introduction to what the regeneration of the earth means, and will then dive into the world of ecosystem restoration. She will discuss how ecosystem restoration is a powerful solution to multiple crises that we currently face as a species and how it is a powerful vehicle for the regeneration of earth. Paul Powesland, barrister and rights of nature activist, will then go on to talk about how we need a new legal framework and legal rights for all living beings in order to change the rules of the game a and allow us to truly live and work and be, regeneratively. Alana bloom will speak about the inner work that is needed and neccessary in order to meet the regeneration of the planet. The cultivation of regenerative and rewilded individuals, communities and cultures that enable us to live in a way that is harmonious and balanced with the earth, and what supports us to live in such a way that we see that both humans & the earth need a regenerative culture.

Ashleigh Brown is the Co-Founder and Camp Coordinator at Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a global grassroots movement of projects that are restoring degraded land and teaching people how to do it. She has worked in over 50 countries on all continents throughout her career, managing projects and designing and implementing educational trainings. The camps movement is 40 projects strong and continues to grow, giving everyone the chance to take part in restoring the earth. She will be talking about how restoring landscapes is a restorative act for humanity, and how the two are essential for the regeneration of our planet home. 

Join Ecosystem Restoration Camps and together we will bring back life to damaged lands worldwide. Let’s restore the earth together. The time is now.

Alana Bloom is a facilitator, performance artist, regenerative practitioner and activist creating nourishing spaces that explore what it means to live life deeply connected to the rhythm of the Earth. She’s passionate about the connection between inner led change, systems thinking, nature connection and deep ecology. She’s currently using regenerative cyclical living as a practice to learn and educate about cultural patterns that have led us towards climate breakdown, ecosystem collapse and mass extinction and discover how we can make the radical shifts towards cultural healing and regenerative cultures before it’s too late. She will be talking about how regenerative living and creating regenerative cultures is key to the regeneration of our planet. 

Paul Powesland is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers and founder of Lawyers for Nature. He represents those trying to protect trees, rivers and other forms of nature and uses the law to try and defend the natural world. He is also an advocate for the Rights of Nature; the idea of giving legal rights and personality to the natural world. He has begun to put these ideas into practice himself by founding the River Roding Trust, a community-led restoration of the third largest river in London. He will talk about why legal rights for nature should be part of the vision for the regeneration of the earth and how we can begin to make them a practical reality, starting today.

Change your experience to change the world

Change your experience to change the world – workshop with Nathaniel Dunn

Sunday 1230 – 1345 | MIND

The change you seek starts inside you. Connecting to your deepest values and living your life by them. Understanding your emotional experience so you can navigate life’s challenges with grace. Knowing you are part of something infinite and how to connect to that when you need to. 

This workshop brings together spirituality, psychology and coaching. When you know what change you want to create in the world you have direction. When you know how your psychology works you have peace and resilience. When you are tuned in to the infinite potential of the universe you have all the creativity, inspiration and grounding you will ever need.

Deep, powerful, practical and fun. This experience might just change everything for you.

For more on Nathaniel’s wonderful work –

Kuṇḍalinī: The Lived Experience, Psychology and Eastern Metaphysics


Ann will explore the lived experience and metaphysical experience of Kuṇḍalinī through the 

lens of Sāṅkhya Philosophy; the metaphysics which underpins most of India’s traditions in 

Yoga and Tantra. To explore this phenomenon further she will investigate yogic texts which 

describe the subtle body model and how this amṛta inducing phenomenon occurs. She will 

mirror these insights with current scientific theories in neurology and physiology.   She will 

also explore the grounds between transcendance and psychosis and the ways in which we 

need to re-examine older psychiatric models of a healthy mind. 

Ann Mathie has been practising yoga and meditation for the past 20 years, exploring 

practices in the Tantric, Yogic and Buddhist field. With a Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and 

Meditation from SOAS University, Ann gives regular talks on the knowledge produced by the 

insights from mediation masters throughout history. Her research focuses on the 

experiences of advanced Buddhist mediators on the path to enlightenment as well as 

phenomenological research on the spontaneous Kuṇḍalinī experience. Her mission is to 

work towards building a world free from a limited view of our human potential and to 

explore methods that alleviate psychological suffering.

Touching the Sacred through Dance 

The Power of Dance to Transcend and Heal the Planet – a talk with Helene Su 

Sunday 1115 – 1215 | MIND

We have spent decades pumping chemicals and plastics into our planet’s atmosphere and oceans. When covid hit, we had to slow down and stay still, giving the planet a welcome break.

Ancient cultures recognise the nature of interconnectedness. In native American cosmology a sacred way of life means we honour and preserve our environment. Similarly in modern quantum physics, the flow of information in a quantum universe is holistic.

Our bodies are part of ecology, we co-evolved with the planet – we are nature, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. We can do this through the power of dance to change our way of thinking and being. We drop from trying to understand through the intellect, to knowing through the heart.

Dance is a transpersonal experience, and we can connect to something greater than ourselves. As a shamanic practice it can radically affect us on a spirit and soul level, with big changes in perspective and going deep into important questions of our time.

Through dance we can become one on the dance floor and resonate with the frequencies of the earth to experience unity. Here at noisily we can resonate and become one with the beautiful plants, trees and woods of our surroundings.