Northern Poet

Northern Poet Performance

SATURDAY | 17:30 – 18:30 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

I am a wandering poet from the rugged lands of Britain. For many a moon I have wandered the ancient sites scattered across the globe. Seeking the wisdom and magic hidden within our long lost pagan cultures. But it wasn’t until I returned to the misty isles that I was truly able to stand in my purpose. For it was here that I remembered that nothing is ever truly lost and with dedication, belief and presence all that has been forgotten remains. I have heard the songs whispered in the whirling winds.

I have bathed in the healing waters of the icy mountain springs.

I have danced in the underworld with the medicine of this land.

And with your time and presence even if only for a moment I invite you to dance on this journey of remembering with me.

Once in a Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon | open 24 hours a day, all weekend

The Once In A Blue Moon Cafe crew are delighted to be returning to the Mind, Body, Soul area of Noisily for the second year running. This nomadic food and drink, music, arts and wellbeing space will be open 24 hours from start to finish throughout the festival. Expect a super-comfy, cosy and fully decorated chill-out environment in which to take some time out and enjoy a wholesome bite to eat and cup of chai at any point in the day – or night! 2023’s edition sees a larger venue with expanded capacity. As well as open mic slots, the cafe will host a full schedule of interactive workshops, performances, talks, music, DJs and much more.


Faire Folk with India Terry

FRIDAY | 20.30 – 21.30 | MIND
SATURDAY | 19:00 – 20:00 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

India Blue is a contemporary Faerie-Folk musician and songwriter based in the South East of England. Drawing inspiration from spirituality, history, folk tales, nature and the complexities of being ‘human.’ Mainly self-accompanied by her Celtic harp, piano, and many other strings, India weaves together poetic lyrics and ethereal, sometimes moody melody. “The piano veers between mournful and exotic; the voice is somehow frail and supple at the same time; the lyrics go down all manner of dark rabbit holes.” – Hastings Independent Press.

Last year India self-released her debut studio album ‘The Circus Came and Left’ which was patiently awaited, and highly acclaimed, including this statement from Nick Pelling of HIP “It may well become a folk classic.” 

Right now, in between festivals, India is dedicating herself to learning songs and skills on her new harp Silmari, practising Bhakti yoga and devotional singing, and writing… lots.