Breathe-In Harmony

Breathe-In Harmony with Tom Granger

Saturday 1030 – 1200 | SOUL
Sunday 1200 – 1330 | USHTI KUSHTI

Ease into the morning with the world’s most ancient hangover cure – breath!

In this fun, guided session, you will be coached to breathe rhythmically and move in synchrony with specially-created original music. Guiding your breath at this unique ratio doesn’t just feel blissful, it is scientifically proven to have profoundly positive effects throughout the body and mind. By breathing in harmony with the special music, we literally breathe harmony into our bodies. Tom Granger is a multi-award winning, bestselling breathwork author. Everything we practice in this session is evidence-informed and based on Tom’s recent deep-dive interviews with neuroscientists, Nobel prize winners, trauma experts and even Olympic Gold Medallists whilst researching his next book! 

The Wild Directions

The Wild Directions – a workshop for working with our wild selves with Dominique Antonia

Saturday 19:00 – 21:00 | SOUL

Using the 4 Directions as guides towards deepening in self love, self trust and self acceptance, we will gently land and arrive in nature together, before tuning in to our inner nature and use the 4 directions as our map towards healthier, more loving conversations with facets of ourselves, with pockets of life that need our attention and care, and with coming back to our own wild nature, our unique and wild selves. There will be gentle invitations to connect with the land and with the other humans, and there will be time to fill our cup with restorative and nurturing connection games. Be prepared to meet yourselves and arrive more deeply in the environment that holds you.

Facilitator Dominique Antonina is a qualified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki , Grief Tending facilitation and Transformational life coaching. She works for Psycare UK and Kosmicare doing psychedelic welfare and harm reduction and has held space for people in their shadow on psychedelics and works with the Inner Child. Her favourite topics to bring soothing and medicine to are self-love, grief and the loss of community in our fragmented modern world. She studied theatre and writing before this life phase and loves to weave creativity and humor into her work.

See and feel more of her wonderful work here:

Cacao Ceremony, Voice Activation & Song Circle

Cacao Ceremony, Voice Activation & Song Circle with Lani Rocillo

Sunday 13:00 – 14:30 | SOUL | £20

To be able to freely express our voice as we are is a profound remembrance of how we can be in every day life. 

The  voice is our unique soul signature that has an innate capacity to access and release energetic blocks embedded in the cellular memory.  When the Voice is given space for intuitive expression, our ilife force naturally increases and our inborn creative gifts rises to be realised.  The participants will be guided to intimately attune to their inner process and voice what is being felt in the living moment.  This is a powerful practice within a safe space that encourages embodied presence, authentic expression and deep self-connection.

After the practice, we will flow into a beautiful sharing of hearts and songs.

The ceremony will involve a sacred cacao ceremony, where we drink a rich brew of the plant Cacao. A plant medicine that powerfully opens the heart and attunes us to our feeling body – restoring emotional balance, heightening sensory perception and freeing creative expression.

The Cacao we will be communing with comes from Guatemala, lovingly grown and shared by the guardians of the Tz´utujil Mayan tribe.


Plant Spirit Journey

Plant Spirit Journey with Rachel Corby 

Friday 1145 – 1315 | SOUL

Meet with a plant, at first physically using your body and your senses to touch, smell and nibble. Become aware of your body wisdom, and how your body and the plant communicates, something that we usually either don’t notice or simply ignore. You will then be led on a shamanic drum journey (no experience necessary) to meet with the spirit of the plant and ask if it has a personal message or some medicine for you. 

This session will close with an opportunity for everyone to share their experience, so that we can all learn from each other and deepen our understanding of the plant’s individual and unique character.

Rachel has been leading groups in shamanic drum journeys to meet with plant spirits since 2006, regularly leading workshops and retreats on connecting with plant consciousness. She runs a rewilding apprenticeship every other year, and part of personal rewilding is acknowledging the “livingness” of other non-human beings; be they plant, animal, rock, water.

She is the author of 4 published books, all of which have been about plants and /or rewilding. The most recent of those was published in October 2019 and is titled “Rewilding & The Art Of Plant Whispering”. The focus of that book is communicating with other species, primarily plants. Acknowledgement of the sentient, intelligent nature of plants (and other beings) leads to a whole new way of being in the world.

To see more of Rachel’s magical work –
FB/Twitter/Insta: @mugwortdreamer

Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow with Amisha Ghadiali

Sunday 1145 – 1245 | SOUL

Learn to live in greater harmony with your intuition, and open up a deeper connection with your inner knowing and your relationship with nature’s whispers. Explore what cuts you off from your intuition and how to strengthen this trust. This workshop will be hosted as a ritual, with space for your questions and an activation to open your senses. With Amisha Ghadiali (host of ‘all that we are’ podcast) and author of INTUITION – Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your path. 

For more on Amisha’s beautiful work & community –

A Modern Mystery School Workshop

A Modern Mystery School Workshop (£20) With Carl H. Smith, Sarah Janes, Sam Gandy, Pascal Immanuel Michael and Chris Timmermann | Saturday 13:30 – 15:00 | SOUL

Capacity – 30

Modern life has become increasingly full of distraction, of mental and physical pollutants. The many lessons we learn during our lifetime can be hampered by our perceived social responsibilities, our cravings, delusions, ambitions and our inability to prioritise self-reflection over our appearance in the visible world. There are ever increasing incidents of ‘early onset’ and ‘digital’ dementia in younger populations as a result of the zombifying effect of excessive screen time. Disengagement from the world around us is having a deleterious impact on memory and cognitive functioning – we are meant to be in harmony with the natural world. 

How might we manage our lives to live better and more consciously, to be more certain of who we are, our motivations and to discover true contentment and peace? What gives life meaning? 

In the Mystery tradition of antiquity – initiation was a ritualised, contained and sanctified mid-life crisis or Near-Death Experience of sorts. It is attested to in many accounts of those who passed through the Mystery Schools, that by accepting the inevitability of death, initiates released their fear of mortality and came to relish the fleeting beauty of their life, to feel the divine breath of the universe as it reverberates through every thread of the web of life. 

Many of us find that peace and acceptance come with age and increasingly, that they follow crisis and breakdown. Has this always been the case, or is this a symptom of the dis-harmony within our society? Stripping the human experience of spirit and soul – as has been the effect of reductive materialism – has diminished the human experience to the working parts of something like a meat robot. We need our transcendent moments of divinity, our dreams, we need liminal, transpersonal experiences to truly thrive, love life and taste the ecstasy of its preciousness. We need spiritual experience to be truly human. 

In the tradition of initiation, the first step is to find a mentor – The Seventh Ray – can take the place of a mentor, curating subjective experience. Giving the participant an opportunity for the sort of self-reflection required for personal growth, integration and emotional development. 

The Seventh Ray team will take participants through the seven stages of initiation – utilising ancient and modern technologies to bring about a pantheistic appreciation of nature and self.

In times of widespread use and commercial interest in psychedelics, there is an urgency to develop lineages associated with their use. Lineages and forms of embodied knowing not only enhance safety but may also harness their potential for transformation. Mystery schools, and their use of ritual provide such forms of apprenticeship. How does a modern Mystery School relate to past iterations of psychedelic apprenticeship? How does it dialogue with indigenous forms of embodied apprenticeship? What can be gained from the dialogue between indigenous and Western technologies for human development?


Sex Club

Sex Club with Conor Cregg & Haych Radcliffe

Saturday 1515 – 1645 | SOUL

Sex Club is a peer-to-peer educational space about a topic that affects all of us. Its aim is to break the taboo around sexuality and intimacy by talking about it. The relationship to, and conditioning and experience of our sexuality affects all of us. It permeates our day to day experience consciously and subconsciously more than we realise.

Throughout our life the majority of us didn’t develop a practice of processing our sexuality or making sense of it. Mostly we’re unable to translate our inner experience into words because we’re not used to it.

Sex Club is open source and we encourage people to set up their own Sex Club in different locations. We now have Sex Clubs running in London and Stroud in the UK, and Chiang Mai in Thailand. The aim is to have as many people as possible offering this simple and much needed space for us all to become more sexually aware and to experience a more fun sex life.

Everyone who’s attended at least one Sex Club gets invited to a closed FB group Sex Club community to keep the dialogue going.

As with every Sex Club people have the opportunity to:

-Practice speaking about sex in a trusted, non-judgemental and low stakes environment.

-Hear and learn from other peoples’ learnings, knowledge and experience.

-Process your sexuality and translate your experience into words.

-Inquiry into your desires and fears, and through awareness acquire agency to change patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

-Connect with likeminded people and join the Sex Club Community.

Conor works as a counsellor and facilitator of inquiry and process work. He’s the co-founder of the Sex Club team. His academic background is in psychology and he’s trained in a holistic counselling, specialising in supporting people to free themselves from patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are holding them back from living the lives (and sex lives) they want to live. Find out more at

Haych is a nutrition coach who focuses on intuitive eating, stress management, pleasure and self compassion. She also facilitates mental resilience training for Tough Cookie, an organisation that equips people with skills to manage their thoughts and emotions. She is a new member to the Sex Club facilitation team as we expand our offerings across the country.

Together we bring a balance to ensure people feel held and supported along this journey.

Healing through Plants

Hapé ceremony & journey held by Sacred Nature

Friday 15:15 – 17:15 | SOUL | £20

At Sacred Nature we are passionate about healing through the plant kingdom. In this sacred ceremony we will be using the shamanic healer and plant medicine Hapé. 

Hapé is a shamanic tobacco that is blown up the nose through a tepi which is used to administer from one person to another. Hapé is traditionally made from Mapacho(tobacco) and other medicinal plants and is made by different tribes around the Amazon Rainforest. 

The power of hapé Brings about healing, guidance and clarity. This workshop is perfect to connect to self, to spirit guide, and to your heart. 

Hapé is a helpful tool for meditating, grounding and releasing, and works wonders for anxiety or unease. It’s traditionally used for grounding, focus, intention setting and prayer. It also clears and cleanses your physical, energetic, and spiritual body.


Shamanic Soundscape

Shamanic Soundscape with Jenna Alexandria

Saturday 1715 – 1830 | SOUL

Jenna opens the space with a guided mediation and some breath to allow people to fully bring their presence into the space. Then using a combination of gong, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and shamanic instruments, Jenna takes you on a journey through the cosmos. Sound healing drops you into a meditative / theta state where through the body’s own wisdom and the different frequencies, the energy that is in the body transmutes and transcends offering healing for the receiver.

Jenna is also offering shamanic soundscapes for couples. These will be tailor made to the individual requirements of each couple.

Instagram – @jenna_alexandria_
Website –

The Headless Way

The Headless Way with Richard Lang 

Friday 1330 – 1500 | SOUL

The Headless Way is growing in popularity as an astonishingly simple way to notice fundamental truths about your experience, which for some people can be both thrilling and liberating. In a series of deceptively simple experiments and awareness exercises, you will have the chance to see for yourself what mystics throughout the ages have pointed to.

The experiments were developed by the philosopher Douglas Harding, who wrote: “Though in essence the same as Zen, Sufism, and other spiritual disciplines, this way proceeds in an unusually down-to-earth fashion.” The Headless Way claims you are more likely to see who you really are in a few minutes of experimentation than in years of reading, meditation or traditional spiritual practise.

It uses a variety of simple, non-verbal, fact-finding tests, all of them asking: how do I look to myself?

Richard has been sharing The Headless Way around the world for more than 50 years. He is dedicated to making this direct method of seeing our Original Nature as widely available as possible. He looks forward to being at Noisily and sharing this Way with anyone who is interested.