Breathe-In Harmony

Breathe-In Harmony with Tom Granger

Saturday 1030 – 1200 | SOUL
Sunday 1200 – 1330 | USHTI KUSHTI

Ease into the morning with the world’s most ancient hangover cure – breath!

In this fun, guided session, you will be coached to breathe rhythmically and move in synchrony with specially-created original music. Guiding your breath at this unique ratio doesn’t just feel blissful, it is scientifically proven to have profoundly positive effects throughout the body and mind. By breathing in harmony with the special music, we literally breathe harmony into our bodies. Tom Granger is a multi-award winning, bestselling breathwork author. Everything we practice in this session is evidence-informed and based on Tom’s recent deep-dive interviews with neuroscientists, Nobel prize winners, trauma experts and even Olympic Gold Medallists whilst researching his next book! 

Wild Echo

Sound Journey with Wild Echo

Saturday 12:00 – 13:00 | USHTI KUSHTI
Sunday 11:00 – 11:45 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

Wild Echo (Camilla) is a London based Sound and Movement Therapist with The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). She creates raw and ethereal soundscapes infusing the Shamanic Drum, Chao Gong, Crystal and Himalayan Bowls and vocals into dynamic Sound Baths for listeners to be taken on a sonic journey and find deep relaxation. She is part of a collective of Sound Healers called Journey 2 the 1 who create holistic and wellness events across the country. @wild.echo_


Omnivibes Performances with Paul Jackson

Friday 19:30 – 20:30 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
Saturday 1915 – 20:15 | MIND

Paul Jackson is a sitarist, guitarist, composer and performer. A unique contemporary take on traditional Classical Indian Ragas infused in original songs with delta-blues style slide played on sitar. Performances can also include original, multi-style songs on guitar, complemented with Consciousness emotive vocals.

Mystic Poetry

Live poetry with J.Müller

Friday 18:00 – 19:00 | Once in a Blue Moon
Saturday 20:00 – 21:00 | Ushti Kushti

J.Müller will be reading from her second book of poetry, ‘You Are A Mystic Child’, which is a tribute to those who embrace their connection to source. A short collection for the dreamers who feel that there is so much more to this reality and are not afraid to feel or express it.

South African born, London based artist, J.Müller, designs new realities as a singer, dj, producer, poet and creator of parth_é. She made her solo debut in 2018 with the single ‘I Surrender i’ and has released another 3 self- produced tracks as well as 2 full books of poetry; ‘Peaceful Thoughts’ + ‘You Are A Mystic Child’ since then. Clash Magazine describes ‘Rebirth’ as, “a caramel soft piece of songwriting where each word seems to slide effortlessly out of the speaker.” Her recent single release, ‘Rejoice’ from Philou Louzolo’s forthcoming album sees it’s way onto Black Coffee’s ‘Track ID’s’ Spotify playlist and is the 1st of 2 songs in collaboration from his album, May 2022. Prepare to be taken into the unknown through all of her creations as she weaves a new way of being through her art and watch this space for the release of her debut EP. Coming soon.

Song Circle

Singing Circle with Charlie O’Connor

Friday 18:00 – 19:00 | Ushti Kushti

Charlie O’Connor, a Cornish singer/songwriter-poet, based in Brighton (UK), with an appetite for creating as an act of rebellion, will be leading a song circle for the granddaughters and allies of the witches they couldn’t burn. Come on down to Ushti Kushti at 6pm on Friday for a soul-healing sing together like our ancestors used to. Come and sing for joy, for healing and for community. The songs will be easy to pick up so come and join in…or pick up some percussion! Stamp your feet, anything goes! You most definitely do not need to be a trained singer, all singers welcome.

Medicine Songs & Circle

With Moshe Halperin & Api Apasco

Saturday 18:00 – 19:30 | Ushti Kushti | By Donation

Moshe & Api’s singing circles feature easy-to-join- in medicine songs, that connect the audience with the 5 elements (air, earth, fire , water, heart)  and use healing frequencies to bring a feeling of wellbeing and release. They teach songs in Portuguese, Spanish, English and native languages, to promote wellbeing for all ages and backgrounds. The aim is to remember, reconnect and stimulate healing.

Moshe Halperin is a beautiful musician carrying a rich heritage of unique stories in the powerful spirit of song. A musician and songwriter, Moshe fuses the music and healing practices from traditional indigenous teachers with modern classical themes.

Moshe was entrusted with sacred songs of the Huni Kuin tribe in the Brazilian Amazon due to his friendship with Shamans Ninawa Pai de Mata and Txana Ikikuru. They share a common belief in the deep healing qualities of musical vibration and bring together people from across the world to benefit from medicinal prayers and songs.

Having always maintained a profound respect for meditation and the classical guitar, Moshe began working with Bettina Maureenji, a classical Indian musician and voice teacher, in 2010. They have played many concerts together all over the world. Moshe also holds weekly Sacred Singing and Prayer Circles in the UK, with fellow musician George Barker

Feel more into Moshe’s magic here:

Api Ascaso is an explorative and vibrant soul whose musical abilities reunite together to create expressive, eclectic and soulful music.

Playing music from the age of 5 and receiving full classical training as a pianist, Api’s musical journey has encountered many genres such as Spanish folk, jazz harmonies, African drumming, middle eastern percussion, Hindustani raags, shamanic vibrations and meditative modes. Her fascination for cultures, art, music and rhythm continues influencing her compositions and her genuine improvisation skills will transport you to places out of time and space.

Occupational therapist for children, mother of 2 and eternal nature lover, Api continues exploring the healing properties of sound through her voice and the several instruments that she plays with delicacy. Together with participating and initiating many artistic collaborations such as the mystical “Terra Cosmica”, Api continues composing and creating her solo music, an invitation to encounter your own soul and formulate those responses that are being sought. Nature speaks through her music, unfolding social and environmental issues, as well as offering a sound landscape where you will be called to breathe, connect and celebrate life.

Api also offers regular workshops called “Music Under One Moon” to connect the healing properties of the voice, sound and vibration. She also continues her journey as healer and stepping into the paths of medicine music.

Take a long breath and listen to her music here:

Medicine at your Feet

Medicine at your Feet with Hetty Nutbeem

This workshop will look at connecting with nature through the medicinal plants which grow all around us. Learning about the properties of four or five common plants in the UK and how they can help us, participants will learn how to use the plants and how to easily make your own medicine. You’ll then put your theory into practice, heading out on a walk around the estate to identify some of the plants.

Hetty has been attending Noisily for several years now, and it has remained her favourite event. Her passion for the festival inspired her to get involved in Mind Body and Soul, sharing her knowledge and talents through the mediums of circus skills and herbal medicine.

Ushti Kushti

After being on the dance floor, getting inspired musically by amazing artists you can come join the Ushti Kushti adventure and partake in a spontaneous jam circle, connect with, and create music with others, empowering each other with rhythm. If that’s not your cup of tea then sit back, relax and replenish the energy levels inside the hand crafted geodesic dome.

Ushti Kushti will also host some beautiful discussions, poetry performances, acoustic sessions & love jams – keep an eye out for their board outside for any daily shifts.

Personal Rewilding & Gaian Consciousness 

Personal Rewilding & Gaian Consciousness, a discussion with Rachel Corby 

Explore how we can connect more deeply with this living Earth, through ourselves as part of the living Earth. Set off your own internal trophic cascade as you discover how to connect with Gaian consciousness, something you have always been part of but for most of us within this cultural setting, have not been raised to tune into and work intentionally with. Have the opportunity to share your perspective and experiences, to be witnessed and heard.

This subject is so important at this time of both increasing polarisation between people and accelerating the potentially catastrophic planetary crisis. Leave this discussion knowing that you are Earth walking on your own flesh, with an important role to play.

For more on Rachel’s beautiful work:

FB/Twitter/Insta: @mugwortdreamer

Dancing with the Ancestors

Dancing with the Ancestors – An ethnographic account of ancient dance & psychedelic culture with Jackie Anderson

Jackie’s life and are passion are dancing.  Dancing to psychedelic trance music is one of the most transformatory experiences to have and she wants to share that experience with others. Her  wider interests are researching the connections between psytrance and dance both ancient and modern; to formulate the exciting potential of where dance will lead us in the future once our knowledge of the past irevealed by modern day practices.  Within the current renaissance of interest in psychedelic studies, she wishes to further investigate dance specifically within psychedelic dance culture and psytrance. You will find her at the left speaker on a psytrance dancefloor!

She has been a keen attendee at psytrance events since 2004 and wants to chronicle UK psyculture. She is formulating the Psynergiser Dance Foundation which is about positive energy sharing while dancing at the heart of the psytrance scene – as energiser pace dancers.  She created and organised the Ravenshaman Psychedelic Trance Gathering for four years providing a festival experience from the dancer’s perspective. She have the ability to be a maker – to get things up and running whether it is a political party (The Reality Party, Salford Green Party, Salford Friends of the Earth, Barton Moss Anti Fracking group) or running psychedelic culture groups such as the Centre for Psytrance and Psyculture, Psyfamily UK, and Global Psyfamily. She is currently undertaking PhD ethnographic research about UK psyculture, its practice, principles and benefits.