Art Case Study: Rebirth

Having met during their studies in London, Mandin is a collective of 6 international designers with a rich history in designing psychedelic art across the world. In the team’s own words, “Contributing to Noisily 2017 has been by far our favourite festival experience together. It was a great learning experience working on site with other loving and committed people and seeing the festival come together.”

Their past festival contributions have also included Roskilde Festival in Denmark, where the team hosted plastic recycling and LED programming workshops. They have also shared their knowledge of working with fruit waste to create art with refugees at Faces Etnofestival in Finland. Whilst some members gained valuable experience building large scale wooden sculptures with recycle artist Thomas Dambo. “Each of the festivals we have been to are special for their own reasons, but do not compare to the intimate communal spirit and beautiful forest location of Noisily. At Noisily the levels of love, co-creation, solidarity and freedom are high.”

At Noisily 2018 they will be bringing their installation Rebirth. A large egg that people can climb into, made from recycled pallet wood. It is supported by a thick central pole and legs, which are hidden at night to give the illusion that the egg is floating. When immersed within the psychedelic interior of the egg, visitors will be isolated from the outside environment and given time to chill out, be amazed and contemplate. The interior will fit an intimate 5-6 people.

The framework will be sandwiched between an interior and exterior layer of cladding, and the inside and outside will be constructed with planks, which will be reminiscent of the Fibonacci squence. The spirals are highlighted by LED lighting embedded within the structure, and will be Arduino-powered and programmed to react to the actions of the visitors. Different actions will create different reactions, creating a unique experience for each individual who enters, and will represent how energies are never lost, merely transferred.

We’re very excited indeed to welcome Mandin back into Coney Woods, and their concept aligns expertly with 2018’s theme, Use Your Illusion.

See you in the woods!