10 Random Highlights you HAVE to see at Noisily 2019

If Noisily is famed for one thing above all else, it is variety. Variety of what you may say!? Well, everything, if we’re being honest, which we are, because we never lie about this sort of thing, ever! 

Whether it be music, art, healing, performance, vibes, human connection, tribe, food, love, light, nature, we’ve got it all. 

Now some of you may just be coming to dance to Techno for 4 days straight, and that’s a choice we commend, you won’t be disappointed! Others may be geared up for a weekend of downing cacao, stewing in hot tubs and vibing with gongs and prayer bowls, and that’s a solid choice too! 

However, for those of you looking to break free from your Liquid Stage comfort zone and try something new; and those of you looking to chase your cacao with some Medicinal House at The Nook; and those of you who would usually spend the weekend stuck inside an interactive art piece, who fancy a vegan sushi making class followed by a lecture on psychedelic culture, this is the Noise Piece for you! 

So without further ado, here are 10 randomly picked but undeniably marvellous things to try at Noisily in 2 weeks time! 


1. Opiuo on The Treehouse 

On Saturday night at prime time, an act whom we have been trying to book for over 4 years is FINALLY making his way to the wheels on the Treehouse, and is quite simply the biggest sound out there in, well, anything. This is one act you do not want to miss, and whether you’re a Psy Trance die hard, or a Techno aficionado, take some time to head up the hill and he’ll tear you a new exit hole. 

2. Giant Bees

The Liquid Stage has been evolving over the past few years, with the honeycomb structure growing in form and fluidity. This year, alongside some more additions to the facade and canopy, we’ll be being watched down upon by a swarm of somewhat large woodland bees. Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t get stung.


3. A Brucey Bonus 

Remember about 10 years ago when Bruce Parry journeyed through the Amazon meeting tribes in his epic TV show? Well he’s coming to Noisily this year to share his experiences of living with tribes in a world without leaders, shaman or competition, in an illuminating talk on Friday at 5pm in the Mind Tent. 


4. “Drug Taking Hippies”

No, we’re not talking about the Liquid Stage! Within many alternative circles, it is now commonplace to perceive psychedelics as the next paradigm for healing and self-transcendence, but that notion has not penetrated the mainstream – many of whom still perceive the psychedelic community as ‘drug taking hippies’. We all know that is not the case, as do countless clinical and mental health professionals (notably at Imperial College London) researching the use of psychedelics in the treatment of ailments such as PTSD and depression. In this talk, again in the Mind Tent, Michael will walk you through his research into how the mental health sector currently views psychedelics, and outline his strategy for how to integrate psychedelics into mainstream medicine. 

5. Human Connection

This you will find everywhere, and in all the recent Noisily’s we are in bewildered awe just how high the vibration in Coney Woods rises thanks to the pure, unadulterated giving and receiving of love that happens amongst the trees. This year our theme is Human Connection, and has been used as the foundation for our collective efforts in the programming, build and production. 

6. The Nook

Our newest stage, The Nook was born of a budding bromance between its curator Ben Zaven Crane, and Noisily co-founder Charles, who forged a strictly plutonic (for now) relationship after Ben joined us in the woods a few years ago to DJ as Mojo Filter. Now, 3 years on and with a name coined by Charles’ fellow co-founder Will, alongside a line up weaved by Ben himself, The Nook is set to add an entirely new dimension to the soundscape of Coney Woods. Head down from Charles and Ben’s festival opening live radio show, Audley Filter on Friday at midday, and thereafter long 2 hour journey sets of Tribal Beats, Medicinal House and Down Tempo Desert Tekkers for the remainder of the weekend. Aim for the sky, land amongst the stars. 

7. Performance at the Pagoda

With bigger budgets and an ever growing troupe, the centre of site will play host to the vast majority of our performance this year, with the grassy null providing a natural amphitheatre for your shapely posteriors to perch upon. Make sure to check your programs throughout the weekend and grab a show when you can. 


8. The Level Playing Field

In line with the ever developing global narrative around gender (in)equality across the board of industry and society, we at Noisily have been engaging in ongoing discussions and dialogue with industry types and the public alike (and even on a couple of occasions the BBC) to see how we can best move forwards and away from the antiquated establishment and patriarchal society. This won’t happen by booking female or non-binary identifying artists to fill a quota, or programming them as a separate concern. It will only come through ongoing discussion, and in the action of creating a level playing field through the intelligent and authentic programming of artists who identify as female, male and non-binary. This year we have made positive steps to make our own playing field more level, and hope that those who may have felt unable to contribute before may now feel inspired and empowered by those trailblazing in their field (and in ours). 


9. Not Going Hungry, I mean, why would you!?

This year, as ever, we have an array of culinary delights purveyed by our princely purveyors throughout the main site and Mind Body Soul area. We have an additional 800 hungry mouths to feed, and with that in mind we’ve taken it upon ourselves to draft in the expertise of several more traders to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst. Watch out for CBD smoothies, wood fired pizzas, curries from the orient and everything in between. Nomnomnom! 


10. Love

Because in the end, it’s all that really matters. 

See you in the woods! 

10 Highlights in our Mind Body Soul

With over 150 offerings in the Mind Body Soul area this year it’s hard to choose a stand out favourite, so we’ve decided instead to ask the core healing team for their top picks from 2019’s program. So without further ado, here are some of the very best highlights in for your Mind, Body and Soul. 

Explore our full program HERE

1. Better Work Together in the Future of Living 

Start your journey of exploration in our new Future of Living venue with Anthony Cabraal, who will be leading a workshop exploring how we can all work better together. His organisation ‘Enspiral’ is a community of impact driven entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing and organisational design. 

2. Discussion on the Future of Politics on the Mind Stage

Join Ronan Harrington for a three hour series on the future of politics, featuring Skeena Rathor of the Extinction Rebellion, Ivan March from Guerilla Foundation and Indra Adnan of The Alternative UK.

This lively debate will cover topics as diverse as activism, new forms of governance and the potential activation of the Noisily community into a force for good outside the woods.

3. Spirals of Life Yoga in the Body Tent 

Explore a new way of practising yoga and connecting with nature.

Ancient philosophy tells us that life is not a cycle but a spiral. Every life lesson that has ever been presented to you will come back again, until you learn it.

Beginning with a barefoot silent meditation walk in nature, this music infused spiral workshop will move you through a spiral flow and work through unstructured movement (non linear flows and sequencing that reflect what we witnessed off the matt) and work into the spiral line of the body.

4. Surround Gongs and sacred Cacao with Lani Rocillo in the Soul Space

The plant Medicine cacao is a powerfully nurturing plant which has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It supports physical health, psychological well being and improves cognitive function. 

This workshop with nourish the heart, release emotional blockages and encourages heightened intuitive, sensory and emotional awareness.

Leave feeling balanced, nourished & restored from within, with full, happy hearts for the weekend ahead.

5. Life Drawing with Max Baccanello in the Craft Tipi

Max is a London based figurative artist. He teaches very occasionally, and when he does he applies himself with warmth and charisma that transfers into his work, and those of the students around him. 

Bring your friends and / or lovers, as this class is for everyone from the budding beginner to the romantic professional. It’s an art ex-bonanza extravaganza where if you’re lucky you might even learn something;  you may laugh, you may even cry but you will be guaranteed an arty experience!

6. Bonobo Banquet in the Campsite Food Court 

Bonobos are human’s closest animal relative: When bonobos have surplus food they don’t waste it or hoard it: they proactively find others to share it with – they turn surplus food into social capital and make new friends.

Join Food waste activist Tristram Stuart & Fruitful Abundance to be a Bonobo for a day and join us for this one off food experience. Stuff yourself with delicious food otherwise destined for the bin, and make lots of new friends along the way

7. Chris Timmerman – the Science of DMT in the Mind stage

DMT is a fast-acting psychedelic drug known for its extraordinary effects in consciousness, inducing feelings of immersion into different dimensions, communication with entities and (on occasions) deep feelings of spiritual and emotional insight. 

In recent studies carried out at Imperial College London, more than 50 doses of DMT have been administered to healthy participants in order to understand what are the effects of DMT in the human brain and mind. Chris will present these results and the relevance of DMT research for our understanding of human consciousness.

8. Let loose with the Witch Clown Rave Ritual in the Body Stage

Witch Clown combines chaos magic and banging beats in a wild rave ritual to induct you into the art of mischief and manifestation.

Through an epic set of seductive techno, you’ll be plucked from the ordinary and transported to a dimension of transcendental triviality.

Summoning our intentions into every cell of our body we raise our vibration until the world around us shifts to align with our new and improved modus operandi.

Let the mayhem begin!

9. Body, Mind & My Grind – Where Permaculture meets African Yoga with Darren Springer & Sanae Orchi in The Future of Living 

Do you sometimes feel stuck and want to change your situation?

Do you feel there’s more to life but struggle to find true purpose?

Would you like to explore your inner world and rediscover your connections with nature?

We have created a series of integrated boot camps that connect permaculture and Ancient African Yoga which are designed for you to get away from your distractions, for you to focus on yourself, your dreams and your growth, and to re-calibrate and redesign yourself in a holistic and sustainable way.

Our boot camps offer a full program of workshops, workouts, meditations and personal development practices. We use both modern & ancient techniques to help you re-discover all parts of your-self.

10. Conscious Breathwork with Hannah Goodman

Look at the way we breathe as a reflection and expression of the way we live, it is the breath that bridges our internal and external worlds.

Eye Gazing and Breathwork combined is a powerful healing method that very quickly takes us on an experience of reconnecting with feeling and directly inquires into the illusion of separation from others. To Soul Gaze offers us the chance to repeatedly taste our fundamental unity or what Rumi called the ‘Consciousness of Union’.

Travelling to Noisily : IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Dear Noisily Family, 

With just 3 weeks to the day till we open the gates to Coney Woods, we want to share some essential information with you about the leanest and greenest ways you can make tracks to Noisily Festival of Music & Arts for our 8th birthday party this July.





Carbon Tax Reminder

For those of you travelling by car to the festival, please note that any vehicle with 2 or fewer people in it will be charged a mandatory £10 CARBON TAX at the gate. This will go towards our Looking After the Woods Initiative and help with our environmental efforts to offset and reverse carbon emissions that your vehicles produce en route to the festival. 


Car Sharing

For those of you with 3 or more people parking will be free, and if you’re struggling to find bums to fill your seats, look no further than our friends at Go Car Share, where you can advertise your ride, or your bum for that matter, and make some friends in the process!


Train Travel

Travelling by train is a very popular way of getting to the festival, and certainly one of the greenest. Taxi’s cost £20 from Market Harborough station to site with Murphy’s Taxi’s, so if 4 of you get in one taxi that is only £5 each. We strongly recommend advanced ticket booking on > https://www.nationalrail.co.uk – its cheaper to book 2x singles from major cities like London or Manchester as it works out much cheaper than a return.

***Planned Engineering Works***

Please note there are engineering works from Market Harborough Station on the Sunday in both directions. There is a bus replacement service via Kettering (where you catch the train) but this takes considerably more time to get to London than normal which extends the journey to 1 hour 48 mins.  To Manchester the journey is 3 hours + and requires several changes and bus replacement services so it might be better to wait until Monday morning.


Bus transport

For those coming by bus National Express run buses from London, Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester to Leicester.  You can then grab a cab from the Leicester bus station to the Noisily Festival site. Book here > https://www.nationalexpress.com

N.B. There are NO busses direct to site.



Noisily encourages you to ride your bike and we have added a wonderful bike park in the Mind Body Soul area to keep them safe throughout the weekend.  Details of where to go when you arrive and where the bike park is will be in the handbook sent out with tickets, and our friendly team at the Mind Body Soul reception can point you in the right direction if you get lost on the way.



CAMPERVAN TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT, THERE WILL BE NO OPTION TO PURCHASE ON THE GATE, AND YOU CANNOT PARK IN THE CAR PARK. Please don’t turn up without a ticket as there will be no wiggle room on this.

See you in the woods!


The Noisily Team xxx

Free Things to do in our Mind Body Soul

At Noisily, in order to ensure that we can afford to curate an amazing content filled MBS program, we charge reasonable amounts for some of the workshops which cost us more money to put on. However, as this amounts to less than 10% of our total program of around 150 offerings, we thought we’d highlight some of the incredible things that you can enjoy for free at Noisily 2019.

For those looking to expand their minds in a more wholesome way than some on the Liquid stage might be (ahem), the Mind stage is home to a spectacular array of different talks on consciousness, psychedelics, the meaning of life and death and all sorts of other intellectual stimulus that’ll give you plenty of great post-rave-tent-conversation-pieces.

Highlights amongst the 30+ speakers include a talk from Bruce Parry about his various experiences exploring tribal traditions around the world; Tristram Stuart sharing his knowledge on food waste, an update on the latest Psilocybin research from Imperial Collage with Ros Watts, and a discussion about how to engage in activism in a more pleasurable way with Ivan March.

If you prefer to activate your body, then surprise surprise, the Body stage is where you want to be. Join Hannah Rose & Caspar Leopard to meet with your flow in a heart centred yoga and sound journey, or try something new and explore The Limón Technique with Elisha Mallinson. Alternatively get into more of a free flow with Sophie Bolton at her Dancing Freedom session, feel the vibrations with one of our gong baths or explore your playful side with Hetty Nutbeem’s Circus Playshop.

Perhaps you’re in need of a more soulful connection to yourself or others, if so, then you guessed it, the Soul Stage is where you want to be. Start the day connected with daily morning meditation led by Advayamati; go deep with a Yin and Hand Pan journey with Coloured Sound; transcend with some Devotional Singing with the English Rose Collective or cultivate and explore your Inner Wild with Xanthe Horner.

Finally, check out the Red Tent and explore the depths of human sexuality with Sex Club with Julianne Mueller & Chloe Wisdom, or Sacred Sexual Healing with Emma Beth. Alternatively visit the women’s circle hosted by the wonderful Womb 2 Dj collective & Chloe Isidora, or equally Arouse Your Inner Masculine with Roisin Allana Kiernan.

For a bit more of a flavour of some other latest editions, check out our article on the new Future of Living Space and other new micro venues.

Mind Body Soul Future of Living Venue With “And What?” and Other Microvenues

Over the past few years, Noisily has naturally evolved along with its crowd. A large part of that evolution has been the growth of the Mind Body and Soul area, a response, we think, to the growing desire for people to connect with themselves, others and nature on a deeper level (check out our healing area theme this year.)

It’s to this end that on top of all of the amazing offerings of yoga, food, sound journeys, breathwork & cacao ceremonies to name a few, we’re excited to announce that there will be a number of small new venues in the area in 2019.

The Future of Living – This is a space dedicated to exploring how we can move beyond the current dead end paradigm of destructive never ending consumption. It will feature talks on permaculture, degraded ecosystem restoration, biohacking, healing yourself with natural medicines (including growing your own mushrooms) and other practical ways to support each other move forward into a more positive future. In the evenings, the venue will be taken over by the excellent And What LDN to host a selection of live future thinking World Music and Neo Soul.


The Red Tent – Inspired by the Red Tent Temple movement, this space is primarily designed to be an open safe space for women, and after dark it will be a ladies only area for open discussions.

In the day time, this carefully curated space will be open to everyone: it will be used to explore deeper layers of sexuality and being, hosting a variety of healing and discussion circles, intimate workshops, and daily unprogrammed sessions available open for any ladies who want to lead a workshop or circle on issues they feel are alive in them.


Interobangs Cinema – At Noisily we feel that as well as delving into these deep issues which make us all tick, it’s equally important to be as silly as possible, which is why we’ve invited the irreverant Interobangs Cinema to be a part of the festival this year. Featuring deeply strange visual feasts including 80’s workout videos, Crufts with acid techno soundtracks, movie karaoke and an artfully curated selection of psychedelic documentaries from our very own DJ ipcress.  


Shanti’sFinally, we all occasionally need a bit of a break from the plethora of delicious repetitive beats on offer in the main arena, so this year, Shanti’s are bringing a beautiful space to chill out in, eat yummy healthy food and enjoy an amazing array of live world music, spoken word and other creative treats.

Treehouse Stage Specials 2019

Home to bassy goodness, the Treehouse Stage is Noisily’s oldest structure dating back to 2012, the year we opened our gates for the first time to 450 beautiful souls.

Now, at our 8th birthday in Coney Woods, it’s returning bigger and better than ever with a tip top line up of the UK’s finest, alongside talented beat-smiths from further afield. Below is just a small selection of the delicacies which will have the blood coursing through your capillaries.


Mad Professor – Pioneer of Dub


Kyrist – Dame of D’n’B


Captain Flatcap – With us from the Beginning


LTJ Bukem – Don of D’n’B


Alley Cat – Super Slinky


Opiuo – The Bad Man of Bass


Snowdrop – Ice Cool Psychedelic Downtempo Dub

Zen Baboon – Psychedelic Squelch


Art & Human Connection

A recent survey of several hundred thousand people from all over the United States showed that around 40% of American’s identify as lonely, a figure which give or take would most likely apply to most of the developed nations around the world.

In a time where the majority of people spend a great deal of their time in both public and private staring at screens, genuine human connection is needed now more than ever, as the arc of technological advancement continues on its inevitable exponential curve.

Social media is breadth over depth, as people are more concerned with the number of “friends” they have or “likes” they get, rather than trying to cultivate deep emotional connections with real people in the outside world. Whilst away in California for several months in 2017 I met a man who worked in the Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley, who informed me that there a relationship therapists employed by the company to teach their young employees how to interact with other humans! So entrenched in the digital world were they, that they were suffering mentally from a lack of our most basic human need: connection. Ironic perhaps at a company whose mission is to connect people around the world.

Art can be an incredible catalyst for connection as its influence reaches beyond the realms of conversation, and creates a medium that communicates in all languages, wherein humans can share an experience together, and express themselves through their reactions and feelings as observers, and through the art itself as a creator.

Noisily Festival 2018 © Photography by Sammy Leigh Scholl saurielcreative.com

This year, and in previous years too, our art director Ruth Herbert has spent a great deal of time searching for artists and installations which inspire simple, visceral and profound moments of human connection.

It is our hope that in providing opportunities for connection like this at Noisily, through the mediums of art, music and healing, that it will inspire people to make a conscious effort outside the woods, however awkward it may feel for some, to interact with strangers, who, when you think about it, are simply people you haven’t connected with yet.

This subtle reframe has the potential to completely change the way you carry yourself in public, and by talking to strangers, or even sharing so much as a smile, can create a domino effect that seeds an ongoing spiral of interaction between humans around the world.

We are so much more capable than “share”, “like” or “tweet”, even if in the modern world we are conditioned to believe otherwise, and the key is to empower each other and ourselves, and to trust the possibilities that lay in connection.

One of the ways we facilitate this at Noisily is through the art curated throughout site, and over the coming weeks between now and the festival in July, we’ll be sharing some of the inspirational pieces you’ll be able to find in the woods this year.


Charles, co-founder at Noisily.  

Sponsor Robbie to run London Marathon in Gorilla Suit!

Dear Noisily Family,

We are all in favour of using our resources to make the world a better place, and it would actually be a fair summation to say that Noisily is a direct result of that mission.

Well we are here to let you know that one of our number; the tall, dark and mildly good looking Robbie, co-founder, head of tech production, and all round grafter, has turned his hands / feet to another worthy cause…

In just 17 days time on Sunday 28th April Robbie will be running the London Marathon in aid of our close relatives, the Mountain Gorillas of West Africa.

We are conscious that many of you have already bought tickets, and we’re not in the habit of exacting money from you for multiple causes, however in this instance not only is it a fantastic charity, but Robbie has pledged to RUN THE MARATHON DRESSED AS A GORILLA if his fundraising target reaches £7,000.

As content creator, Gorilla fan, AND long term friend of Rob, this is an opportunity I couldn’t miss to really make him sweat!

With just £1,500 raised so far on a Just Giving page which was started suspiciously late, we have a way to go, however if everyone coming to Noisily chipped in £1.50, we’d get him in that suit, and if we get within £500 of the £7,000 target, I personally pledge to top up the rest.


Charles xxx




The Parliament of Funk Returns!

Back for its second outing, The POF will host takeovers and sessions from the crème de la crème of funkadelic, soulful, purveyors of groove the Coney Woods has to offer.

You can expect basslines and licks from ‘African Beats & Nice Vibes’, whose melange of Afrobeat will take you right back to the cradle of life.

‘Jive Talk & Friends’ are making a Coney Woods debut with sets from ADOP+, Jay Carder B2B Mark Hume, and a host of other Tropical Disco maestros.

‘WOMB2’ are back flying the flag for diversity and inclusion in music, and “whether you have a womb or not, you are welcome to join them!”

Further sessions from ‘At One’ and ‘Music Box Radio’ will be complemented by the ‘Poolside Strut’ team back for more after a solid outing in 2018, and ‘Alright on Site’, Noisily’s very own site crew responsible for building the foundations of Noisily itself!

Last but not least, ‘Beating Heart presents Saronde’, ‘Cheeba Cheeba Records’ take to the wheels, Noisily’s carpenter extraordinaire ‘Niquid’ lays down the vibe, and ‘The Strutt Bros’ turn tunes into slapstick comedy.

The Parliament of Funk is the home of fun times at Noisily.

See you there! xxx

Soak Stage Launch : The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience

Creating a space that promotes both the opportunity to unwind, and the excitement and energy of a rave, Soak have refined the festival Hot tub experience into a vibrant wonderland of music, community and relaxation. Bringing you a global selection of DJ’s and artists to guide you on your journey from ecstatic party to deep meditation and back again, you will find our stage to be a place of tranquility by day, sampling some of the finest and hard to find downtempo, lo-fi and rare groove. By night, the BPM rises for our legendary Hot Tub Parties…

Book yourself a hot tub for any of the below parties here.


Soak Takeovers

Having rinsed the European and UK festival and club circuit many, many times over, we are blessed to be bringing some of our favourite musicians and DJ’s from our Grand Tour to Noisily…

Let the music be your guide, let go and rejuvenate.


Thursday – Noisily Opening Party

This year the Noisily Thursday night  Opening party has migrated into the woods where some of our favourite residents will be joined by the soaring highs of Belleville and Tripswitch, while the dirty beats of Colebrook give you an early taste of psychedelic Techno to whet your appetite for the weekend.

Friday – Nice Recordings Takeover

Known for the depth of their collective selections and being hot on dancefloor intuition, the Nice Recordings crew will be taking the reins on Friday. With releases supported by Giles Peterson, Moxie, ””O’flynn, Dan Shake and the DJ community at large, Nice leave no stone unturned to find hidden gems and weave them into a perfect vibe.

Saturday – Soak Series Presents

As a creative organisation our relentless pursuit of vibrant, forward thinking music is resolute.

Saturday sees a handpicked collection of artists from our monthly mix series taking over the 1’s and 2’s. Each DJ has been selected for their versatility and because of how inspired we have been with their sets. You can follow the Soak mix series on our Soundcloud and Facebook:


Sunday – Pachamama Takeover

Emerging from the downtempo scene, a connective movement of DJ’s and artists from around the world comes Pachamama. Drawing influence from a musical syntax that spans the globe, this music goes beyond tribal and becomes a never ending kaleidoscope of cultural forms, all locked into the familiar sounds of Berlin’s techno and House scene.

Creating an organic aesthetic that focuses on stimulating the senses, the Pacha music team build the perfect environment to let go and connect.