‘I’ve never seen such a mass exodus’, says Goa from Brighton…

After news that nearly 1/3 of all Noisily attendees will be coming in campervans this July – We have chatted to 2 of the people most effected by this ‘Mass Exodus’ of some of the most hippified cities in Englandshire.

Brian Bigglesworth from Parking Brighton who is officially in charge of ‘Keeping the streets of Brighton hippy free’ noticed that he had literally nothing to do in the second week of July and loads of overnight parking spaces for residents as his local vegan hippy population kicked their heavily polluting vans into gear and headed off to the Leicestershire countryside on mass for a rave up at Noisily.

We also chatted to a local hippy known as ‘Goa’ by her friends who changed her name by deed pole after heading to the popular hippy haunt in February and in her own words, ‘Finding a new level of spirituality on a beach in Goa while listening to Ajja play Shiva Valley one night’.  Goa said that her and many of her hippy cohorts will be heading to Noisily in July in convoy in what some members of UK government are worried will push the UK’s over its net carbon targets for 2023 as hundreds of buses, vans and trucks with piston rings more worn out than Keith Richards head on mass to hippy mecca Noisily Festival.

Over and out. 

Noisily City Lights comes to London on April 29th.

“Something is stirring deep in the heart of our sprawling capital. The dull thud of bass, the unmistakable sound of laughter, a tangible feeling of love so familiar, yet so estranged, as our tribe reunites after more than two years apart.”

We are bringing the wonderful World of Noisily to London for one night only on April 29th 2022, marrying the bright lights of the big city with the awe inspiring magic of Noisily, creating an immersive experience far beyond the music. 

There will be a smorgasbord of cutting edge beats married with a myriad of artwork and performance, as we aim to combine the very best aspects from the Coney Woods with one of the greatest metropolises on the planet ahead of our return to the woods in July 2022.  See you in the city!

URGENT NOTICE – Please purchase your Car-Park passes!

Dear Noisily Faithful,

The days are counting down to Noisily 2021 and although nothing is still certain about how the UK roadmap out of Covid-19 will proceed, we are increasingly confident we will be able to deliver the 9th edition of Noisily Festival in July!

We are currently planning out the site to welcome you on the second weekend of July and are very conscious that space is of a premium this year (especially with the extra spacing requirements which Covid-19 protocol places upon us). There is simply nowhere else for things with wheels to go, this is due mainly to the fact that Noisily’s home is an active farm.

So in order to help us know exactly how many of you are bringing vehicles we would like to ask you to please purchase your car parking tickets as soon as possible, if you have not done so already. This will give us the best possible chance to get it right and ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. So please help us to help you and make the most of the beautiful part of the world that we call home.

Please purchase here.

European Music Acts Postponed for 2021

Dear Noisily Family, 

We have been working hard in the wings to ensure Noisily can continue to go ahead, and are grateful to be nimble enough to jump through the ever changing hoops of legislation. 

That said, it has become clear that moving ahead with our lineup as it was released at the beginning of the year, has become an unfeasible goal. Between travel restrictions, multiple PCR tests and mandatory ten day quarantine, it’s simply not possible in 2021. 

In future years we hope to bring all the European artists originally billed for 2020 and 2021 to the Coney Woods, however this year we have had no choice but to look closer to home for our talent. 

Fortunately, we have a rather marvellous pool to draw from, and the other side to the coin is that our finest artists aren’t able to fly abroad to play this summer, so we have the pick of the litter. 

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing our UK based line up, so keep your ears and eyes peeled as we celebrate the Best of British. 

The Noisily Team 


Noisily Stage – Mix Series Highlights

Bringing together some of the best beats under the sun – the brand new Noisily mix series has lightened our lives and given us hope for a future where we can come together once again and listen to music in Coney Woods on a beautiful summers day.


The 7th edition of the Noisily mix series brought our good friend D-Nox to the decks. In many ways the perfect DJ for the Noisily Stage his blend of progressive techno combined with extensive psychedelic dance floor experience means we are in safe hands!


Nick Tripswitch has been a favourite on the Noisily Stage over the years with his perfect blend of daytime melody and progressive beats. He yet again takes us on a journey through his sounds with the 6th edition of our brand new mix series.

Pauli Pocket

Hailing from the KaterBlau family in Berlin, Pauli Pocket brings years of experience behind the decks at one of Germany’s techno institutions to Noisily 2021! We look forward to welcoming her – Enjoy the 9th edition of the Noisily 2021 preview mix series.

Andreas Henneberg vs. Beth Lydi

The first in our new mix series taking in the sounds of Noisily in 2021. Andreas Henneberg & Beth Lydi have both played solo sets on the Noisily Stage in previous editions and for the first time they come to Noisily for a special B2B set.

Luis M

Check out this awesome selection from one of the most cutting edge psychedelic techno producers on the planet – Luis M. This was a must have booking for this edition.

A Closer Look at the Noisily 2020 Music Line Up…

We are so gosh darn excited about the Noisily 2020 musical line up, and this year we have achieved an even more fragrant blend of big names and up-and-comers than ever before. So without much more ado about nothing, here are just some of the multitude of highlights gracing the Coney Woods this July, in no particular order. 


Ace Ventura has been at the top of his game for nearly two decades, releasing a relentless stream of Progressive tunes on both albums and EP’s, with one of the most remixed tracks in Trance in the form of Presence. The Noisily crew first saw him at Glade some 13 years ago, and now, on our 9th birthday, after many audiences with the man himself at festivals the world over, we are very excited indeed to have him play in our own back garden. 


Another psychedelic coup for us, Altruism is one we’ve been looking forward to welcoming to the woods for a long time. Her brand of Full On Brazilian basslines are a hypnotic melange which drive through the very core of the dance floor, and she’ll be tearing the Liquid Stage a new one at Noisily this year. 


Beth had such a blast year she’s coming back, but this time she’s bringing her friend Andreas Henneberg along for the ride. We’ve had them both before, but never together, this is an absolute must see for anyone and everyone with even the slightest interest in Techno, and has the potential to turn those who aren’t! 


If you don’t know Goldie then you’ve been living under a rock. 


One part Frank Beckers (D-Nox & Beckers), one part Sandrino, this Techno/House duo bring a slightly slower brand of beats with melodic synth lines to boot. Definitely one to get your Noisily stage groove shoes on. 


Hailing from Melbourne Australia, but happily on a European summer tour, DUB FX is another artist of global notoriety who will be hitting up the Treehouse for a headline slot this July. Expect Dub vibes, tropical licks and deep groovy bass, aye an aye. 


No nonsense, intelligent, energetic Techno, Pauli Pocket is taking the helm on the Noisily Stage this July. Here is her set at Mira’s birthday, and we love Mira, so if she loves Pauli, then the love triangle is complete! 


Trusty deepness and darkness from our friends at Zenon Records, Hypogeo makes linear low down growlers with extremely simple yet effective percussion. Less is way more in this instance, and the Liquid Stage welcomes it with open arms. 


We’ve been watching these guys for years as their star has risen on Stil Vor Talent, and now their time has come for a late night set on the Noisily Stage we couldn’t be happier. A stand out Techno highlight of the weekend for certain. 


More often than not when Germany and Electronic music are uttered in the same sentence, Techno springs to mind. Well not this time… Phace makes cutting edge DnB and Bass Music, and will be laying it down to close on Saturday night at the Treehouse. 

Noisily Goes Beat Free for 10th Birthday

Over the past 8 years Noisily has grown into a diverse melting pot of underground Electronic Music, with artists from far flung corners of our beautiful planet bringing their brands of beatsmithery to the Coney Woods, with gusto and aplomb.

Our stages have evolved alongside our musical programming too, most notably the Treehouse, which in its fledgling years played host to Techno, Psy Trance, and even a bit on entirely nondescript Deep House music which we programmed in an attempt to sell more tickets to people from West London.

Now though, nearly a decade on, we have reached a state of flow within our musical programming. The sonic journey between stages is seamless, the Psy blends with the Tekkers, and the beat melting pot between stages is a genre in itself (although that could be the Neuro-Glitch-Funk-a-Bass’n’Drum coming from the Treehouse, we’re not sure).

Whatever the weather, we’ve got the tunes for you, which is why we’ve decided, for our 10th birthday in 2021, to make some not insignificant changes to the line up to keep the dynamism fresh amongst the creaking canopy of Coney Woods.

The Treehouse Stage will make the move from bass music to a spoken word venue, showcasing up and coming talent from Market Harborough and the surrounding hamlets, hosted by Sandy Totsvig with a guest spot from Esther Ransen.

The Liquid Stage, after years as the UK’s Psy Trance Mecca, will actually be turned into a considerably smaller yet identical replica of Mecca itself. After a recent Noisily team building exercise to Tromso, we were inspired by Heathrow’s ‘Prayer Room’ and thought it would be a great addition to the festival.

All faiths will be naturally welcome in line with our ethos of inclusion, and as such we’ll be incorporating a new stage design each year which will take in other religions including but not limited to Christianity, Mormonism, Zoroastrianism and of course Scientology. We have began enquiries to get Tom Cruise to officiate the opening ceremony, fingers crossed!

As for the musical programming, we’ll be honouring the religions by appropriating historical standards from their respective back catalogues and mixing a solitary Psy bassline underneath for the duration of the festival. So whether it be Jerusalem, the call to prayer, or the lead number from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Tony award winning musical, The Book of Mormon, you’ll still get the gallop. Bombadabombadabombadabon. Duggaduggaduggaduggadugga.

The Noisily Stage, the festival flagship, the home of Techno! Until now… The sacred pyramids will no longer be playing host to the very best in four-to-tha-floor tekkers, no sir/lady. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be flipping it on its head and going full Indie Pop, with a Friday takeover from the Vitamin String Quartet who will be covering all of Bon Iver’s back catalogue.

Saturday see’s “Enya and Friends” mime Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Greatest Hits, including Starlight Express, The Phantom of the Opera, and other such classics, whilst Sunday will be the culmination of a dream we are elated to see realised: back to back sets from Bowling for Soup, Sum 41, Feeder, Wheatus, Blink 182, Korn, POD, Papa Roach, and to close, the one hit wonder Scotty Doesn’t Know by relative unknowns Lustra from the seminal 2004 film Eurotrip.

I’m sure you’re all as excited as we are. Here’s to the future!

The Art of Belonging

“You are only free when you realise you belong no place – you belong every place – no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.”

– Maya Angelou

In her book ‘Braving The Wilderness’, research professor and author Brené Brown tells of how for over twenty years when Angelou’s quote popped up in her life it would bring on a rush of anger. “Why would she say that? That’s not true. Belonging is essential. We must belong to something, to someone, to somewhere!”

Her anger came from two places. Firstly Angelou had become an idol of sorts to Brown, and she couldn’t stand the idea that they disagreed on something so fundamental. Secondly, Brown’s own need to fit in and the ache of not belonging was an extremely painful thread in her life, and as such she couldn’t accept the idea of “belonging nowhere” as freedom. She goes on to say that “feeling like I never truly belonged anywhere was my greatest pain, a personal suffering that threaded through most of my pre-adult life. It was in no way my liberation.”

I think you would be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t experienced the same feelings that Brown is referencing here. Whether it be moving to a new school as a child; being bullied; getting picked last in a line up for a game of sport; not getting into your chosen University, or at the worse end, watching your parents go through a separation and losing your sense of home.

Even in the context of suffering through poverty, violence and human rights violations, not belonging in our families is still one of the most dangerous and damaging hurts. That’s because it has the power to power to break our heart, our spirit, and our sense of self-worth. It dates back tens of thousands of years and is in our DNA, for those who were different and who wandered from their tribe were shunned, and if you were ostracised it would almost certainly mean death. As humans we still carry these genetic memories which is why we react strongly to the opinions of others, and whilst bullying has replaced shunning in the modern world, the message is still the same – “Be like us or die”.

Throughout her sixteen plus years of research into courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy, having studied and spoken to thousands of people from all walks of life, Brown has noted that there are only three outcomes when your heart, spirit and self-worth are broken, without exception.

  1. You live in constant pain and seek relief by numbing and/or inflicting pain upon others.

  2. You deny your pain, and your denial ensures that you pass it on to those around you and down to your children; or

  3. You find the courage to own the pain and develop a level of empathy and compassion for yourself and others that allows you to spot hurt in the world in a unique way.

I think you have to be a pretty unique person to jump straight to the third and preferable option, without first, to however limited an extent, journey through the first two. It is also true that the vast majority of people in our Western culture, and especially the older generations who are now in their 50’s and beyond living a “conventional lifestyle”, simply don’t have the tools to get past the second step.

I have had countless conversations with friends and acquaintances in the pre-millennial or millennial generation who have been through some sort of traumatic experience, and have then looked to their parents for guidance or at the very least emotional support, only to be chastised for their showing their vulnerability. It is a language they cannot speak, and the underlying theme in Brown’s research and my experience, is that it results in a reaction of anger, frustration, defensiveness, and even aggression.

The key motivator, however, is fear. They are afraid of the unknown, and their conditioning, their inability to cultivate intimacy with the parts of themselves they have never once shared, overrides even their strongest desire to help as their fight or flight response is triggered. For the person suffering who has begun the work, who has awoken to their own human condition, who desperately wants to be understood; driven by a new understanding they want to share with those closest to them, it can have a devastating effect on both sides when they are denied that human connection.

We live in a society that has conditioned its inhabitants to withhold emotion. We are taught as children, and particularly as boys, that talking about your feelings is a sign of weakness; that you shouldn’t cry; that you should “Be a Man!”.

I would argue that those three words and all that they stand for, in their traditional sense, have been more damaging to our society than anything else.

In the UK one person commits suicide every two hours, and the number of men taking their own lives outnumbers women three to one. It is the leading cause of death for people between twenty and thirty four, and just 27% of suicides between 2005 and 2015 were by people who had reached out for help from mental health services. These figures are shocking, but unfortunately the percentage of those reaching out for help doesn’t surprise me at all.

Men and boys are put in the oppressive confines of small, emotionless cages, and prodded with the expectations of our damaging patriarchal society. The results manifest in the constant need to assert power and position to avoid showing weakness, bullying, flagrant displays of masculinity, and at the extremes, war, genocide, rape and murder.

I have observed these patterns play out around me in my life, and I have witnessed friends, families and individuals shaken to their core by trauma, tragedy and loss. I imagine many of you reading this have experienced you own share too, and whilst we all know these things are sadly an inevitable part of life, we are the only living creatures who have the ability to consciously change the way we react to people and situations. It is this choice, this consciousness, which gives us the unique opportunity to overcome our fear and stand in our integrity. To, as Brown puts it, “Brave the Wilderness”.

The power of choice is an incredible catalyst for positive change in our lives, and when realised can have a profound effect on the direction of our health and wellbeing. When people wake up and get in touch with themselves they are often faced with the reality that, contrary to what they may have believed to that point, they have not in fact been committed to solving the problem in their lives, and furthermore they were actually unconsciously committed to keeping it going. In other words they didn’t know they had made an unconscious commitment to perpetuating the problem that was bigger than their conscious intention to solve it.

So whether it be an argument between husband and wife, brother and sister, or father and son, research shows that the issues are sometimes rarely solved in decades, because there is generally a larger and more painful issue that would need to be confronted if the problem were actually resolved.

Almost without exception these issues lay within the self, and the fear of what would happen if we owned up to our socialised behavioural patterns is so strong, that we make the unconscious decision to remain in a state of victimhood, blaming the other party and thus remaining in the loop. If this perception of being a victim goes on long enough, it can obscure a fact that is so blindingly apparent to everyone else: I got to where I am through a succession of choices.

Consciously committing leads to conscious choices, and if you make the choice to commit to changing yourself for the better, to stand in your integrity and brave the wilderness, know that those who are not ready or prepared may shun you and cast you out.

Yet it is not their fault, and it doesn’t make them bad people, and you have a choice to acknowledge the anger and frustration you feel at first and decide not to let it manifest in blame or resentment, rather turn it into love and pour that out into the world around you instead. It was Mark Twain who said “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than to anything on which it is poured”. He was right.

So mastering the art of belonging often comes at a cost, and it can be a long and arduous journey of emotion, but once you step up and choose growth you will enter a new and liberated stage of your life brimming with creativity and love.

One of the most important things to remember at the beginning and throughout thejourney is this: Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness, your job is to simply do your work, sacredly, secretly, and silently, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will respond.

“You are only free when you realise you belong no place – you belong every place – no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.

-Maya Angelou

The Imaginary Line in Music and the Importance of Diversity in Sound

In an age where corporate funded festivals pop up in a matter of moments, selling out in even less time because they booked Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones et al to headline on all of their seven stages, blasting out Deep House, Tech House, Pool House, or Council House – the preservation of good music and diversity of programming is more essential than ever before.

This isn’t to say that Troxler or Jones don’t knock out some absolute bangers, or that indeed there is anything wrong with House Music. Far from it, we love a bit of House and have some hitters on the Noisily Stage this year to take the helm. What it is meant to highlight is the fact that programming which doesn’t branch out or diversify, is alienating, self absorbing, and ultimately destructive.

The imaginary line in music is something which has been talked about a lot at Noisily, by those artists who come to play, by the revelers on our dance floors, and the team in production as well.

Firstly we should point out that we realise there are many genres which aren’t represented at Noisily, and that for essential purposes we can only reference the spectrum of Electronic Music as for now we don’t have the resources to extend our programming into live. But within the Electronic sphere we do our very best to represent as wide a variety of sounds as we can.

This said, the imaginary extends past the categorisation of genre, and boils the selection process down to a single choice. There are two sides of the line, on one side there is good music, and on the other there is bad, and you don’t have to like the music itself to appreciate its quality. Whether that is in the standard of its production, or in the strength of its composition, is immaterial, you just know that it’s good or bad.

When we look at artists to play at Noisily, the first thing we do is list all those we admire and love to listen to. These may be heavy hitters in the Techno world, or our friend’s younger sister who has just started making awesome tunes. The line up needs to be complete from top to bottom, by which we mean it needs to tell a story from start to finish. Imagine it as though you’re looking at a piano keyboard, that each artist is a different key, and that together they make up a chord which together creates the soundtrack to the weekend. A duff note could throw the whole thing off, so it needs to be good music.

Representing such a diverse selection of music in such an intimate environment is one of the key contributing factors that makes Noisily what it is – an inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes. With around 4,000 people on site being exposed to such variety in such a concentrated space, people from all walks of life are thrust into close proximity with each other. The result is a melting pot of conversation and a cross-pollination of interests which stems into relationships which would otherwise be stifled by the format of the outside world, or indeed other festival environments where the atmosphere is less permissive.

Year on year the challenge of weaving together a line up that is as diverse as it is interesting, is one that we look forward to with great excitement. Our hope is that whilst those of you who are into Psy Trance, Techno or Bass will find all that you are looking for, that you will be introduced to music you haven’t heard before, and that you may appreciate it via the medium of the new relationships that you build in Coney Woods this July.

We are looking forward to sharing our individual artist profiles, stage mixes and ‘Stories in Sound’ with you all in due course. But for now, we encourage you to look through our artist pages on the website and visit the stages that perhaps you wouldn’t visit normally. We’re sure you’ll find some gems in there!


The Noisily Team x