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Noisily 2021 – A message from Noisily Team

Noisily 2021 – A Message from the Noisily Team

Dearest Noisily Family,

For the second year in a row we find ourselves marking the moment when we 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 be descending down the steps, excitement bubbling out of us.

What a party it was going to be, our best yet, and so sorely needed after two years away from our woodland home.

When our fate became apparent just a few weeks ago a profound sense of sadness and loss rippled through the noisily team.

Planning the festival felt like a huge leap of faith, but we were buoyed on by your enthusiasm and had begun manifesting huge amounts of fun, connection and joy among the festival family. However just as quickly as this vision collected pace, it has been forced back into the ether to lay dormant for another year.

But not all is lost, and Noisily remains in a strong position with a dedicated team, and the spirit of the festival which lives on in all of us continues to shine brightly as we look forward to 2022 and beyond.

We will dance together again, that is a promise.

Until next year friends!

See you in the Woods.

The Noisily Team xxx

Retreat to The Firs

‘Retreat to The Firs’ in association with Lisa Li of Breath Ceremony and Noisily Festival’s Mind Body Soul area co-curator, Flo Cannon.

With yet another fallow year for Noisily and limited ways for us to come together and reconnect, one of our wonderful Mind Body Soul Co-creators, Flo, has taken matters into her own hands and curated a series of in person, intimate, healing focused gatherings.

Set amongst the rolling hills of the North Wessex Downs in an area of outstanding natural beauty, ‘Retreat to The Firs’ is the location for a number of beautiful day retreat collaborations this summer.

On Sunday 18 July 2021 (09:00 – 18:00) join the first in the series in collaboration with Lisa Li of Breath Ceremony. Together with Danielle Galway and Louise Shiels they have programmed a beautiful day of nourishing, healing modalities.

Spaces are limited – book your spot HERE.

The Future is Beautiful

Dear Noisily Family,

A couple of weeks ago we collaborated with ‘The Future is Beautiful’ podcast to create an intimate event amongst the rolling hills of Wiltshire.

The day began with a pilgrimage to the sacred site of Avebury lead by modern day alchemist Charlotte Pulver and Druid Chris Park, followed by a panel discussion lead by Amisha Gadiali, host of ‘The Future is Beautiful’, with special guests Bruce Parry and Jimena Paratcha who joined Charlotte and Chris to discuss the theme of our Mind Body Soul area in 2021: ‘We Are Nature’.

The panel was illuminating, and the opportunity to share in human connection invaluable, more so now with the hindsight of Noisily being postponed until 2022.

In light of this, Noisily will be collaborating with several more contributors over the coming months to host small scale retreats and discussions on location in Wiltshire. More info to come.

In the meantime, please head to The Future is Beautiful to hear the full panel discussion.

With thanks to Amisha, Bruce, Charlotte, Chris, Jimena, the Noisily team down in Wiltshire and the guests who made the journey to join us.


The Noisily Team xxx

Noisily 2021: Important Update

Noisily 2021 Event Update

Dearest Noisily Family,

It is with heavy heavy hearts that we write this message. Today’s announcement was the one that we dreaded – a delay to the release from Covid restrictions. The woods and fields in which Noisily takes place are a part of a working farm, meaning that there is no scope to delay until later in the summer, which means that Noisily 2021 cannot go ahead.

All tickets will be automatically rolled over to 2022’s event (7th -10th of July 2022.)

Refunds will be available in your Ticketsellers account for those who need them, but once again, we ask that you support us by keeping a hold of your ticket so that we can continue to plan 2022 in confidence.

We know how gutting this is for you all, we needed that soul food of meeting in the woods once again, and after pouring our heart and soul into the event on a wing and a prayer – hoping against hope – to have all of that dashed again is beyond devastating.

But we must all get back up again, dust ourselves off and please know that in 2022, Noisily will come back stronger than ever.

We love you and we will see you in the woods again!


The Noisily Team


The Soul Tent: Highlights

The Soul Tent: Highlights

The Soul Tent is a place to cultivate inner peace, love, and compassion for yourself and your fellow humans. In 2021 we have a beautiful bounty of offerings to ease you back into soulful festival going, and here are just a handful of highlights. 

Stay tuned for the full line up in due course. 

1. Moon Magic with Dominique Antonina

2. Wild Journeying: Learning the Art of Shamanic Meditation with Soizic Loup

3. Medicine at your Feet with Hetty Nutbeem in the Soul Tent (and beyond)

4. Encountering Our Selves – An Introduction to Voice Dialogue with Aaron and Rosa Sefi

5. The Headless Way with Richard Lang 

6. Coloured Sound with Sacred Space – Drumming & Mantra 

7. Cacao Ceremony and Voice Activation with Lani Rocillo

8. Plant Spirit Journey with Rachel Corby

9. Getting in touch with the Five Elements through the Five Senses with John Hughes

10. Discovering Stillness through Music & Self-Inquiry with Niall McGuigan

Paid Workshops & Movement Classes in Body

Paid Workshops & Movement Classes in our Body area

As always we have a myriad of workshops and movement classes provided by a long list of talented experts, and herein you can find everything on offer in our Body area.

Please note that due to government guidelines, spaces are more limited than usual, so make sure to book soon to avoid disappointment. 

Awakening The Wild Dancer – Movement Medicine and Cacao Ceremony

with Keef and Aluna Wesolowska-Miles

£20  |  20:00 – 22:00 Friday  |  14:45 – 16:15 Saturday 

Book here

Ashtanga Yoga with Eleanor Coates 

£12 | 13:00 – 14:30 Sunday

Book here

Whirling with Mark Wagner 

£10 | 19:45 – 21:00 Saturday 

Book here

Medicine Song Ecstatic Dance with Elian and the Rose Collective (with live music) 

£10 | 14:30 – 16:00 Saturday 

Book here

Mystical Yoga with India Terry 

£10 | 11:00 – 12:30 Saturday 

Book here

Kundalini & Cacao Ceremony with Lani Rocillo 

£20 | 15:00 – 16:30 Friday

Book here

Breath Ceremony with Lisa Li

£25  |  15:45 – 17:30 Thursday  |  11:30 – 13:15 Friday

Book here

Release the Dragon with Tony Langford 

£20 | 17:00 – 18:00 | Friday

Book here

Gong & Synth with Philip & Philip

£10- 15 tbc | 18:00 – 19:30 Saturday 

Book here

Wim Hoff with Heather Athie 


Book here

‘We are Nature’ panel hosted by Amisha Ghadiali, The Future is Beautiful

‘We are Nature’ panel hosted by Amisha Ghadiali, The Future is Beautiful

The Future Is Beautiful and Noisily Festival collaboration. 

Mind Body Soul curators have teamed up with Amisha Founder of The Future is Beautiful to offer a midsummer pilgrimage & online panel event on Saturday 12 June.

Delve into the beauty and magic of nature in Wiltshire with us and our guides, as we explore the theme, We Are Nature 

10:30 – 15:00 | Sat 12th June | Walking the Salisbury Plains of Avebury | £40 plus booking fee (kids go free)

Get tickets HERE

If you can’t join us in Avebury on the pilgrimage, join our online panel where we’ll muse upon nature and its teachings, see more and for tickets see HERE

Walking the Salisbury Plains of Avebury

Come walk a while with Druidic bard extraordinaire Chris Park and ritual maker Charlotte Pulver in discovering Avebury’s magical pilgrim places. 

We will visit the rich and mysterious prehistoric landscape taking a circular route which follows the circle of human life, expressed amongst the expanse of this sacred wonderful world heritage site. From ancient ancestral burial grounds, to waterways and springs to commune with throughout the lands, to a pregnant fecund fertility temple, to vast avenues of stones to meet and greet your loved ones within and without in celebrating the rite of life and its ripeness of life for ever more.

We will enter the Avebury complex through the gateway of the 4 Tolkien beech trees in commencing along the Ridgeway to the even older Sanctuary, the ancient meeting point from which the West Kennet Avenue once extended all the way to Avebury. Then rise to West Kennet’s Long Barrow, in resonating with the spirits of old. We will meet one of the sources of the River Kennet, the Swallowhead Springs which circles the largest prehistoric mound in Europe – Silbury Hill. Then it’s over Waden Hill to connect with the mysterious Odin’s Spring, before descending to West Kennet Stone Avenue, an ancient processional avenue to the great circle of Avebury, the largest stone circle in the world to commune with these magnificent stones in completing our circular walk together.

Chris, a Druid priest has worked as a celebrant, teacher & guide. With different hats on he is a professional storyteller, musician & ceremonial piper. Steeped in British & European folklore his life and work ranges from arts and craft, ancient technologies & eco-building to apitherapy, educational projects, ceremony & pilgrimage. A prolific beekeeper, he is often seen extolling the virtues of bee products, mead and the traditional honey drinks of this honeyed isle.

At the heart of things, Charlotte is a modern day alchemist and change maker; being born into the Pulver lineage of apothecarians. She has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical systems of healing for 20+ years. Her love is rooted in making medicines for people which she sells through ‘Pulver’s Apothecary’. She has been hosting water ceremonies and pilgrimages for many years; currently writing a book on London’s springs and wells, and helped co-found The Fellowship of the Spring, a group championing water guardianship in the British Isles.

As part of this pilgrimage you will receive a ticket to our online panel event, hosted by Amisha Ghadiali with guests Adah Parris, Bruce Parry, Charlotte Pulver, Chris Park and Jimena Paracha. Our special guests who will be present on the pilgrimage. 

You can buy tickets to join us HERE

‘We Are Nature’ Online Panel

Saturday June 12th – 4.30pm BST, 11.30am EST on Zoom

Get tickets HERE

If you can’t join us in Avebury on the pilgrimage, join our online panel where we’ll muse upon nature and its teachings. This, in conversation style discussion, hosted by Amisha Ghadiali of The Future Is Beautiful will feature Adah Parris, Bruce Parry, Charlotte Pulver, Chris Park & Jimena Paracha.

We Are Nature…

The lives of every living organism on earth are magically interwoven, delicate energetic threads knitting our ecosystem together into a planetary intelligent super organism. When we look deep enough within ourselves, the understanding of this truth is inherent to our very being. However, destructive patterns of behaviour stemming from separatism and duality – ego and greed – are threatening this fragile living network.

Now more than ever before, it is time to activate from within, opening ourselves to the innate wisdoms that surround us; to receive, feel and manifest this intelligence as our own networks become alive with resonating vibrations – soft healing power growing from the roots up, as nature intended. A new narrative we can all be part of.

`We invite you to reconnect with this ancient wisdom. To celebrate the interconnection of all living beings and our planet’s beauty and abundance. To recognise the importance of re-rooting, grounding and opening ourselves to the frequencies, intelligence and infinite potential of life. To mindfully heal, regenerate and transform our living story.


Adah Parris: Futurist, Cultural Strategist, Systems Designer and Artist. A polymath and enthusiastic curator of people, patterns and stories. Her current interest lies in the anatomy of transformation and innovation, from ancient wisdom, natural systems and indigenous community practices to digital and emerging technologies. She has been longlisted as one of the Most Influential Women in UK Technology, as one of TED Talks Global Emerging Innovators and as one of the UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in Technology.

Bruce Parry:

Bruce Parry: Bruce is best know for his award winning documentaries which followed him living with and learning from remote indigenous peoples around the world. Other series followed him visiting peoples struggling with the effects of globalisation and climate change and the part we all play in these events.  These experiences led him to leave the BBC and direct a feature documentary about humankind’s loss of connection to nature and the effect this is having globally. He has been deeply effected by his travels and is now trying to put into practice some of the lessons he learned over the years, especially influenced by the few remaining egalitarian tribes he has been lucky to meet. He currently lives in Wales.

“The tribes offer us this way of coming together again to find purpose in something larger than ourselves…. Coming together and letting go of some of the things that distract us is a beautiful journey and we will all be happier. It’s hard to make the initial adjustments but it’s totally possible.” ~Bruce Parry

Charlotte Pulver: At the heart of things is a modern day alchemist and change maker; being born into the Pulver lineage of apothecarians. She has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical systems of healing for 20+ years. Her love is rooted in making medicines for people which she sells through ‘Pulver’s Apothecary’. She has been hosting water ceremonies and pilgrimages for many years; currently writing a book on London’s springs and wells, and helped co-found The Fellowship of the Spring, a group championing water guardianship in the British Isles.

Chris Park: As a druid priest Chris has worked as a celebrant, teacher & guide. With different hats on he is a professional storyteller, musician & ceremonial piper. Steeped in British & European folklore his life and work ranges from arts and craft, ancient technologies & eco-building to apitherapy, educational projects, ceremony & pilgrimage. A prolific beekeeper, he is often seen extolling the virtues of bee products, mead and the traditional honey drinks of this honeyed isle.

Jimena Paratcha: Transformative Events Producer and active Community Leader. As Founder of Action for Brazil’s Children’s Trust, Jimena guided the NGO to become a founding partner of Street Child United, a global platform voicing the rights of young people at risk around the world. After 20 years working in the social justice sector, Jimena turned towards the emerging environmental crisis campaigning for Fossil Free Sussex and Ecocide Law. Jimena has nurtured a keen interest in diverse healing and energy-work modalities becoming initiated into the Siddha Kundalini lineage and Nature Mysticism of Andean Peru. She bridges Indigenous traditions in the UK as a Guardian of the Yawanawa, Huni Kuin and Tukano people of Amazonian Brazil and is a partner of the Akasha Retreat Centre in Rio de Janeiro, a trustee of TreeSisters and a founding member of Friends of the River Medway.

Amisha Ghadiali: facilitator and host of the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds dance. She also works one to one with her Beautiful Leadership Mentoring programme which supports the transforming of unconscious patterning, opening up new qualities within and anchoring daily practice and rituals which support a lifestyle that recognises the sacred, the importance of intuition and creates deeper connection and embodiment of what this time calls forth in us. This is accompanied by The Beautiful Leadership Immersion which covers themes including decolonisation, vision and edgewalking. Amisha wrote a book called “INTUITION” during the global lockdown of 2020 which was recently published by DK Books.

Jessica Ferrow: Jessica is a sustainability strategy and communications expert with more than a decade’s experience working with purpose-driven businesses. After starting her career in the solar industry, Jessica spent several years building sustainability networks in Bristol and working with global brands at London agencies before going freelance in 2018. She is now dedicated to growing the B Corp movement and helping business leaders respond meaningfully to the climate and ecological emergency.

Jessica is a mentor and advisory board member of Catalyse Change, a social enterprise helping young women into sustainability careers. She is also the elected director of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and a member of Bristol’s One City Environment Board, helping the city achieve its ambitious zero carbon 2030 targets.

Jessica has recently worked with brands including Finisterre, Edgard & Cooper, Pukka Herbs, Ecover and Ella’s Kitchen.

Get tickets HERE

A ‘The Future Is Beautiful’ and Noisily Festival collaboration. 

The Future Is Beautiful:

How will you create beauty in the world?

The Future Is Beautiful is a podcast and community that explores the most necessary and complex questions of our time. From healing trauma to birthing vision to new technologies to ancient wisdom – it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being
On the podcast we explore the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. See more here.

The Mind Stage: Highlights


The MIND Stage at Noisily is where you go to get your synapses firing on all cylinders, and in 2021 after a fallow year, we have curated a line up of ingenious experts and global thought leaders to inspire, inform, motivate and engage your mind and stimulate curiosity. This year in the Coney Woods you will be treated to a veritable smorgasbord of neurologically tantalising discourse. 

Here’s some highlights of what you can expect…

1. Transpersonal Experiences Through the Power of Dance 

Helene Su will be talking about transpersonal experiences brought on through the power of dance, drawing on the wisdom of ancient cultures, and the findings of modern day quantum physics. So before you head down to the forest floor to cut some shapes, make sure to swot up to ensure you have a transpersonal experience of your own! 

Find out more HERE.

2. The Story of Lumenate App, and How to Reach an Altered State of Consciousness Using Just your Phone Flashlight

Join Jay and Tom Founders of Lumenate, two friends who used to work as Far Future Concept Designers at Jaguar Landrover before quitting their jobs, driving from Canada to Chile, walking the entire length of New Zealand, then buying an EEG brain scanner to trial different techniques to naturally induce altered states of consciousness. 

They have since developed the Lumenate App which uses research-backed stroboscopic light sequences from your phone’s flashlight to neurologically guide you into an altered state of consciousness between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics.

It promises to be a very inspiring talk about their experiences and the apps development during lockdown.

Find out more HERE.

3. Nurturing Eco-consciousness Through Plant Medicines

Dr David Luke is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Greenwich, and a founder of Breaking Convention: International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. His research focuses on transpersonal experiences, anomalous phenomena and altered states of consciousness, especially via psychedelics. 

At Noisily he’ll be delivering a talk about nurturing eco-consciousness through plant medicines. 

Find out more HERE.

4. Earth in Mind: Rethinking Education for Our Future

Exclusively for Noisily in partnership with Pete Barden Founder of The Better Future Forum and Forward Democracy, ‘Earth in Mind: Rethinking Education for Our Future’ will draw together practitioners and pioneers who are reimagining education to meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century to engage on a panel on the MIND Stage.

The format invites dialogue with inspiring innovators and leading thinkers, providing a ‘hot seat’ for members of the audience who have experience in the field of education to become a part of the conversation.

We hope that guests will leave inspired, informed, equipped, and motivated.

Find out more HERE.

5. Beyond the Matrix : Is this reality we live in an illusion? with Ann Mathie

In this talk, Ann Mathie will be looking at what the Buddha discovered under the Bodhi tree which led to his radical freedom from suffering. We will explore the different types of deep ecstatic absorption or Jhanic states, and how these states are experienced in the mind-body based on the direct experience of long-term meditators and Buddhist monks. We will look at how the Buddhas’ different states of absorption lead to insight into the workings of this mind matrix.

Find out more HERE.

6. Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Psychedelics All of a Sudden? A Panel discussion with Matt Shea, Amanda Feilding, Zoe Cormier, Dr Ros Watts and Ben Sessa

The UK is experiencing a psychedelic renaissance.

Young people in England and Wales are taking three times more LSD than they did five years ago, scientists at top universities are claiming hallucinogens can revolutionise how we treat mental illness and the use of magic mushrooms has been increasing by around 40 percent year on year.

What is making this new generation of drug takers so interested in self-transformation? And as the self-help trend grows, what happens when thousands of people start trying to solve their mental health problems themselves by taking powerful hallucinogens in unregulated settings?

Find out more HERE.

7. Transforming Society After COVID with Ronan Harrington and Phoebe Tickell

Ronan Harrington and Phoebe Tickell will speak with experts in social change on how we can transform our societies in the wake of COVID. They’ll discuss the impact COVID has had on our collective mindsets, the appetite for radical change, and how technology disruptions are opening up the possibility for an entirely new civilization.

This is one to watch as both Ronan and Phoebe are truly inspirational speakers. 

Find out more HERE.

8. The Creative Musical Process Can Help Heal Mental Illness, Here’s How, with Graham Campbell, Modulate Music Group | Electronic Music and Mental Health

Graham will be delivering a talk about how music creation and the musical process can act as a healing agent for mental illness. 

He has been working with groups to bring people together into a very positive and empathic space around music as a shared activity. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, and the midi-synchronised elements have inherently encouraged patients to work together, providing invaluable human connection. 

Find out more HERE.

9. Gathering the Seeds “Ageless Wisdom’ Panel

Gathering the Seeds will be hosting a panel & workshop at Mind Body Soul 2021, ‘Ageless Wisdom’, gathering an array of voices – Elders to young – to honour & celebrate the rich tapestry of knowledge we all share within our incredible living network. Through open discussion, ritual & practice explore these ancient practices.

10. We Are Nature with The Future is Beautiful

And if that isn’t enough, we are excited to be collaborating with Amisha, Founder of The Future is Beautiful podcast. Together with fellow soulseekers, Bruce Parry, Jessica Ferrow and Adah Paris, in an, in conversation with style exploration, the We Are Nature panel will reveal heartwarming nature experiences and insights.

Noisily 2021 Line-up

Our final Noisily 2021 main stage line-up is revealed…

Dear Noisily Family, 

We are very pleased to announce the final main stage line-up release for Noisily 2021.  After several enforced changes and a couple of entire stage re-programs we got there in the end.  We all know the situation we find ourselves in, and we’ve decided in recent weeks to reduce the ‘risk’ levels even further by cancelling our overseas artists this year.

So here it is no less – the Noisily Festival 2021 line-up!  Across the whole team we really feel this is a great program this year – A best of British no less and a line-up we are all really proud of.

The Noisily Team xxx

Noisily Stage Line-Up
Liquid Stage Line-Up
Treehouse Stage Line-Up