Mind Body Soul Applications are LIVE!

Calling all thought leaders, healers, yogis, wisdom keepers, ritualists, space holders, performers, embodied explorers, makers, story tellers, scientists, movement practitioners, nature whisperers and everything in between, Mind Body Soul applications are now live & we would love you to join our beautiful, growing community.  

This year we evolve with a new theme, We are Love, an invitation to tune into the power & magic of love’s universal energy field. Please have a read through & feel in below, & follow this link to apply. Applications will be live until 15th January 2023; we so look forward to receiving them & co-creating something really special – thank you all in advance!


We Are Love. In the midst of the swelling seas of change, & as our hierarchical systems gradually disintegrate, this is the vibration that calls us all home, that gifts a welcome belonging & cellular connection to all beings, all life.

This year at Noisily, we choose to celebrate love. In all its magical manifestations, colours, textures & flavours; in its bare-bone essence, a universal energy field that knows no boundaries or division, that simply is. 

Love is not just sunshine & roses, it is patience, surrender, grief & rage; it is taking a pause within the constant of doing; it is reaching out to a friend in need, asking a stranger how they are; it is listening, feeling, welcoming our full emotional spectrum of being. It is Spring’s first tender shoots, the wise old oak yielding itself back to the Earth to make space for the youngers; it is the continuous pulse of the mycelium network, raindrops tumbling down onto parched soil; it is honouring & celebrating the cycles of our incredible living ecosystem.

We welcome this life-force in as our home, to feel its power & embody its grace; to connect with each other with open hearts; to discover, explore, play, move, meditate, create & dance in love. For love is our greatest teacher, our catalyst for growth & change that roots & weaves all life. Together we remember We Are Love.

Noisily Stage 2022 – The Highlights

Dear Noisily Family, 

It is with an inordinate amount of enthusiasm, a not insignificant amount of yelping and squealing, and a resounding “FUCK YEA” that we are back, bigger, better and bolder than ever with a rip roaring reprise of the Noisily Stage for 2022! 

Three years away from the woods is, as we’re sure you’ll agree, too bloody long! As such we’ll keep it brief and let you stick some of the Noisily Stage Highlights in your cannons / on your monitors / in ya car, or wherever you may be listening to your Tekkers. 

Be well Noisily Family, and (you can’t comprehend how good it feels to say this…) 





Eats Everything

Ed Steele

Frida Darko

Henri Bergmann

James Monro

John Digweed



Luis M

Oc & Verde

Pauli Pocket

Tony Casanova

Mind Body Soul theme – Human Connection

In 2019, with profound ecological, societal and economic disruption shaking the foundations of our civilisation, the Noisily Mind Body Soul program will explore the nature and importance of human connection. Connection to ourselves, each other, nature, and the communities which can give us meaning in this complex world.

We believe that it is only through truly feeling, experiencing and understanding these connections and the inner place from which they come, that we may be able to begin to find answers to the larger issues that we face in the world today.

Over four days we will delve into these subjects though workshops in etc. etc. loosely based on the daily frameworks of Connect, Collaborate, Create & Integrate.

So when you come to Noisily, whether that be as a ticket buyer, a therapist, an artists, a healer, a trader, or indeed with any other contribution, make sure to keep connection at the forefront of your mind. Make friends, share yourself with others, listen, learn, teach, hug, hold, hold space, stand in your truth and allow others to do the same, because that is where the true value of your experience exists in the Coney Woods.

The application process closes on the 30th of January and we will have replied to all applicants by the 14th of February.

Please apply here.

2019 Noisily Arts Applications are OPEN!

Each year at Noisily, artists and members of the art department work tirelessly to create beautiful and magical art which is spread throughout the festival. These devoted pioneers of all things aesthetic, not only build large scale installations but add the finer details and artistry to complete the overall look and feel of the festival.

Through our arts application process we are able to award talented designers, artists and craftspeople with grants, enabling them to build and bring pieces of artwork to the festival. As well as this we encourage emerging artists to bring smaller pieces of work, in exchange for their ticket, in the hope that Noisily can provide a platform for them to access a broader network of talent and inspiration.

With each year that passes, we receive progressively more exciting and dynamic submissions, each adding their own brand of magic to The Coney Woods.

Incredible installations adorn the festival site, and some of them live there year round. One such work of art is the (considerably) larger than life immersive egg installation, ‘Rebirth’, created by the Madin Collective, a group of international artists and architects who combined their skill sets to produce a beautiful structure from reclaimed materials. This piece not only stood out as a pivotal artwork, it doubled up as a chill space, incorporating architectural function into artistic design.

Alice Shepherd’s fascinating ‘Psy- Corals’ also resulted from a successful grant application. The mesmerising Coral Reef was an innovative installation created again from recycled materials. With moving parts and backlit elements this work not only stunned us in the daylight with its detail, but also encompassed a whole new life by night. The sustainable elements of her work made the collaboration fit perfectly with Noisily’s environmental ethos.

Our art grants help to cover the cost of creating pieces from artists across multiple disciplines and creative visions. Many of these realised works then go on to tour other arts and music festivals across the UK, bringing joy to many.

If you are inspired by this story and would like to apply to bring your own art and creative skills to Noisily please get in touch through our arts application below. We will be awarding grants for £800, £400 and £200.

Click here to apply!


Deadline Midnight 13th January 2019


We will have a separate form if you would like to volunteer and join the arts department rather than apply to bring a specific installation. The arts volunteer application will be released in due course, so stay tuned!

Noisily Psyber Monday Deals!!

After completely missing Black Friday on account of being at a team building sweat lodge with the Noisily core team on the Norfolk Broads, we were worried sick that we’d missed the boat on the world’s most spiritually inclined discount day, Black Friday.

Historically, on the penultimate Friday of November, like minded progressive shoppers cordially descend on their local retail outlets in a state of decorum. Politely, they queue up to invest in cut price televisions, hand held blending devices, clever rubbery things which peel cloves of garlic in an instant, and other such essentials that life would be otherwise impossible to live without.

Thankfully the most holistic head at Noisily, DJ Ipcress, spent the weekend rubbing his crystals together (labradorite and tryptamine, for those who are interested) and came up with a frankly genius idea that benefits all those involved in anything anywhere!

Cue: Noisily’s Psyber Monday Deals!!!!



Pay 10% more for your Noisily ticket.That’s right! For one day only you can pay a whopping great 10% more for your Noisily 2019 ticket. The benefits of this absolute steal are obvious, but we’ll spell them out for you anyway, just to be clear! First off, this reassuringly expensive offer is reassuring, and everyone loves a bit of reassurance! Secondly, you won’t feel any guilt! When most people are walking round site thinking “Gosh, they’ve put in so much effort, I feel as though I’ve underpaid!”  You’ll be safe in the knowledge you paid top dollar for the exact same experience! Bravo!

Simply visit www.noisilyfestival.com/tickets and use the increase code to pay 10% more – Just add this at the bottom of our ticket page to bring up the increased price ticket: psybermonday10%



Exclusive Drinks Wristband!

Buy one of our Psyber Monday wristbands, which also allows you to buy drinks at the festival bars, AND pay a £2 non-refundable deposit for a branded Mug! No. Freaking. WAY!

Simply visit our 3rd party wristband outfit www.dontbeanidiot.com and use code: YOUMUG


Single Use No More!

For the price of a penny sweet in the 1993 (taking into account inflation), you can invest in a pass which will enable you to wrap your Noisily mug in single use plastic each time you finish a drink on site!

Imagine if you will, one of those really essential, how-can-anyone-possibly-fly-safely-without-wrapping-it wrapping machines for baggage at airports. Well, this is just like that, but for cups. For CUPS! “Cor Blimey” we hear you say!

That’s right, just like the bananas and avocados you buy at Sainsbury’s, whose external skin has evolved over millennia to completely protect the fruit within, we decided that nature simply hasn’t done enough! This means you won’t have to put up with the stress of rinsing your vessel between beverages, protecting your innards from all those life threatening diseases that are native to the British Countryside. Result! DEAL AVAILABLE ON SITE


The Noisily Community Needs You!

Dear Friends and Family,

We all love the socks of each other at Noisily, correct? Great! Glad we’re all in the same forest of agreement there then.

Community will be the single most important factor in our survival as humans, and the need for connection is built into our DNA since that time ages ago when we lived in caves and hunted things and stuff. We thrive off connection, and whilst you may get a whopping great pang of dopamine when you put your foot down in that sparkly new sports car it took you six years of seven day weeks to buy, don’t mistake that pleasure for happiness.

It’s your friends, family and neighbours that deserve your time the most, and who will make you feel fulfilled to the brim.

This is why we are encouraging you to head over to our Noisily 2019 Community Page, and make friends with as many of your festival family as possible ahead of the magical mayhem next July!

Separate to our event or festival page, it’s a place to post your photos and videos; talk about your experiences at Noisily; find rideshares to the event; try and find that person you met in the woods but couldn’t remember their name, or even just to strike up a conversation with people you know you’re going to get on with!

The Noisily community is its greatest asset, and that is made up from you lot, so thank you, from the bottom of our bass filled hearts!

The Noisily Team xxx



Noisily’s Future Threatened by Chinese Yogurt Takeover

In the latest of a string of aggressive investment initiatives, global superpower China has made yet another pseudo-industrial move, which many are labelling a smokescreen for clear underlying political aspirations in the counties of the South of England; namely Sussex, Wiltshire, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.

The multi-billion dollar hostile takeover of the dairy industry is due to take effect just days after the March 29th deadline for our exit from the EU, whilst our politicians are looking toward a post-Brexit deal that sees us maintain control over our farms and livestock. The move, which has been dubbed “an act of heracy” by local farmer, day time TV star and Noisily faithful Dick Strawbridge (the man responsible for uncovering the elaborate ruse), will see nearly 2,372 dairy farms surrounded and forced into remission in the space of 24 hours, in and around the area of Padstow alone.

“The stranglehold will hit

the yogurt industry the hardest…”

Mr Yo Play, CEO of Chinese yoghurt monolith Moo Chow Inc. who is heading up the coup (alongside revolutionary artist Ay Way Way), was secretly filmed at a convention in the city of Xing Dao shortly after the 827th bi-weekly dog meat festival, expressing his enthusiasm for the sting operation.

It’s hard to make out exactly what he was saying as it was recorded on the Blackberry of a traveling merchant who didn’t have a great vantage point, and for copyrighting purposes we are unable to share this clip on our Noise Feed, as it had to be destroyed. That said, fortuitously it transpires that Noisily Operations Manager Sarah studied for a semester in Beijing, and as a result is competent in Mandarin. So between her rudimentary grasp of the dialect and some copying and pasting into Google Translate, we were able to make out a few choice phrases which indicated their intentions. Long and short of it is that it’s not pretty, not pretty at all…

“The caramelised red onion industry

will also see a significant downturn in revenue.”


The stranglehold will hit the yogurt industry the hardest, resulting in the redundancy of tens of thousands of cows who have already seen record low returns per litre of milk expressed in the 2017/18 milking season, as the Chinese halt production and flood the UK with their own synthetic lactose rice hybrid, and it doesn’t stop there…

Goats will suffer too as they are pushed to the limit between producing an unsustainable amount of dairy milk for Starbucks, and the other coffee house chains, and making enough cheese for the mid range bistros of Kensington and Chelsea. (N.B. The caramelised red onion industry will also see a significant downturn in revenue.)

So how will this affect Noisily’s future as an independent festival?

Three years ago to the day we launched our ‘Looking after the Woods’ initiative and invested significant time and money into researching alternative fuel sources to power the festival. Our first stop was recycled vegetable oil which we converted into Biodiesel for our generators, however financially it ended up costing 33.33% more than we could afford, so the idea was canned as we went in search of a more viable option, which incredibly came in the form of yoghurt.

For three years we’ve been using the viscous milk as the lifeblood of Noisily, powering everything from our generators and stages, to the entire production office team, and even as far as weaving it into our merchandise, which this year saw a 70/30 split between organic churned yoghurt and argan oil scented sandalwood. Not only has it saved money and emissions, it’s also repurposed several thousand livestock who were destined for slaughter, and who now enjoy an exponentially improved standard of life and just one milking session a fortnight.

With uncertain times ahead, it is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the possibility of selling Noisily to one of the majors unless we can find an alternative fuel source. What will this do to the atmosphere, we aren’t sure, and we will be facilitating think tanks over the coming weeks as we put together our POA for the 2019 event, asking you the public to contribute in any way you can as we work toward a solution.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Noisily Team xxx   

2018 Sustainability Review

For the past two years we’ve been working on our ‘Looking After the Woods’ initiative, not only to care for the land we are privileged to call home, but to present ways in which we can all change our lifestyles in order to help slow and potentially reverse climate change in the immediate future.

It’s an unprecedented task, and so often as humans we can resign ourselves to the ‘drop in the ocean’ mentality and fear of failure. Yet there is hope, and even though we’re a humble festival tucked away in a small nook at the heart of the English countryside, we hope we can play our part in the system change that is so sorely needed.


“Large streams from little fountains flow, tall trees from little acorns grow.”  – English Proverb


The 2018 Noisily Festival Sustainability Review


Drastically Reduced Single Use Plastic

  • All crew had to bring their own refillable water bottles, cups, plates and cutlery.
  • We stopped selling plastic bottles behind the bars, sold refillable ones and had reusable cups on the bar if needed.
  • Bars were not allowed to serve anything that came from plastic bottles, resulting in 400KG increase in glass use, which is infinitely recyclable.  
  • Bars swapped plastic bottles for glass almost entirely, a much more environmentally conscious option, however wine was sold in plastic as we couldn’t give glass to public. We are looking into boxed alternatives for 2018. All mixers were post mix.
  • Only the security team & artists had plastic. It was felt that logistically it wasn’t possible for them to have to refill and remain on the points they needed to. This will change next year, and we are aiming to create a system which will make it possible, which may possibly include a water team moving around site refilling their canteens for them.
  • Traders all used Vegware or comparable biodegradable products.
  • Market stall traders were not allowed to use plastic bags.
  • The site team experimented with reusable cable ties.
  • The production office used 95% less laminating pouches with a strong emphasis on reuse of signs, cataloging all we had and reusing them.
  • The production offices avoided buying plastic stationery, opting for wooden items like clipboards, both sustainable and recyclable.

Environmentally Unfriendly / Harmful Chemicals

The festival team used only 100% Paraben and SLS free washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner and personal care products such as shampoo and soap in all areas of site including the showers. Traders were asked to do the same, and were inspected on site before opening the arena.

  • Compost toilets were chemical free.
  • Art Department made sure their paints were environmentally friendly.


Improve Single Use Mentality

  • We asked all crew to bring their own plates, bowls, canteens and cutlery, providing a washing up space so they could clean their utensils themselves after mealtimes.
  • We took away the compostable cups in crew catering as last year we noticed many people take a small drink and then bin the cup.


Recycle, Reuse

  • The Production team ordered recycled paper and items where available and are looking at how to avoid using items that aren’t, finding suitable replacements.
  • Human Waste was composed by our new eco toilet provider for 2018, Natural Event. Saving 100% of water use, using no chemicals or energy in the treatment process, the end product being used as compost for improving soil conditions.
  • A litter bond was enforced on food traders, encouraging them to leave post event with their pitch spotless.
  • Traders were only allowed to use Vegware or equal standard compostable serviceware, and where possible order it through our supplier GreenMan Packaging. https://www.greenmanpackaging.com)

Reduce Travel Related Carbon

We partnered with Go Car Share again to encourage festival guests to share their journeys with each other, making new friends, and reducing carbon emissions all in one.

  • Crew ride sharing.
  • Encouraged the use of trains and taxi sharing to get to the festival.
  • Booked fewer international artists and reduced air travel as a result.
  • Tracked crew mileage on our crew system, Eventree, with the intention of using this data to compare to future years and reduce / rideshare where possible, setting realistic goals in the process.
  • Enforced a mandatory £10 carbon tax at the festival gate for the third year running, for any cars arriving with 2 or fewer people inside. Designed to encourage car sharing, and to raise funds to maintain the site and natural environment of Coney Woods and Noseley Estate.


Waste Management

This year was the second Noisily where we worked with Waste Cycle, the East Midlands leading resource management and recycling company, who have a “zero waste to landfill” commitment which they are working towards with extreme efficiency. Below are the results from Noisily 2018, with comparisons explained against our results from Noisily 2017.


Results Broken Down:

2017 2018 Increase
Public        2,100         3,300        1,200
Crew/Artists/Guests        1,552         1,681        129
Total People on Site        3,652         4,981        1,329
Mixed Recyclables        6.98        1.64       -5.34
Cardboard        N/A        0.70        0.70
Glass        0.70        1.10        0.40
Food Waste Segregated        1.78        1.92        0.14
Total Recyclables Segregated On Site         7.68        5.36       -2.32
Industrial Waste (Not Sorted)        6.30        10.92        4.62
Recovered        8.02        10.83        2.81
Recycled        7.68        5.36       -2.32
Contaminated Food to Landfill        0.06        0.09        0.03


Of the 16.28 tonnes total amount of waste collected, 99.58% was diverted away from landfill, amounting to 16.19 tonnes. This is 0.01% less than the 99.59% in 2017, but with an increase of 1,329 people on site (36.4%), so an effort we were extremely pleased with on the whole.

There was a total of 5.36 (T) of mixed recyclables segregated at site, of that 100% were sent for recycling to be turned into other items – e.g. new glass bottles, road aggregates etc. The amount of glass recycled rose by 400kgs, however it is infinitely recyclable, and in using it we reduced the use of plastic considerably.

Of all our waste just 88kgs couldn’t be recycled as it was contaminated, most likely after some food waste was mixed with other rubbish, and as a result could not be processed. This is something we will be working on next year, as we streamline our operations and waste management to get Noisily ever closer to the 100% recycling marker, including energy capture wherein waste is burned in a biomass power station to create electricity.  


Rob Hunt, our representative from Waste Cycle said to Sarah, our Operations Manager and Noisily’s contact to Waste Cycle…

Hi Sarah,

We’ve taken out more waste this year (over 16 tonnes) and diverted over 99.6% of this away from landfill. The 88 kg will mostly likely be food waste / contaminated food etc that was in the main skip by accident and little we can do with it.”

Overall another amazing effort from yourselves and your team and you should be very proud with the way it works!

Many thanks,


Rob Hunt”



Beyond ensuring we hit the 100% target, we realise how important it is to reduce the amount of waste we are having to recycle in the first place, and most importantly change people’s behavioural patterns and the way we live and exist in our day to day lives. We hope to include programming in our Mind Body Soul area in 2019 in the form of talks and workshops to foster this intention.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing our plans for 2019 and beyond. There’s a lot we hope to implement, and certainly too much to tag onto the end of this review. So please stay tuned to our Latest Noise channel, subscribe to our mailing list, and join us at Noisily in Looking After the Woods, and the world beyond.

The Noisily Team xxx

Ignite Your Inner Activist

When someone utters the word activist, what springs to mind for you?

Do you think of angry students marching against the hike in university fees, hurling fire extinguishers from rooftops in the process? Or maybe placard wielding anti-Trumpists taking to the streets to protest against the world’s most powerful sociopath come to mind, and rightly so!

Some of you may look back to suffragette Emily Davison throwing herself in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby in 1913, campaigning for women’s rights and the vote. Or even our very own environmental anti plastic hyper-eco-warrior-hula-hooper and Noisily Stalwart, Jopsyphenia Low-Carbon Econimede (Christened Joanna), who was apprehended for linking arms and lying down on the A4 to protest against Heathrow’s new runway? Pictured below.

In reality, activism stretches beyond the placards and protesters, and isn’t always fought on the streets of our cities, or the news feeds of social media. There are many forms of activism, some far more subtle than others, but in all its guises it is a catalyst for evolution, and evolution works on its own self-fulfilling method of differentiation and integration.

What I mean by that, is that even though in all evolutionary history dating back billions of years there are both progressive and regressive steps, that everything ultimately evolves upwards. So whilst the current and extremely toxic footprint of the human race on the biosphere is a mounting disaster, and we are indeed approaching the “point of no return”, it simply isn’t sustainable. As a result we will have to evolve past our current consumer behaviours or risk total annihilation, in which case the world would carry on with or without us either way, on it’s seemingly never ending path through the universe.

Evolution differentiates between what is serving the planet’s best interests, which is to say its ecological balance, and what is not. What isn’t will die out.

Author, activist and teacher Terry Patten has dedicated the past fifteen years to the integral project of evolving consciousness through practice and facing, examining, and healing our global crisis through the marriage of spirit and activism. In his book ‘A New Republic of the Heart – An Ethos for Revolutionaries’ he defines the process of “differentiation and integration”.

“The process leads in virtually all directions, proceeding in a seemingly random fashion. But over time, the significant trend, selected for by the process itself, is the evolution from simpler, less intelligent entities and lifeforms to more conscious, complex and cooperative ones.”

So basically carrot top Donald will undoubtedly bite the dust in a cloud of ignorance so toxic it would fall foul of the new LEZ regulations, weighed down by his God complex and the idea that somehow he is superior to nature itself; whilst we, the informed Noisily crowd, will be taking tea with Elon Musk in the Mind Tent at Noisily 2096 thanking our lucky stars that we did the necessary evolving!

So what can we do to help shift the evolution of the outside world in a direction that doesn’t see us incinerated by fire and brimstone before we hit 2050, or sooner? The answer lies a lot closer to home than you may think, and to activate that all important shift we need to turn to our internal landscape as the first port of call. As that Ghandi bloke said – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He was right…

For societies to function, all those contained within must agree on a consensus reality, without it we lack a social commonground. Patten suggests in his book that these agreements are of a “lowest common denominator”, which critically limits our ability to picture reality in a way that’s adequate to the complexity of our current dynamics. “Some of us want to revise the old social agreements while others cling to them, and our common goal is increasingly unstable.”

As the population grows and the evolution of humankind speeds up on an exponential curve thanks to quantum leaps in technology over the past ten to fifteen years, so our mutual distrust and divisions have grown too, resulting in a dramatic increase in social unrest. Where marked changes in society and industry would take decades or even lifetimes to take effect, so passing by the people so gradually as not to be noticed, or have a dramatic effect on their existence, in the world we live in now vast advances are made in the matter of just a few years.

This isn’t exclusive to technology and industry, as spirituality and the inner work, the inner activism, take a hold of a generation of Millenials who have woken up to the consensus reality in which they don’t want to play a part. It is the first time in history where so many people are looking to revise or even shatter the old social agreements that others have clinged to for decades.

This has resulted in an increasing social and emotional divide between generations, and understandably so, as parents and grandparents who have spent their whole adult lives adhering to a set of rules and social etiquette laid down by antiquated traditions that ultimately don’t serve our higher purpose, are having everything they have been lead to believe, and tried to lead us to believe, challenged and questioned.

So what is our higher purpose, then? To serve, love and honour ourselves, each other and the planet in a way that is kind, considerate and forsakes nothing or no one. That is surely the greatest reward.

It is our desire at Noisily to have these conversations, to open the social and emotional dialogue and awaken the possibilities within ourselves, transforming the collective consciousness of those who attend as one big festival family, and the individuals within. In developing this narrative we want to ask questions of ourselves, each other, and society, that challenge and encourage all those involved to unlock their inner potential and act on it to make the world a better place.

It is absolutely crucial that these conversations begin to build connections across all the world’s subcultures, however standing in the way of our personal growth and inner activism, is a whopping great elephant in the room; Fear.

For many, the idea of complete system change not only challenges everything that gives their lives a sense of meaning, it also implies a bleak future that has no place for the legacies they want to leave behind. However, and perhaps even more terrifying, is the fear that were we to face our global social, emotional and environmental predicament head on, that we would change our lives beyond recognition and it may come to nothing anyway.

It’s a tough one, and fear is the defining universal emotion that we all share, and it stems from a fear of rejection dating back tens of thousands of years to hunter gatherer times when being rejected from you tribe would mean certain death. Probably at the hands of a saber tooth tiger, or some other awesome creature from whatever that period of history is called!

So, fear is in our DNA, but so is hope, and these two frequently go head to head whenever we try to engage in objective discussion about the state of global affairs, often manifesting in denial and submission to the consensus trance as an easy route away from activism. But where this has worked before, we are now approaching a tipping point in our existence as humans because of the stress we are putting on the planet and its ecosystem, we are on borrowed time, and we have to act now.

The future is full of challenges, and speaking frankly they are enormous and unprecedented, and the first step is to acknowledge them in their entirety and meaningfully. But with these challenges come opportunities, and together we have a chance to change tomorrow’s World and rewrite the course of history.

Maybe this sounds like a tall order, and perhaps you’re asking yourself – “What could I possibly do to help? How could little old me change the course of the future? Where to I begin?!” Well it starts within, and that is why you should ignite your inner activist, to cultivate intimacy with yourself, with all of it; the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Because if you can change the way you exist, and the way you interact with yourself and those around you, you will affect positive change and inspire those around you.

Next week we’re kicking off our own activism efforts by reviewing our environmental initiatives in 2018, sharing our plans for the future, and asking for your input during that process. For now, just remember that once you’ve woken up you can’t go back to sleep, and although it may not seem like it, we’re all in this together.


Charles Audley, co-founder at Noisily

Noisily 2018 Art Highlights – Crew Pick

This year’s festival was the most incredible iteration yet for our art department, as installation after installation adorned the Coney Woods, creating an environment so immersive it was all encompassing.

We asked our Director of Art, Ruth Herbert, to give us a run down of her top 5 favourite works of art at Noisily 2018, and here is what she came back with…


  1. Lucid Illusions – Patterns in Nature

For those of you who journeyed down to the Liquid Stage, you may remember the stunning, pulsating lighting towers half way down the Liquid drag just past the bar.

The installation was built by the talented Chris Carr, aka Lucid, and tied in beautifully with the Liquid stage in design, colours, and even the lighting show itself using DMX controlled LED technology.

“I kept this installation, a bit of a secret from the Directors of the festival so it was a nice surprise for them when it was constructed. At night time, there were always huddles of festival goers gathering together under the pulsating towers, it really was a fantastic space to hang out.”

  • Ruth Herbert

  1. Parliament of Funk – Set design

Thanks to our friend Zoe at the V&A we were blessed with the donation of various props and materials from the Opera exhibition in February 2018.

Recycling of materials and sustainability are core values of Noisily, and being able to reuse something so beautiful and well-built was a perfect direction to move with the design of our new stage, the Parliament of Funk.

Thanks to a team of talented painters and set-builders we were not only able to bring these materials back to life but to add our own fingerprint. We wanted to create the feel of nature reclaiming this Italian opera set – from Kensington to Coney woods –  the structure had to feel at home at Noisily, and it did.

  1. Alice Shepherd – Coral Reef Mandala

Alice came to us through our Noisily Arts Application, and created a stunning installation made entirely of recycled materials made especially for Noisily. It had moving parts and multiple spinning elements, and we were so happy to be able to meet engage with a new artist, providing a platform for creativity which resonated so well with our ethos of sustainability.

  1. Rebirth (Giant Egg) by Mandin

Mandin, an art & design collective formed of six design graduates and friends from Brunel University London, came together to create an epic egg in the woodland corridor between the festival floor and our Mind Body Soul area up top.

It was truly fantastic to see the project developing from 3D designs and renders, all the way to the woods where it still stands today as winter closes in, wrapped around a mighty Ash tree in the woods, made entirely of reclaimed materials.

Another set of applicants to come through our Art Grants, they worked tirelessly to get the project finished in time for the gates to open. No mean feat with the amount of bespoke woodwork and joinery needed to get the egg up and running! It was an awesome place to hang out, take five, and have those weird and wonderful festival conversations which strike up in those cool and quirky places you stumble upon. See you there in 2019!

  1. Animalia (Tree projections) – Dave Green

Dave Green is a leading specialist in technological innovations. Recently launching with GMUNK ‘Lucid’ a short film using the flying screen technology he has been co-developing. https://vimeo.com/288897461 At Noisily he projected animals faces onto our canopy, which looked absolutely spectacular at night time as people walked through the woods.

Ruth first worked with Dave fifteen years ago during the early years of Glade festival and Liquid connective parties… “At the time, I had a desire to drive cherry pickers and take over the world with art, Dave was already set on his way to doing the latter! It is always such a pleasure to continue to work with people after so much time, people flourishing within their industries but still holding our culture so close to their hearts.” Here here!