What is Noisily?

Noisily Festival of Music & Arts is the U.K.’s leading transformational event, giving equal standing to music, art and healing at its stunning location in the Coney Woods in Leicestershire, at the heart of rural England.

Offering a complete festival experience unparalleled in its intimacy, Noisily attracts 5,000 guests each July for four days of hedonism, connection, and unadulterated fun, built upon the core values of community, equality, nature, love and friendship.

Each year we see the passion in our team on site, and during the festival in those who attend. This is something which we hope to harness and use to affect positive change in society via the medium of the content we present at the event, and through the discussions and narrative throughout the year. As a result Noisily reaches far beyond the woods it is proud to call home.

Join us in July 2019 for our 8th birthday and a celebration of life, the universe and everything.

See you in the woods!

Noisily 2018 Mind Body Soul Highlights – Crew Pick

Heather Gordon Athie – Production assistant MBS

The Psychedelic Women’s Circle

You’re hungover, grubby, skin indented from sleeping in your fave sequin top.  The antidote: The psychedelic women’s circle! The circle is a loving embrace of all that it means to be a woman.  Come as you are, with all the love and pain, all your light and dark. The women’s circle has always been a safe haven for me and the healing power of women coming together has never ceased to amaze. After an hour of sharing, gazing and breaking open our minds, the circle culminates in the most loving cuddle puddle. Bathing each other in sound, chocolate and the most deliciously decadent caresses is the best way to emerge feeling brand new. It’s no wonder that ritual and ceremony are making a welcome comeback to our hectic lives. Taking the opportunity to unify our mind, bodies and souls is incredibly healing, and Noisily is the perfect place to foster that. Here’s to spying on the men’s circle next year!


The Mind Stage

Walking past the Mind stage towards the woods, I would hover to listen to what was happening. Every time I stopped, something mind bending would immediately grab my attention. Whether a bong from a singing bowl, a short history of lucid dreaming, a thought from alternative political party, or hearing that Jesus himself could have been a mushroom, every soundbite that stopped me in my tracks was a new idea I wanted to explore.

The enthusiasm and energy which permeated the Mind stage was not limited to the speakers. Participants were incredibly active in all the events. Workshops generated a volcanic volume of ideas and engagement on a wide range of topics, one even culminating in a loving chant, “hug the baddies too!”. A reminder that our desire to topple oppressive power structures, and our understanding that we are all flawed humans needing love, are not mutually exclusive.

Open hearted and intellectually charged, it’s evident that the Noisily community thirsts to imagine a better future for all. They thrive in a space that enables the co creation of solutions and ceremony for the wellbeing of all humanity. The Noisily community is full of engaged global citizens who once a year have gathered to create a beautiful heart expanding party and now also prove willing and ready to catalyse a global engagement in important conversations for the future of our planet.  Long may it continue. The challenge, as ever, is to take a weekend’s inspiration and channel that into tangible change in our everyday lives.

Hely Cameron – Programming and Production assistant for MBS

Dance of Life – Body Tent

As we were being gradually beamed awake on a beautiful sunny Saturday at Noisily, some of us were welcomed into the Body Tent by Andy Raingold & his team at Change in Nature to experience a multi-sensorial Dance of Life. Based on 5 Rythms, where we attune, connect & feel through movement & breath, this session took us through the 4.6 billion year history evolution. After some initial breathing work, we were blindfolded & taken on the most magical, multisensorial journey through life on earth. We started by embodying interstellar dust & clouds, to bacteria floating in the ocean, dinosaurs, fish in the oceans, birds flying through the air, animals, right through to reaching humankind in the last second of the 46 minute dance, a timely & humbling reminder of how much of a bigger story we are part of. Gently coming out of our dreamy state was a whole-heartedly positive & empowering experience – with an overwhelming sense of gratitude of being alive & present in the magical woods of Noisily, ready to embrace all the adventures & connections ahead.

Missed out? The next Dance of Life is being held on Sunday 21st October at the Bargehouse Gallery, London. (http://www.changeinnature.org/dancelife)


Full Body Massage with Gong Baths with Natatia Robinson & Alexander Canwell

Entering the sanctum of Tash & Alex’s tent in the Therapists’ area at Mind Body Soul, you knew you were in for something special. A massage table set up in the centre with a a 32” gong & array of percussive instruments set up at the head. Tash & Alex work together tune into your energy & tailor each session to your specific needs. After some initial discussions, the treatment started with breathwork & some gentle percussion, becoming present in the body & awakening the fascia. The pair then work together seamlessly to create a fully immersive experience – with each sound immaculately paired with the point & force of the massage, mind & body are taken on a deeply immersive & attuning journey. I came out feeling not only physically free & connected, but calm & light, & most certainly ready for a dance!

Tash & Alex will be back at Noisily next year offering bigger group sessions as well as individual.

Adam Wilder – Togetherness UK.

Holding the UV underwear dance party was a real highlight for me. Encouraging a group of wild ones into stripping to their underwear, covering each other with tribal UV paints and sweating together to the sounds of DJ Bobby Lost. Shouting at them in a German accent, “this isn’t a dance party it’s a shamanic ritual!” When the music had to go off we had a very good spooning session before heading down into the woods to continue the party.

Also power ballad aerobics. Pumping 80s tracks, Lycra. Laughing, crying, sweating ???? yes.


Lachie Gordon Athie – MBS Director

Mikey Matania: Psychedelics, Meet Meditation. Meditation, Meet Psychedelics.

I found this entire talk to be incredibly engaging, the importance of connecting with your deeper self through a combination of daily practice interspersed with earth shattering psychedelic experiences really resonated with me. Mikey’s speaks with a clarity I’ve rarely heard and I found myself being transported by his words into a kind of deep meditative state, leaving both enlightened and feeling incredibly Zen!


The Opening Ceremony

I’m so glad that we got a chance to do a proper opening ceremony for the event this year. What started as just a party has grown a spiritual element which I think is as important as the music and entertainment, it allows the festival to be a tool of the personal and social change so needed in the world today. Having an opening ceremony and giving a space to honour the land and the people who made the event possible was a really important symbolic part of this for me.


Noisily 2018 Musical Highlights – Crew Pick

With the Summer coming to the end we thought it would be a nice time to reminisce with a series of highlights from different elements of the festival, starting with the music! We asked various team members and this is what they came back with. Enjoy!


Chris Williams – Marketing and Social media

My musical highlights are less about individual acts and more the deliberately programmed sessions we had across the event this year featuring many of my favourite artists. Programming is what i get off on, so my highlights tend to be a series of artists of a certain style who combined to create a special journey on the various stages across Coney Woods.  Being a massive fan of crossover sounds between the trance, techno and psychedelic styles, it was with particular pleasure that the Zenon Session with Breger, Evil Oil Man and Grouch, worked so well on the Saturday on the Liquid Stage.

The Sunday session taking in Patrice Baumel into Noisily favourites D-Nox & Beckers with Oliver Koletzki closing was incredibly carefully thought about.  All these artists are psychedelic individuals and I’ve spent a lot of time with them on various dusty dance floors across the globe, so just knew that they were the right men for the job. It all brought a massive smile to my face! Nailed it.


Charles Audley – Content and Director of Vibe

My musical highlights at Noisily this year? That’s a tough one, clearly. However I always find it’s the ones you most expect, then the ones you don’t expect at all.

Oliver Koletzki was life changing. The perfect way to end the festival and a veritable Techno genius, there really is no one who has embodied the Noisily Stage sound that well in the 7 years we’ve been running.

Shawn the Prawn and Mike from the Dance Off played an absolute blinder on The Parliament of Funk, so damn funky!

Finally, my mate Giovanni from Mexico who I met in California last Summer out trimming. What a guy! Never has anyone emitted such positive vibes before, and his set on the Liquid Stage, on his first time in Europe was spectacular! He even came to Camden with me post event and got the Noisily logo tattooed on his arm. Fanboy for life!

James Anthony – Musical Programing

Slamboree Sound System – Their live performance on the dance podium at the Treehouse Stage on Sunday was off the hook – such an amazing show, quality production and delivery.  

Hatzler – His closing set on Friday night on the Noisily Stage was EPIC – his dirty and hard sounding techno was perfect for this time and the Noisily crowd of discerning techno ravers!

Allaby and Bedders – A quality set of techno infused progressive trance was a great transition into the psychedelic session that followed till the close of the stage at 4am – Deep, driving and full power sounds mixed with quality production… what more could you ask for.


Sarah Spurgeon – Operations

My highlight was James’ set on Friday. Since meeting him back in 2013 as Atomic Drop I’ve watched his musical tastes and style change and evolve so much. Its really awesome turning round and being like omg who’s playing now, and then being told it’s one of your team, it’s incredible! Second highlight was then his robot turning up to stage!! What a wonderfully proud moment!


Will Hazlerigg – Site Management & General Festival Vibes

Always any set from James Monro! He is the master who has never played a bad tune in his life. Then also Oliver Koletski who closed in such and amazing way it gave me goosebumps, following onto the dropping of The Voice by John Farnham by Noisily (if not a touch too early).

I had been the last person to leave site in 2017 when that came on the radio, it made me feel like we had the voice to help people for the better with what we are doing. It made me feel incredibly happy to be able to play the song in such a powerful way to the whole festival this year, as it has a strong message that I believe is very relevant to what  Noisily believes in – standing up for what you believe in, making some noise and being who you are.

Lachie Gordon – MBS and Operations

The first thing which springs to mind is Rinkadink’s unique hard hitting set on the liquid stage. There is something fantastically weird about that guys music, his unpredictable drum patterns keep you on your toes but still manage to maintain the unifying psytrance beat which everyone is on that stage for.

Then all Sunday afternoon on the Noisily stage, what an incredible progression of music! I even enjoyed myself a little bit too much and ended up having to be taken (carried) back to my tent early by my wife… missing the finale described above. Ahem…


Joey Pettit – Social Media

A big highlight for me was Roni Size performing his age-old classic ‘Brown Paper Bag’ on the Treehouse Stage – the track that was claimed last month as one of  @BBC6Music’s ’30 tracks that shaped dance music over the last 30 years’. Witnessing a track so prestigious in dance history echoing through Coney Woods almost 20 years on from it’s original release sent goosebumps across myself and all the Noisily family around me, whilst the dancefloor heaved with bassy goodness.

Wandering around the Woods amongst the eclectic variety of music, we kept finding ourself drawn back to the ’Parliament of Funk’ stage. The ‘Poolside Strut’ takeover promised to ‘mix 70s porn star funk with 80s Miami disco’ – and that’s exactly what they did. As Mirror balls glimmered through the trees, disco grooves were flowing, their vibes transcending through woods.


Heatwave advice and information

In view of the past dry and hot weather and continuing forecasts for this coming week and weekend, Noisily Festival would like to remind everyone attending the event about the risks associated with heat and fire.

Please read the below attentively and encourage others to do so:

Beat The Heat!

  • Drink Plenty of water and always carry a bottle of water with you
  • Do not drink excessive amount of alcohol, it will dehydrate you
  • Rest, take breaks away from the stages and in the shade, make sure you get enough sleep!
  • Bring a sun hat and shades for your camp
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Soak, use the showers onsite, carry a wet towel or flannel with you
  • Dress Down, wear lightweight, light-coloured loose clothes
  • Make yourself aware of the location of the Medics onsite. If you feel unwell make sure you tell someone.
  • Don’t forget to wear sun cream!


Fire Safety At the Festival

Did you know?

  • A fire can destroy a tent in 60 seconds
  • Each year in England, almost 27,000 fires are started every year!, an average of 73 fires a day! 50,000 occur in refuse and rubbish containers each year.

Please read the following advise carefully:

  • Camp fires are not allowed anywhere onsite
  • If you smoke, dispose of your cigarettes and other smoking materials properly and safely before leaving the area where you smoked.
  • Bring a disposable ash tray
  • Use the cigarette disposal facilities provided onsite
  • Do not take glass to the festival, glass can start a fire in the sunlight.
  • Do not bring barbecues, they are not allowed onsite.
  • Do not use portable gas stoves in or near your tent. We would prefer if you did not bring them at all.  
  • Do not bring candles, they are not allowed onsite. Bring an electric torch instead.
  • Make sure you know how to escape from your tent by cutting your way out of the tent if there is a fire.
  • Never Smoke inside your tent!
  • Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not allowed onsite.
  • Make yourself aware of the location of the nearest fire point and emergency exit.  
  • If you see a fire, keep calm and raise the alarm by alerting the nearest member of security, steward or staff.
  • Only tackle a fire if you are trained to do so and never put yourself at risk

Mark and Mike and the Party Trike!

We sat down with the Party Trike brothers to find out all about their pop up party bike.
This is your first year at Noisily, tell us more about Party Trike, what is it?
Party Trike is a sound-system with a difference. Our speakers, amps, batteries and lights etc. are mounted to a tricycle, which can be ridden around. We get booked to find remote or hidden corners at festivals and create a pop-up party. We’re really looking forward to getting on site at Noisily, meeting everyone and having some fun.
Great, what’s your background?
Party Trike was set up by two brothers, Mark and Mike. We both love music and we also love bikes, so we decided to create something which combines the two. Mike builds unusual/alternative bikes for a living and Mark is a designer and DJ, so Party Trike combines both our skills and interests. This is the third year we’ve been running Party Trike and each year we’ve tried to develop and improve the design. This year we’ve added a bigger, better sound system, which sounds great.
What will you be playing at Noisily?
We play music that makes people move, but also music that moves people. This speaks of both the visceral and emotional connections we want the music we play to create. At Noisily we’re playing four sets. ThursdayFriday and Saturday evenings and a Sunday morning slot, so obviously the music will vary across the weekend. We like to get the party going and get people dancing, so we will be bringing our usual light-hearted, inclusive vibe to Noisily. In the evening we’ll probably start off slightly slower and build the energy level as it gets dark. Expect funk, disco, electronica, house, techno and a few surprises. On the Sunday morning we’ll be layering up more ambient chilled-out sounds to revive and invigorate people in the Mind, Body and Soul area.
Where can we find you?
Usually somewhere off the beaten track. Or you can find us @partytrike – say hello!
We can’t wait for Noisily to start now!

Ten Things to do in our Mind Body Soul Healing Area

Noisily’s Mind Body Soul area is a festival in its own right; a celebration of psychedelic culture and holistic healing modalities that covers the depth and breadth of spirituality and oneness. From yoga and bodywork, through lectures and talks from some of the countries leading experts in almost everything, to dreamy massages and healing hot tubs, all the way to the ancient tribal practices of Hapay, Sananga and Kambo, it is our Mind Body Soul that truly completes the Noisily Festival experience.


With hundreds of things to choose from, here are just 10 to whet your appetites for self-exploration ahead of the festival in just 16 day’s time:  


1) This year we are expanding our Hot Tub area with an exciting collaboration with Soak London. Not only will you enjoy a Prosecco on entry as part of your experience, but also music from our all new Hot Tub Stage! Relax, unwind and enjoy the vibes on our only subaquatic dance floor HERE. Bookings open now!


2) Are you a Funghi or Gal? Do you have a passion for botany or a penchant for horticulture? Look no further that our special classed where you can learn to grow your own mushrooms at The Shroomshop Workshop, book here.

3) Whilst the food on site is an extravaganza, perhaps you’re looking for something more official, more intimate, with a little more je-ne-sais-quoi? We have no fewer than two days of banqueting available to book at Noisily this year, with multiple sittings throughout the weekend. Gorge yourselves in our sustainable Banqueting tent catered to by Noisily favorite Got Game, and vegan maestros Honest Edibles? To read more, book and see the absolutely delectable menus, head HERE.

4) If you forgot to pack that all important garment that really brings your outfit together, and whilst you journey up to Leicestershire on the train it sits forlornly on your dresser, crying the silent tears that only an inanimate lifeless object metaphorically can, fear not! We have just the workshop for you, where you can make your very own leathery feathery outfit. Check it out HERE.

5) If you are a fan yarns and fables, like to spin your own web of innuendos, or just LOVE a rollocking tall tale, then join our storytelling workshop. Included will be the mystical marvel and long term Noisily’er that is Daniel Allison, and his wonderful wife Lally, whom he actually met at Noisily 3 years ago! To be infatuated by his skilful spinning, read more HERE.


6) It is in a relationship where you learn most about yourself. With another, with yourself, and with the space around you. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is a state of being, a way of life; you don’t even need to practicing it to be doing “yoga”. That said, at Noisily we have some of the best teachers around, and one of those is our great friend and long standing resident yoga teacher, Esther Benwell. Every day at Noisily you can join Esther for her mindful vinyasa flow class. Book HERE.  

7) Brought to you by the Centre for Astrophysics Research and the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, The Cosmodrome repurposes the UK’s largest mobile planetarium with a cutting-edge sound diffusion system to create an immersive audio-visual space for education, exploration and contemplation. By day, it will host planetarium shows, lectures, workshops and audio-visual art. By night, it will be the place to drop in and space out to spectacular full dome views of the cosmos served up with a variety of musical treats. Alongside this interactive, intergalactic, interstellar installation, stare at the stars through giant telescopes, guided by some of the world’s leading astrophysicists. Read more HERE.

8) Join Athena under the trees or in the comfort of her own tent to experience ancient energy healings Shiatsu & Reiki. Shiatsu involves pressure on the acupuncture points along the body with fingers, palms, elbows and knees, in order to rebalance its energy, boosting circulation and promoting health. Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is a healing energy directed from the practitioner to the received through his/her hands. It enhances emotional stability, enthusiasm for life and intuition. Read more about this incredible healing modality and book HERE.

9) What happens when you combined sonic expert and Techno maestro John Monkman with a healing breath pod? Our installation “Get high on your own Supply”  is at the cutting edge of futuristic sound healing. Read more and Book here.

10) Alongside our delicious banquets and fantastic food offerings, we have workshops where you can learn to create and cook yourselves, using healthy, probiotic ingredients. Join us and learn just how healthy you can be in your own kitchen when you get home. Read more and book here.


Ten Fantastical Things you HAVE to see at Noisily!

Yesterday we sat down to think of our ‘Top Ten’ recommendations for the festival this year, but after lengthy discussion we came a cropper, because as soon as we landed on one thing we thought you all absolutely couldn’t miss, ten other things came to mind.

So we decided to forgo the ‘Top Ten’ terminology, and elected instead to simply make a list of some of the wonderment that’s on offer in the Coney Woods this July…



WOMB 2 (Women of Music Business) – Changing the Face of the Industry One Set at a Time. London based DJ Lucid Stannard is making waves in the industry as she and her collective of female, female-identifying and non-binary artists pave the way toward a time when gender has no implication on whether you are booked to play. In disrupting a historically male dominated industry, they are shifting the paradigm and perception of female, FI and NB artists away from tokenism and gimmickry, toward a future level playing field.

Lucid and her collective are taking over our all new stage the Parliament of Funk on Sunday at Noisily this year, laying down a soulful mix of Disco, RnB, Funk, House and Techno. To read more about Gender Equality in the Festival Industry, or the lack thereof, read our recent news piece here and learn more about our pledge to join the revolution.  


Home Grown Talent – At Noisily we love to bring in mesmerising music for our dancefloors, and often this comes from far flung corners of the globe. However here in the UK, the birthplace of rave culture, we’re not short of industry defining acts who have shaped the very make up of the global soundscape. This year is no exception, as we welcome Bass Music Monoliths Stanton Warriors, DnB legends Roni Size and Logistics, and Trance heavy weight Tristan into the mix.

But if your not over 40, fear not, we’ve got a plethora of underground up and coming Best-of-British talent for your listening pleasure! On the Noisily Stage the Liverpudlian Avrosse will be breaking boundaries and shattering ear drums with his epic melange of bass heavy Techno, taking over from Aidan Doherty and his London based club night collective Warm Up, who’ll be well and truly warming up the woods. Other names worth watching include Crystal Palace’s Ben Coda, legend John 00 Fleming, and Brixton boy Colebrooke who’s Techno is emerging after several years at the heart of one of the world’s top Psy Trance double acts, Flip Flop.

On The Treehouse Stage we represent home shores and local talent, with blistering sets from JFB – back for more after his knockout scratch session in 2017. From DnB hotshot Ed Solo, a man who, like Bob Dylan, seemingly never stops touring, and who played the first iteration of the Noisily Stage in 2012. To top it off Shogun Audio’s Joe Ford returns after a two year hiatus, playing a matter of minutes after Brighton’s own Oli Cash, aka Far Too Loud.

The Liquid Stage returns galloping into the woods, with a cacophony of British Psychedelia to keep your legs thrusting and arms-a-flailing throughout the weekend. UK label Furthur Progressions will be represented by Prog Boffin Multiphase (sandwiched between Perfect Stranger and Symbolic), Mark “The Bedford Rascal” Bedders, the funny man behind the In Bits Podcast which you can find on Soundcloud, as recorded with Mancunian Allaby, also spinning the wheels this year. Last but not least label boss DJ Hamish will be taking the helm, albeit on the Noisily Stage for a rare Techno outing!

For fans of Full On, your thirst will be slaked by 4D, Killerwatts, Darshan, Avalon,Tristan, Fagins Reject, Aardvark, Hypnocoustics and Liquid’s own Liquid Ross. So as you can see/hear, the audio roots in Coney Woods are well and truly steeped in the loins of Blighty, even if we are, of course, all citizens of the World!

Alongside our festival flagships, we have two stages that kick off in more intimate but equally epic ways – The Leisure Centre and the all new Parliament of Funk, curated and hosted by friends of the festival to provide transient and vibrous elatory moments of happiness. Check out our line up pages here.


We are Noisily Festival of Music AND Arts, and thanks to our Art Director Ruth Herbert and her astonishing eye for detail, intimate knowledge of the festival site, and extended network of creative geniuses, the Coney Woods are adorned with splendour beyond our wildest dreams, and yours, every year.


An interactive art installation design, built and created by Kira Zhigalina, Adrey Novikov and Adrian Godwin – Symbiosis is an interactive biofeedback installation. Using sensors, the participants’ breathing is visualised in moving LED lights. Having the capacity of 8 active participators, the LED filled dome is an immersive magical environment that people can walk into. Once inside they sit on benches equipped with pressure sensors. The participants are encouraged to use beneficial deep diaphragm breathing. Read more here.


Mandin is a collective of 6 international designers with a rich history in designing psychedelic art across the world. At Noisily 2018 they will be bringing their installation Rebirth. A large egg that people can climb into, made from recycled pallet wood. It is supported by a thick central pole and legs, which are hidden at night to give the illusion that the egg is floating. When immersed within the psychedelic interior of the egg, visitors will be isolated from the outside environment and given time to chill out, be amazed and contemplate. The interior will fit an intimate 5-6 people. Read more here. 


The Fortress – Where art meets wood. One of our master chippies, the affectionately known “Nailgun Steve”, came to us with a creative idea we could refuse – to build a huge fortress over the bridge near the Liquid Stage! After reclaiming several tonnes of slab wood, Steve and his entourage went down betwixt the trees to camp out and build fortifications for all those battle weary ravers amongst you to retreat to when the bass lines have overwhelmed!

Mind, Body and Soul

A festival in itself, the third iteration of our healing area sees the development of areas specific to Mind, Body and Soul.


Mind – Ronan Harrington: Why Spirituality is the Key to a More Visionary Politics: Our system has reached crisis point but still staggers on as normal. This calls for the creation of deeper cultural spaces and stories that can help us awaken from our dominant system and participate in a regenerative vision of self and society. In this talk, Alter Ego Founder Ronan Harrington, shares his experience building a global network of social change makers that are mainstreaming a more conscious culture and visionary politics.


Body – Three years ago Flo Cannon founded Noisily’s Mind Body Soul area, leaving the ranks last year to pursue her passion for yoga, handing over the space to the capable hands of Noisily co-founder Lachie Gordon. Flo will be teaching two classes at Noisily this year, one of which is inspired by Embodied Flow. Embodied Flow​ is an evolved and transformational style of yoga which was founded in 2013. It is a continuum of movement and mind body connection integrating the discoveries of hatha, tantra and somatic movement systems, which invites you to experience your deepest sense of self, the felt sense, with ease and clarity. This is meditation in action expanding awareness of your entire mind, body and soul. All levels welcome – book your tickets here.


Soul – Dream Baby Dream – Workshop with Tree Carr

Delver into the realms of Conscious Dreaming and Oneirogens (dreaming plants). Facilitated by London based Dreaming Guide and Death Doula, Tree Carr, you will learn about the wide range of dreams we experience and how to engage with them for the exploration of your consciousness, creative expression, soul growth, problem solving and self healing. Tree will guide dreamers through a Conscious Dreaming Practice that can be taken away and implemented into your daily life. Useful tools for the budding spiritual cosmonaut if ever we’ve heard!

Check out our full Mind Body Soul line up for the huge variety of wonderment we have on offer, including our Hot Tub Stage which not only includes a sumptuous soak and glass Prosecco, but a hoard of DJ’s as well! Saturday and Sunday banquets, massage therapy, gong baths, sonic enchantment, tarot, the list goes on, and on, and on! 




The Foolish Rogues return to Noisily for another year of woodland mayhem, and this year their coming with a troupe over 100 strong, and an all new stage and aerial installation with a complete program of performance throughout the weekend which will happen smack bang in the middle of site. Roo Jenkyn-Jones, the mastermind and chief coordinator has taken time from an astonishingly busy schedule touring the world with a number of stage shows, to come back to his spiritual / literal home in Leicestershire, and craft a show the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Food & Poo


Although these aren’t two things you usually put together, at least we hope not… One certainly does induce the other! With that in mind, we have a broader and more delicious smorgasbord of delectable delights that ever before, including a considerably extended offering of vegan and vegetarian food in both the main site and Mind Body Soul.

Now to the poo part! We have traded in our blue plastic porta potties for site wide composting toilets from the splediferous Pootopia! So when it comes to passing a few hours after lunch, or a few minutes after you wake up, you can do so knowing your being kind to the environment and without the smell of chemicals wafting up your nostrils! What’s not to like!

Win a DJ set at Noisily 2018!

BassPort FM are returning to Noisily, and in the lead up to event will be running DJ Competitions for those who fancy playing a session at the Festival!

The BassLab will also be returning to Coney Woods with their awesome DJ’s providing workshops and demonstrations on DJing, along with focus groups and production tips for those wanting to improve their skill set and learn from some of the very best in Bass.

DJ Competition – 


3 x warm up slots on the Treehouse Stage (mid tempo / dubby / glitch / downtempo electronica) 
2 x warm up slots on the Parliament Of Funk Stage (eclectic) 
1 x warm up slot on the Noisily Stage (minimal techno) 
1 x warm up slot on the liquid stage (progressive techno)
How to Enter:
  • Upload a mix of 30 minutes to Mixcloud that would be suitable as a warm up set for the festival.
  • Name the mix “Noisily Festival 2018 DJ Competition – Your DJ Name”
  • Tag the mix “Noisily Festival 2018 DJ Competition“. If you fail to tag the mix correctly your entry may be missed.
  • You must share your mix with your friends, family and fans, as the mixes with the most online support will go through to the judging round.
  • A minimum of 100 plays and 20 favourites are required to be considered.
  • Use the competition cover-art provided here.
  • You must include a link to the festival website: http://www.noisilyfestival.com/ in the description of your mix as well as a description about yourself.
  • Invite at least 5 of your friends to the Facebook Event → https://www.facebook.com/events/1934683496806070/

Important Details:

  • You cannot enter more than one mix.
  • Include an accurate track list
  • The genres considered will be Glitch Hop / Dub / Dubstep / Bass / Drum’n’Bass / Techno / PsyTrance / Eclectic / World fusion / Funk / Minimal Techno / Progressive Techno / Deep House.


Europe (travel not included)


23rd June 2018


  • This competition is judged in two stages. Once the mix is entered it is available to be shared and listened to by all. The more you can get the mix out there the better your chances, as the top twenty entrants with the most plays and likes will then go through to the next round.
  • The twenty most popular mixes will then be judged by the Noisily Festival organisers in collaboration with BassPort FM. Winners will be announced by 27th June 2018.

Launching The Parliament of Funk Line Up

Noisily has be yearning for an all new stage for some time, and somewhere deep in the heart of Coney Woods our team of artists and chippies have been working their fingers to the bone, honing our all new musical manifesto, ready for the most un-general sonic election the festival has ever seen. Welcome all, to The Parliament of Funk.



Last year rising star Lucid Stannard came to play on the Pablo Di$cobar, and although the Narco Chic establishment has since left the Coney Woods – an enormous bust smuggling counterfeit tequila left their cartel bosses behind bars / they had other commitments – Lucid is returning to woods in style with her all female outfit Womb 2.

The brainchild of Number 90 Bar’s notorious events programmer, Petra Kluk, and Lucid Stannard herself, the idea behind Womb 2 (Women Of Music Business) is to promote booking more female, female-identifying and non-binary artists within the nightlife and arts industries. Their music policy covers House, Techno and Disco, all the way to funk and R’n’B.

They are disrupting a historically male dominated industry, off the back of the recent rebellion from women who have collectively had enough.

In their own words – “We have the opportunity to make it big and give female, FI and NB artists their deserved moment in the spotlight. Whether you have a womb or not, you are welcome to join us!”

At Noisily Womb 2 will be facilitating an epic takeover with sets from Sisu Crew, Ella Hagi, Fourtit, Lucid Stannard, Kristi Harper and the awesome Michelle Manetti.

Our second takeover comes from Big Game, masters of the spin hailing from the one and only Dance Off Crew.

Big Game will take you on a safari journey beyond the moment, penetrating your ears with melody and your stomach with vibrations, as they work themselves inside you like a half melted slush puppy on a rollercoaster. Expect a smorgasboard of disco bangers, funk re-works, 80’s smashers, soulful breaks and a dose of cheeky electronic bass. Always looking to take the vibes somewhere new, Big Game are specialists in marathon performances – their record of 9 hours was set at Burning Man.

DJs Stavros Asbestos and Prawn The Cracker hail from the Dance-Off crew – the UK festival scenes favourite participatory dance-battle boxing-ring mayhem stage. This motley crew have been throwing parties for over a decade at the Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Love Saves The Day, Shambala and Snowbombing, and they are all about fun. Which is handy, because that is Noisily’s cornerstone! You’ll be dancing and smiling so uncontrollably that if the wind changes, you’ll end up looking like Ronald McDonald for the rest of your life, so they say, and we believe them.

“It’s Miami, 1984. The sun is out, the beat is pumping, the bass drives your shoulder forward as you strut around the pool. Sunsets and glitter; Lamborghinis and speedboats; sequins and roller-skates. And the music, always the music.

Let’s go Disco. We are Poolside Strut…”

Takeover number 3 comes from our friends from Birmingham, Poolside Strut. All new to Noisily, Deano Ferrino & Andy Watson (DJs) and Kevin Doody (Production) are the dream team behind Birmingham’s legendary Magic Door Parties. Think 70’s porn star funk mixed with 80’s Miami disco, add a splash of Chicago house all served up to strut, all set to a neon dream backdrop with disco props and decor. They have invited special guests Lawrence Jones and Jack D (Tektu) to drop vibes too.

They have some impressive credentials in their wake, having started 6 years ago, to break the monotony of club nights, they kickstarted the glitter revolution by bringing a festival vibe into clubs. Mixmag included Magic Door in the top 15 best nights out in the world for NYE last year and their resident DJs include major stars Maxxi Soundsystem, PBR Streetgang and Mr Dorris, alongside co-founders Deano Ferrino and Jukes of Hazard.

Beyond our three takeovers, we have an epic mix of music on offer at the Parliament of Funk. Highlight include sets from the ever Psychedelic Tripswitch, the deep and extremely groovy Olaf Stuut, his cosmonautical amigo Mojo Filter whose new self professed spiritual home is Noisily, having wrapped up a solid tenure as chief coordinator in The Woods at Secret Garden Party.

More highlights include Mara LeFay, Natural Born Chillers and Yes Mel, whilst the Strutt Brothers are always a complete hoot, and there will be plenty more notable artists and DJ’s laying down their flavours throughout the weekend in the hallowed halls of our brand new stage.

So head up the hill, grab a cocktail, mosy through the trees and leave your politics at the door, The Parliament of Funk is open for business!

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