Noisily Prize Draw


WIN AMAZING PRIZES: Beautiful High-end Jewellery // Clothes // Sunglasses // Rugs // Dinner Party // Framed Print // Bespoke Furniture Tickets only £10, buy yours HERE The Prize Draw entries will close 3pm on Sunday 12th July.  Winners will be announced 6.45pm LIVE from the Woods on our Facebook page! Following this we have a very special Live […]

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Saving Noisily, The Auction (Closes 5th June at 8pm)

Art auction to save noisily

For the past two weeks the Noisily Auction has been live at and thanks to an incredible show of support from our talented community, over 100 lots have been donated in aid of our campaign to save the festival. Artists, musicians, practitioners, authors, photographers, craftspeople and festival founders have offered trinkets, books, artworks, pictures, […]

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The Save Noisily Auction Has Landed!

Over 80 kind artists, practitioners, musicians, contributors, authors, photographers, presenters and designers have donated artworks, wares, experiences, books, clothing, masterclasses, one on ones and much much more in aid of saving Noisily. How does a 3 hour music production masterclass with your favourite producer sound? Or maybe you want an A2 framed photo of the […]

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How The Live Events World Is Responding To Coronavirus

Our co-founder, Lachie Gordon Athié, was interviewed by HuffPost UK on how it felt to reach out and ask for donations towards our £150k target… How did you feel when you had to cancel the festival? Context, see We’re trying to raise £150,000 to allow the event to survive, we’ve raised £75,000 in two weeks […]

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Saving Noisily Festival from the Inside Out.

Since the beginning of the CoVid19 outbreak the virus has single handedly changed the face of society, industry and economy across the globe. People have lost their jobs, livelihoods, and income by the billions, and one of the worst hit sectors has been the event and festival world. In an industry which relies heavily on […]

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Together We Can Save Noisily

We’re asking YOU, the Noisily community who have shaped and given meaning to the last 8 years of our lives beyond measure, to SAVE NOISILY by donating whatever you can to help us survive. We realise in these extraordinary times it is a massive ask, and we would not be asking if the only other […]

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FAQ Save Noisily

What about my installment ticket?  If you wish to roll these over, they will be automatically paused until later in the year, we will email you with a link to reactivate them. If you wish to donate your instalment ticket, the amount paid to date will be donated, and all future payments will be stopped. […]

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Can You Help Save Noisily?

Dear Noisily Family, We take our social responsibility seriously, and are eternally grateful to those of you who have put your trust in us over the years, allowing us to grow and flourish as a truly unique event. You’ve encouraged your friends to join us, growing our festival family through word of mouth, spreading the […]

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Noisily LIVE // Wim Hof Method With Heather

Incase you missed it, the lovely Heather at Caluna Wellness has been delving into the Wim Hof Method with a 3-part taster series, 𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘 to your living room. Put yourself in the expert hands of Heather, a certified Wim Hof Method (WHM) Instructor and yoga and meditation teacher to experience the three pillars of the method; the […]

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