Boutique Camping Evolves at Noisily 2017

We are delighted to announce that we are now taking bookings for our 2017 boutique camping, and all of this is being managed by our new online booking platform, making the process as easy as possible.

As the festival has evolved, so has the demand for diversity in our boutique offering. In light of an event which offers so much for the senses, opportunity to rest and truly relax is just as important as all the other elements which make Noisily Festival so complete.

You will notice that our prices have gone up a little this year, and we want to be perfectly clear why this has happened. It is not in order to squeeze your wallets and purses, rather to provide a level of service and infrastructure that honours your investment.

Last year there were tents, glorious, wonderful tents. BUT, that was it.

In 2017 boutique will be in it’s own space, complete with…

  • Free showers
  • Luxury loos
  • Running water
  • 24h reception
  • A bedouin tent with beautification appliances for those boys and girls who need to crimp or straighten.  
  • A cafe so you can roll out of bed and get yourself breakfast before heading back into the breach!

Our Suppliers…

2017 sees the return of Portobello Tents, Green Yurts and Woodville Project, and the addition of a new super luxury line of Airstream Trailers.

N.B. Portobello Tents will NOT be providing bell tents this year, as they are at another event, but will be offering their luxurious Lotus Belle and V.I.P Lotus Belle structures. For all your bell tent needs Woodville Project are your go to supplier. 

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