Co-Camping with the Cows at Noisily 2021

Dear Noisily Family,

Some good news! In light of our ‘We Are Nature’ theme for 2021’s festival, and our all new ‘Humans and Animals are One’ policy, we have begun working with the local farmer to ensure that our new, larger campsite will be shared by your kind selves, AND the local herd of Highland Cattle.

These majestic beasts have called Noseley home for decades, ever since the 219th Baron of Noseley brought them down from his bothy bolt hole a stone’s throw from Ullapool.

For the past few years we’ve been feeding them oats and treacle, meaning their stools give off a sweet scent and are actually rather pleasurable to cohabitate with. They also have the most gentle temperaments you could hope for, so you can rest assured there’ll be no tent robbing on their part!

We’re sure you’re all thrilled at the prospect of getting more vash for your cash, and look forward to some cow tipping in July!

See you in the woods!

The Noisily Team