Deposit Scheme Launch

Secure your Noisily 2021 ticket for as little as £39.59 today!

Our deposit scheme is now LIVE

Don’t have the funds to buy a Noisily ticket yet, but want to ensure you don’t don’t miss out on a ticket?

Spread out the cost of a ticket across the whole year and reserve your spot in the Woods!


7-part instalment ticket*
Pay off your Noisily ticket in 7 parts!

First payment + fees now of £39.59
Payments of £27 taken out on the 3rd of each month until April 2021.
Payments will be taken on:
3rd Nov 2020
3rd Dec 2020
3rd Jan 2021
3rd Feb 2021
3rd March 2021
3rd April 2021


Part- payment ticket deposit*
Secure your ticket with one payment now, and pay the rest by June next year!

Pay £70 + fees now of £82.59

Log-in to your Ticket Sellers account any time before 1st June 2021 to pay balance of £117.


I purchased a Deposit Scheme ticket last year and the payments have been paused, when do these start again?

Our systems will be up and running again shortly and will be reinstating the payment plans. Keep an eye out for an email in your inbox soon!

*Please note these payments are non-refundable