FAQ Save Noisily

What about my installment ticket? 

If you wish to roll these over, they will be automatically paused until later in the year, we will email you with a link to reactivate them.

If you wish to donate your instalment ticket, the amount paid to date will be donated, and all future payments will be stopped.

What happens if I donate money or ticket, or roll over my ticket, and Noisily 2021 doesn’t end up going ahead? 

We are doing everything we can possibly do to make sure that this will not happen, but if it does, you are legally due a refund on tickets if the event does not go ahead. We are working with our ticketing company, TTS to establish the refund process for this eventuality. GoFundMe donations will also be refunded.

I haven’t finished paying off my deposit scheme tickets, will the payments still be taken out of my account? 

These will be paused until later in the year, we will keep you informed on the process for these. You can also donate these tickets. 

I am an ambassador, will the tickets I have managed to sell already carry over until next year and account towards my reward? 

The ambassador tickets are treated exactly the same as normal tickets with the same process as this year. Those people you have sold tickets to will account for next year’s festival instead. 

Can I get a refund?

We ask, if at all possible, that you could help guarantee the future of Noisily by only requesting a refund in exceptional circumstances. Of course we appreciate that there are many people experiencing difficult situations at the moment, so if you feel you fall into this category, please fill out this short form. We ask that you be patient, we’ll come back to you as soon as possible, by the end of May at the latest. 

Please click here to fill out the form.

Can I carry my campervan pass over until next year? 

These are treated the same as tickets, you can donate them, or carry them over.  

If I carry my ticket over to 2021 and then cannot make it, am I able to transfer the name across to someone else later down the line? 

We appreciate that July 2021 is a long time away and it is impossible to predict personal circumstances for a year ahead. We will allow name changes on tickets so you are able to sell the ticket through a legitimate vendor such as Ticketswap

I have signed up to be a volunteer and paid my deposit. Will this carry on over to next year, or do I need to apply again? 

This will carry over to 2021

I can’t remember what email address I used to buy my ticket. What do I do? 

Please try to search for your ticket on all share all of your possible 

I have bought 5 tickets and I want to carry over 3 of them, and get refunds on two – how does this work? 

Please fill out this form, where you can donate just a part of your order.

I won a Noisily ticket in a competition, will I be able to use this next year at Noisily 2021 instead?

Of course! Your prize will be valid for the next date.

Will the 5g lazers void my ticket?

Yes, everyone knows if you go near those things all tickets rollovers disintegrate. 

Will my application for Accessibility be rolled over to 2021

Yes, please get in touch if you have any further questions.