Free Things to do in our Mind Body Soul

At Noisily, in order to ensure that we can afford to curate an amazing content filled MBS program, we charge reasonable amounts for some of the workshops which cost us more money to put on. However, as this amounts to less than 10% of our total program of around 150 offerings, we thought we’d highlight some of the incredible things that you can enjoy for free at Noisily 2019.

For those looking to expand their minds in a more wholesome way than some on the Liquid stage might be (ahem), the Mind stage is home to a spectacular array of different talks on consciousness, psychedelics, the meaning of life and death and all sorts of other intellectual stimulus that’ll give you plenty of great post-rave-tent-conversation-pieces.

Highlights amongst the 30+ speakers include a talk from Bruce Parry about his various experiences exploring tribal traditions around the world; Tristram Stuart sharing his knowledge on food waste, an update on the latest Psilocybin research from Imperial Collage with Ros Watts, and a discussion about how to engage in activism in a more pleasurable way with Ivan March.

If you prefer to activate your body, then surprise surprise, the Body stage is where you want to be. Join Hannah Rose & Caspar Leopard to meet with your flow in a heart centred yoga and sound journey, or try something new and explore The Limón Technique with Elisha Mallinson. Alternatively get into more of a free flow with Sophie Bolton at her Dancing Freedom session, feel the vibrations with one of our gong baths or explore your playful side with Hetty Nutbeem’s Circus Playshop.

Perhaps you’re in need of a more soulful connection to yourself or others, if so, then you guessed it, the Soul Stage is where you want to be. Start the day connected with daily morning meditation led by Advayamati; go deep with a Yin and Hand Pan journey with Coloured Sound; transcend with some Devotional Singing with the English Rose Collective or cultivate and explore your Inner Wild with Xanthe Horner.

Finally, check out the Red Tent and explore the depths of human sexuality with Sex Club with Julianne Mueller & Chloe Wisdom, or Sacred Sexual Healing with Emma Beth. Alternatively visit the women’s circle hosted by the wonderful Womb 2 Dj collective & Chloe Isidora, or equally Arouse Your Inner Masculine with Roisin Allana Kiernan.

For a bit more of a flavour of some other latest editions, check out our article on the new Future of Living Space and other new micro venues.