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The festival world is an eye opening, mind altering playing field, where vibrations are raised and consciousness expanded. As we dive into experience with enthusiastic abandon, getting ever closer to the optimal state of universal flow where we exist in our fullest selves, with unashamed presence, the feeling of oneness with the universe is tangible.

In our Mind Body Soul area we actively work to remove the separation between ourselves and nature, and those who surround us, and in doing so connect with our higher self via the medium of spiritual practices, healing, and the sharing of knowledge. The sooner we as human beings acknowledge that we are all part of this ecosystem we call Earth, and not detached from it or superior to it, the closer we become to realising our true purpose, and the infinite possibilities which lay in our connectivity and relationships.

In 2018, festival co-founder, psychedelic culture and wellness enthusiast, and all round viber Lachie Gordon Athie, has taken on the management of the Mind Body Soul area. Building on the incredible foundations laid by Florence Cannon, who curated and produced the space for the past two years before moving on to pursue her passion for yoga – see 2018 program for Yoga with Flo – it was a natural progression to keep the production in house.

Lachie and his dedicated support team, including long standing friend Helen “Hely” Cameron, are all active participants in the holistic sphere, and as a result the attention to detail, diversity of content and passion in this year’s program is evident.

Here are just a few of the highlights you can look forward to in 2018, and we’ll be sharing plenty more in the coming weeks, including information on our pre-booking system for yoga, therapies, workshops, hot tubs, and our all new banqueting house!


Coney Henge, the UK’s largest traveling Planetarium – Read more here.

The Universe is returning to Noisily. Coney Henge links the most ancient kind of astronomical observatory with the newest. Stop by when the sky is dark and clear to take a peek through our telescopes at planets, ancient star clusters, and distant galaxies, guided by professional astrophysicists you even promise to let you hold their space rocks!

By day (and night), Dr Ben Burningham develops cutting edge tools to study the atmospheres of alien worlds beyond our own Solar system, using the biggest telescopes and computers in the world.  He’s excited to be sharing some of the most awesome sights of the Universe with you, and has brought a unique treat to Noisily this year…

Brought to you by the Centre for Astrophysics Research and the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, the Cosmodrome repurposes the UK’s largest mobile planetarium with a cutting-edge sound diffusion system to create an immersive audio-visual space for education, exploration and contemplation. By day, it will host planetarium shows, lectures, workshops and audio-visual art. By night, it will be the place to drop in and space out to spectacular high definition full dome projections of the cosmos, served up with a variety of psychedelic musical scores.


Yoga & Movement


This is just a tiny selection of our offering, see the full line up here.

Meditation & Embodied Flow™ Yoga with Flo

Paid Offering: £10 

Saturday: 10.45 – 11.45

​Embodied Flow​ is an evolved and transformational style of yoga which was founded in 2013. It is a continuum of movement and mind body connection integrating the discoveries of hatha, tantra and somatic movement systems, which invites you to experience your deepest sense of self, the felt sense, with ease and clarity. This is meditation in action expanding awareness of your entire mind, body and soul. All levels welcome.


Psychedelic Yoga and Sound Meditation

Yoga for the preparation, navigation & integration of the psychedelic experience.

The session will incorporate asanas (to prepare the body), pranayama (to quieten the mind), and mudras (to focus energy), leading to a guided sound meditation created with a 38” Planet Gong, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, ocean drum, shanti chimes.

‘Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation’ was created by Phil & Jamie from Infinite Spirit Sounds, in association with The Psychedelic Society.


Andy Raingold: Dance of Life – Experience evolution in 46 minutes.

Explore your journey to the present moment in an evolutionary dance that will take you through the 4.6 billion year history of life on our planet to the present day in 46 minutes. This cosmic experience combines sensory awareness, visualisation and movement medicine that will connect you to the awareness of everything that makes you who you are – from stardust to primordial bacteria.

Andy is co-founder of Change in Nature, a pioneer & activist in sustainability & transformative change.


Talks and Workshops


We have an exciting program of talks and workshops provided by experts from around the world, and below are a few examples of the topics you can expect this year. 

See the full line up here.


Darren Springer: An introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

This will be an interactive introductory workshop looking at the fundamental ethics and principles of permaculture, while learning practical tips for personalising and implementing these tools in our busy daily urban settings.


Steve Rolles: What a legal recreational drug market would look like in the UK

In the last few years the legalisation of drugs has moved from a theoretical debate to policy reality across the world. But how would different legal drugs be regulated – which drugs would be available, who controls the market, and who has access to it?

Steve Rolles – Senior policy analyst for Transform talks about their ‘Blueprint for Regulation’, how they are making it a happen, and how you can help.


The Alternative UK: Imagining different futures labs

  • If Politics is Broken, What’s The Alternative? Friday 1-2

Who is the human being at the heart of politics? Is all I need a job and a tax cut, or is it time to recognise my emotional and spiritual needs too? Find your political calling as Artist and Ritualist Gaia Harvey Jackson leads us to dance, drum and chant our way into a new experience of power and possibility.

  • If Politics is Broken, What’s The Alternative? Saturday 1-2

We all dream of a new world, but how can we begin to make that a reality? What are the new cultures and ways of being together that are going to lead to a genuine transition? In this workshop Artist / Priestess Sarah Zaltash with Dancing Alchemist Kyle Reeves will be using a collective visualisation manifestation to imagine the changes we want to see in the world.

  • If Politics is Broken, What’s the Alternative? Sunday 1-2

Can our transformational cultures and practices have any impact upon the the multiple crises of climate change, poverty and mental illness? Join Indra Adnan and Pat Kane, Co-initiators of The Alternative UK in a fishbowl conversation. As they connect their personal and collective awakening to a radical new politics for the future, you connect yours.


Chris Timmermann: The Neuroscience of The DMT Experience

In a landmark study, intravenous doses of DMT were administered to healthy volunteers. Advanced methods were used to map the experience and brain dynamics induced by DMT. Join Chris to hear the results and their relevance for the study of consciousness.

Christopher Timmermann obtained a BSc in Psychology in Santiago, Chile and a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Bologna in Italy.


Ceremonies, Circles and Crafts  

See the full selection here.

CBH Integrative Mindfulness by Monica Gomes with invited guest Jamie Chan

Creatively drawing from a range of schools and healing practices, from psychotherapy to sound, Monica invites you on a collective journey into the self. The workshop will use techniques from CBH but in a group setting for generate social awareness.

Through the theme of togetherness, Monica & Jamie with share and practice techniques to break free from unhealthy and negative thoughts we hold onto, building individual and collective awareness about how these thoughts are formed, alongside the tools to help guide us to release and respond differently to situations.


Psychedelic Colouring – Jessica Legon & friends

Come and join us in the Psychedelic Colouring Tent for a free colouring sheet and let your creativity flow with pencils, glitter pens and markers for as little or as long as you like. Float away into psychedelic inkscapes, rest, recharge and leave your worries behind!

We are passionate about spreading the message about safe and appropriate psychedelic use and Jessica is the writer and illustrator of the Psychedelic Harm Reduction Colouring Book.


Therapists and Healers


Each year our community of expert practitioners, therapists and healers expands, taking in more holistic practices and offering guests the opportunity to try a variety of alternative therapies in an intimate, welcoming and informative environment.

In 2018 our family continues to grow, and these are just a few of the wonders you can expect to enjoy…

See the full selection here.


Community Acupuncture Clinic in The Shanti Space

Paid Offering

Saturday 11am – 1pm,

Contribution £25

In need of some R&R? The Shanti Space is offering acupuncture to relieve any tension, rebalance and support your energy. Come relax and be nourished in the community vibe of space where multiple people can be treated. Shanti Shanti.

Jack brings an empathetic sensitivity and authenticity to his work. As a classical acupuncture and Qigong practitioner, he works with life cycles, rhythms and birth energies to restore health and well-being.


Shiatsu & Reiki with Athena Gargerou

Paid Offering throughout the weekend: 

Join Athena under the trees or in the comfort of her own tent to experience ancient energy healings Shiatsu & Reiki.

Shiatsu involves pressure on the acupuncture points along the body with fingers, palms, elbows, or knees, in order to rebalance its energy (ki) boosting circulation & promoting health.

Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is healing energy directed from the practitioner to the receiver through his/her hands. It enhances emotional stability, enthusiasm for life and intuition whilst also helping to overcome addictions and speeding up the healing of injuries.

Both practices are safe, natural & simple ways to calm & boost the body; releasing toxins & helping personal growth: the two combined is pure magic!

Athena is a Reiki & Shiatsu master, Trained in London & India with 12 years of experience.

Reiki or Shiatsu 45 min (full body) £35

Reiki & Shiatsu combination 75 min (full body) £60


Healed Soles with Veronica Amarelle

Paid Offering throughout the weekend, prices as below.

Bringing you a light, playful and deeply therapeutic approach to healing and wellbeing. With 11 years’ experience in the industry Veronica applies a holistic practice to her treatments, intertwining the incredible healing benefits of bodywork, energy healing and personal development to ensure each and every person is nurtured from the outside in and the inside out.

Treatments – Reflexology / Raynor Massage / Indian Head Massage / Energy healing

£35 – 30 mins / £65 – 60 mins / £95 – 90 mins / £115 – 120 mins


Massaura Bliss Massage

Paid Offering throughout the weekend, prices as below. 

A festival spa encompassing delicious decor, a team of friendly therapists and a combination of massage and natural beauty techniques which make up Massaura Bliss Holistic Therapies.

These include Indian Head Massage, Deep and / or Swedish massage, Acupressure, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Yoga Massage, Natural Facials, foot and hand scrubbing and the rare and decadent four hands massage. The massage entails the therapeutic touch of two therapists where you will experience the energetic vibrations of each and the body will be even more relaxed then that of a massage you are probably used to bringing a serene but energetic flow to your physical and spiritual self.

Quick Boost          15 minutes – £10

Knot a Problem    30 minutes – £25

Melting Tensions 45 minutes – £35

Revitalised                 60 minutes – £50

Restored                90 minutes – £75

Bliss – Four Hands Massage 45 minutes – £60

Range of treatments: Thai Yoga Massage / Thai Foot Reflexology / Deep Tissue Massage / Myofascial Release / Trigger Point Therapy / Face Relaxation Massage and Facials / Swedish Massage / Seated Acupressure / Pregnancy Massage / Indian Head Massage / Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Hot Stone Massage


Togetherness London Presents


This year we are excited to welcome organisation Togetherness London into the fray, and they have an incredible series of experiences planned, exploring playfulness, meaningful connection and sexuality. Some highlights are as follows. 

See the full line up here.

Tell me what you want

A 60 min school of intimacy, exploring what you like and what you don’t like. Boundaries, how you like to touch and be touched, whether you are serving, taking, allowing or receiving. Most people never think about this and it can have profound beneficial effects on all your relationships and all areas of your life.

UV Underwear Dance Party (2 hours)

Legendary duo DJ Bobby Lost and Stefan the Bavarian pair up to lead you on 2 hours of UV Underwear Dance Party magic. Get into you underwear, grab some UV pens and make live art on each other! Arty, sexy, psychedelic and super body positive. Laugh, dance, draw, sweat, collaborate and celebrate being alive right now.

Aerobics and Power Ballads with Stefan

60 min playful morning power ballad workout with lycra-clad Bavarian Stefan, a well known feature of the The Club House, Village Hall and play teams at festivals across the UK. Bring your sweat bands, bring your lycra and prepare to be power-ballad-propelled into your day. We will pump away in unison to 80s classics. Seriously playful, seriously sweaty, seriously fun.

Love Ritual

Yeah its the love ritual! A 60 min ceremony to go deeper in connection with another. With deep respect and gratitude for each other we will make offerings and gestures feeding the soul place and the soul of the world. Yeah it will also be a bit playful, a bit sensual. Come with someone, an intimate friend, partner or close friend, maybe someone you’ve just met this weekend for a little bit of special time.


We have so much more to shout about, including a host of arts and crafts, food workshops, yoga, talks and debates, circles, ceremonies, banquets, hot tubs, spiritual practices and much, much more.

Stay tuned for updates and information on our pre-booking system, and to read about our full program visit our Mind Body Soul Page here.


Namaste xxx