Hatzler is Techno: Noisily Stage Artist Feature

Over the past decade people’s perception of the definition of Techno has softened along with the music, and we’ll be the first to admit that the Noisily Stage in 2017 was a little bit soft boiled in its programming. Which isn’t to say that the artists playing weren’t excellent, rather that the balance leaned a little too heavily toward the lighter end of the genre, and we could’ve used a little bit more chunk into the twilight hours. We all know breakdowns can provide the subtext needed to appreciate the ensuing drop, but when they happen every two minutes it detracts from the psychedelic journey which proper Techno takes us on.

Cue Hatzler. This Hamburg born DJ plays the kind of sets which lock ravers in for the duration in a deep and twisted melange of hypnotic, and at times dissonant music. Creating a space where the constructs of time melt away into the sea of writhing bodies, moving in unison to the deep, rolling electronic licks, stabs and basslines.

As well as being a notable standalone producer, he has remixed for a long list of industry greats, including Oliver Koletzki, who will be closing the Noisily Stage this year on Sunday, and Oliver Huntemann, who we’d love to invite into the woods one day too.

Hatzler will be playing late night on Friday night at Noisily this year, bringing the stage home at 2am till close.