Healing Relationships, Ancient Futures New Earth and Noisily

A couple of weeks ago we announced our collaboration with Ancient Futures New Earth Festival in Bali, along with a number of other events on an international festival council built on the values of healing and consciousness.

As well as sharing our resources with each other, there will also be experts in psychedelic culture David Luke and Maria Papaspyrou appearing at both events, as well as sound healer Anthar Kharana.

The aim of the New Earth Festival is to provide a space for the co-creation of an alchemical environment in play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching. They hope to ignite the spark in those who attend so they can in turn ignite the spark in others, hoping to nurture the sovereign creative expression within us all.

New Earth opens for it’s inaugural event between April 5th-9th in Ubud, Bali. If you are in Indonesia and want to share in music and healing, make the journey to their beautiful site and soak it all in.

Visit their website to read the story of the festival, and that of the New Earth Project with whom they are allied.

Ancient Futures New Earth Festival Website