IMPORTANT Car Parking Charges & Travel Info for Noisily 2020

Dear Noisily Family, 

In light of the worsening climate situation, we are stepping up our efforts to curtail the carbon emissions of Noisily. 

It is an indisputable scientific fact that if we continue the way we are, the world will suffocate, and we will, not might, be the sole cause of the first major extinction in modern times. Bye bye humanity and animal life, hello another million years of post apocalyptic evolution that doesn’t involve us. Kapeesh?! Good, we thought so. 

Now that we’ve got the heavy stuff out the way, here is what we are putting into place for Noisily 2020 and beyond, inspired by other leading festivals in the industry. 


For the past 4 years we’ve been charging people £10 for cars that have 2 or fewer people in to park in the festival car park. Profits after the logistical costs of car parking have gone to our nominated charity Stand for Trees, and we have also planted White Oaks across the Noseley Hall Estate.

In 2020 WE WILL BE CHARGING £20 (+bf) per car, IF you buy your car pass AHEAD OF THE FESTIVAL.

HOWEVER, in order to encourage forward planning and to minimise the number of car traveling to the site, it will cost £40 PER CAR on the door, irrespective of how many people are in it. 

These can be bought on our ticket page here.


We have organised a shuttle bus service from Market Harborough Station to and from the festival site, which will run for the duration of the weekend. 


For the first time we will be organising nationwide coach services to the festival from various city locations with Tuned in Travel. Information on this will be posted in due course on our travel page on the Noisily website. 

It is our hope that these measures will encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and kick off their festival a few hours earlier by meeting some friends on the bus. Tickets for nationwide busses with Tuned in Travel can be purchased in due course through our ticketing page here.

We realise that when announcing measures like this that cost you the festival goer more money on top of your ticket, that there are inevitably some questions, queries and discrepancies.  

However we hope that this clear and concise Noise Piece will assure you that this is not a way for us to make more money, but to illustrate how serious we are about looking after the environment so that we are able to continue to put on the event. A place where intelligent, like minded individuals such as yourselves can come together and learn, share knowledge, make friends, and strive to consciously look after our environment. 

Thank you, 

The Noisily Team