Important changes to our 2023 edition

Dearest Noisily faithful,

As you know from our previous announcement, purchases of festival tickets across the industry have plummeted in the last few months, and Noisily is no exception. 

In these difficult times we’re learning that it’s important to be flexible and fluid and as such we have decided to reduce the capacity of the event and scale it back to the same size and scope as in 2022, focusing on our core, existing stages that we are so well known for.

This means two things:

  1. After much discussion we have decided it’s necessary to cancel out two new stages – The Nest and The Hollow. We were so excited about this new evolution for Noisily, but due to the many forces out of our control, and to guarantee the survival of our cherished party, it’s a decision that had to be made.
  2. Due to us paring back the event it now means that we only have less than 300 tickets left to sell.

This has been such a tough decision which has not been taken lightly and we are truly sorry if this causes any frustration or anger. We want to say a massive thank you to the support of the artists and from the bottom of our hearts we apologize for letting you down. 

This celebration of our 10th birthday is going to be amazing and we will welcome you to our new home in style – that we promise. 

Love from the Noisily team.