Hello and welcome to our Disability Access and Assistance Information pages.

Who might this information apply to?

This information is for anyone who has any issue that may affect them being easily able to access the event site.

This could be a:

  • Mobility Issue
  • Visual Impairment
  • Need for Medical Provision
  • Mental health condition

We want the event to be accessible to everyone, if you feel you need help because of something we have not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to treat every enquiry with dignity and respect, and at all times treat your personal information with confidentiality.

What have we changed for 2019?

We have been working hard to review our accessibility policy and planning for Noisily Festival 2019, we know we didn’t get everything right in 2018 and we really want to this year. We listened to your feedback and we have:

  • Opened applications earlier and will be reviewing applications earlier.
  • We have employed an accessibility coordinator who will be the main contact throughout the process and be there on site when you arrive.
  • Made our Mind Body Soul Area more accessible by organising buggies for our customers with accessibility requirements.

In this section of the website you will find the following pages;

  • Noisily 2019 Access Application Process 
  • Disability Access and Assistance FAQ’s (below)
  • Noisily Festival 2019, Accessibility &  P.A. Application form

If you have read all the information and want to apply for;

  • Accessible Camping
  • Access Assistance  
  • Personal Assistant Ticket

Please fill out our application Here

Please scroll down for the Accessibility Camping and P.A. Application Process & FAQ’s

Personal Assistant, Accessible Camping and Access Assistance Application Process

1 – Read all the info on our “Disability Access and Assistance Welcome & FAQ’s and Information pages”

Here you will be able to read about how we aim to make the site accessible to everyone, enabling everyone to have an equal opportunity to attend our event.

2 – If you found out what you felt you needed to know and will be able to attend, go ahead and buy your ticket here

If after reading our access pages and your question isn’t answered, you can email us at  info@noisilyfestival.com or you can still move to step three and fill in the anything else section before you buy your ticket.

3 – Fill in the Noisily 2019 Disability Access and Assistance request form

This form allows you to let us know which of or all of the following you want to apply for:

  • A camping spot in our Accessible Campsite
  • A Personal Assistant Ticket
  • Support during the event
  • A power point to charge equipment
  • A refrigerator for medicines (to be arranged in advance)

Please follow this link and fill out our “Noisily 2019 Disability Access and Assistance Request Form”

The information on here is vital for us to be able to meet your requirements, keep you updated and improve our services so please fill it out as thoroughly as you can.

If you cannot fill out an online form you can either request a written copy in normal or large sized print or you can contact us by emailing info@noisilyfestival.com and one of the team can go through the form with you over the phone.  

4 – Wait for a reply – We are notified when someone applies, you should expect a response within 14 days, if not sooner.

5 – Once your application has been approved you will be notified if your requests were accepted and what to do next.

Please scroll down for the Accessibility FAQ’s

Noisily Festival Accessibility and Assistance FAQs

If you have any more questions after reading the these pages please email info@noisilyfestival.com


When do applications open and close?

They open now, The deadline is the 14th May – you can apply after this but NO later than the 14th June. Applications received by the deadline will be given priority.


I am waiting to hear if my access needs can be catered for and the ticket prices have gone up or sold out, what can I do?

We will make sure you pay the price of the ticket as it was at date you applied and anyone who applied for a ticket before we sold out will still be given one, we keep a small reserve for such cases.


Is all of your site accessible by wheelchair?

Wheelchair users can access the arena and we will be running two daily shuttles to and from the MBS at set times.  


 Is the Live In Vehicle Field accessible?

The Live In Vehicle Field is at the top of the site, adjacent to the car park. It is on flat ground and is accessible from the road next to the box office.


Is the Mind Body Soul Area accessible?

The MBS area is accessible from the main campsite and there is a direct, step less route from Accessible Campsite to the MBS but it does involve a short, quite steep hill.

We will be running two daily shuttles to and from the MBS at set times using our site buggies. This will pick up from the accessible campsite and drop off at the edge of the MBS.

If spaces are limited, only the guest with the access needs can use this service.


Do you have Accessible Camping?

Yes we do, please use the application form to apply


Is there a limit on space in the Accessible Campsite?

We currently have an adequately sized campsite. However, we have to impose a maximum group number of 6 people staying together in the Accessible Campsite to ensure there is enough space for all that require access. There is no limit on the group number if you wish to stay in the General Campsite or Live In Vehicle Field.


Can I have my camper van or caravan in the Accessible Campsite?

Yes you can, however due to the long narrow nature of the accessible campsite, there are limitations on size. If you have a vehicle you know is larger than most, please let us know on the application form. Not doing so may mean you are unable to get into the campsite when you arrive.


Where is your Accessible Campsite?

The campsite is normally located near our production compound next to a track which leads into the arena. The track is hard standing and provides an easy access route for those with mobility access needs. If we have high demand for spaces, we may move this to a similar larger space.


Can I camp in General Camping?

You are of course very welcome to camp in either the General Campsite or the Live In Vehicle field. Once we have received your application, we can advise if this would be suitable for you.


Do I have to pay for a camper van ticket?

Yes, everyone has to buy a pass for their live in vehicle or caravan. Please visit the Camper van Tickets page and buy “Standard Pitch” – please note, pitch sizes do not apply in the accessible campsite. We will mark out the campsite as per the amount of requests and capacity limitations – visit the ticketing page here 


My friends are camped in the camper van field, can you assist me getting there?

We can usually work with the team to get you a lift up to the live in vehicle field. However, please be advised that there can sometimes be a delay in getting a lift, as the site buggies and vehicles are often in use for festival purposes.


I need to refrigerate my medicine, can you provide me with power for this?

Normally, yes.  If you have medicine that needs to be kept refrigerated, you need to tell us on the application form. Please give us more details when you apply and we will respond on a case by case basis.


Do you have access toilets onsite? Where are they and how many do you have?

We have two accessible toilets on site, one in the Accessible Campsite and one in the Arena.  We are looking into having one in the MBS


Do I need a radar key to access the toilets

No you do not, they will be fitted with a combination lock.


Do I need a special wristband to access the Accessible Campsite?

Yes, when you get to accreditation we will provide you with a wristband that allows you to get out of the arena using the production route which leads you to the Accessible Campsite.


When and how will my Personal Assistant receive their ticket?

A – We aim to send PA Tickets out by the end of May. If you haven’t got it by the 31st, you can contact us using the email address given once you’ve submitted your application.


Can I park my car next to my tent in the Accessible campsite?

As space is limited, we cannot let you park your car in the Accessible Campsite, You will however be able to drive your car down to drop off your tent and belongings before driving out again to park in the Accessible Car Park.


I  have already bought a ticket for myself and cannot attend without the assistance of a carer, how can I apply for a free ticket for them?

A – To apply for a Personal Assistant ticket you need to go to fill out our application form here


Do you have accessible platforms at Noisily Festival?

We currently don’t but we are looking into it – As our site is so hilly it makes it hard for us to place them. We will keep you posted.


I  have issues with my ticket, who do I speak to?

Please contact the Ticket Sellers at noisily@theticketsellers.co.uk


How many people are able to camp with me in the Accessible Campsite?

As we have a limited amount of space available in the Accessible Campsite, we have to impose a maximum group number of 6 people staying together in the Accessible Campsite. There is no limit on the group number if you wish to stay in the General Campsite or Live In Vehicle Field.


I need electric hook up to power equipment for my access needs. Are you able to supply this?

We cannot supply electric hook up for leisure purposes but if this is needed for medical reasons, please give us more details when you apply and we will respond on a case by case basis. We can also supply an electric wheelchair charging point if required.


I am pregnant, have broken a limb, or have recently had an operation that has left me with a temporary impairment. Do I qualify for use of the access facilities?

Please note that our accessible facilities cannot cater for people with impairments such as broken bones, healing injuries and pregnant women.We will still review your application however we reserve the right to reject your application on such a basis in order to preserve the facilities for those with permanent disabilities. We believe pregnancy is a blessing, not a disability, so are unable to offer facilities to pregnant women.


Are there accessible showering facilities?

If we have an application from someone who needs to use a step free accessible shower, we will do our best to accommodate this. As the accessible campsite is limited on space, the shower may be in the campsite next door in an accessible location.


Accessible Camping Applications

Applications for the Accessible Campsite are now open!

Applications close on the 14th May, this time frame allows us enough time to plan for for your arrival. We will accept applications after this but priority will be given to those who apply before the closing date.

We will deal with each application on an individual basis and will begin reviewing applications around the 14th April.

What is the selection process and who gets priority to the Accessible Campsite?

Although the campsite is adequately sized we are somewhat limited on space for flat, accessible camping spots and although we do want to help everyone with mobility or medical issues get to the event, we have give priority to those in the most need.  

These people are prioritised under the Equality Act 2010, i.e.  A person who is classified as being permanently disabled and has mobility related issues that would affect them from being able to stay in the General Campsite. Usually you automatically qualify for Accessible Camping if you have a Blue Badge.

If you don’t have a Blue Badge and think you qualify, we can still accept your application and review it individually. #
Please note that our accessible facilities cannot cater for people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing injuries and pregnant women. We will still review your application however we reserve the right to reject your application on such a basis in order to preserve the facilities for those with permanent disabilities.


Personal Assistant Ticket Applications

If you are registered disabled and you need your personal assistant or carer to attend, you can apply for a free Personal Assistant (PA) ticket.


Personal Assistant Ticket Applications Selection Process

You automatically qualify for a free “PA ticket” if you can provide one of the following pieces of documentation;

Front page of DLA letter or PIP letter

Front page of Attendance Allowance letter

Evidence of being registered as severely sight impaired (blind)

Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

Valid Access Card showing you require a +1 to accompany you

If for any reason you cannot provide one of these, but you cannot attend without an assistant, we still welcome your application, we will assess your request on an individual basis.


Do you need accessible camping or could you camp in the Public Camping or Live in Vehicle field?

The Noisily Site is spread over 3 main areas, the arena runs through a wooded valley. The General Campsite is at the top of the highest side of this valley with the MBS placed in the middle of it. You access the area by going through the MBS, into the woods and then down a set of large steps which winds through the woods, down to the arena

If you wish to use the General Campsite as you feel it would be accessible to you, you are more than welcome to. The General Campsite itself is on a low incline hill and would be difficult to access on foot or in a wheelchair if you had any mobility issues but if you had an off road mobility scooter or wheelchair that can be used on the grass it may be possible to get between the arena and campsite unassisted. We would however possibly have to arrange transport for you from the edge of the campsite to the arena. Upon your arrival, you are more than welcome to look and let us know if you decide to move there.

Is the Live In Vehicle field accessible?

The Live In Vehicle field is at the top of the site, adjacent to the car park, it is on flat ground and is accessible form the road next to the box office.


What is the campsite like and what facilities does it have?

Location – The Accessible Campsite Is located on the same footpath that cuts through the centre of the area, so it’s on the same level; It’s just outside the area towards our production village. The road is “hard standing” and makes the arena accessible by wheelchair for mobility scooters. It’s about a 4 minute walk from the area to the Accessible Campsite.

Due to its location behind the production village it’s also a relatively quiet camping spot and you are nearby the festival team should you need anything.


Can anyone go into the accessible campsite, is there Controlled Access?

You will be given an Accessibility Campsite wristband to enable you to come through the production village to the campsite


If you have you read our Disability Access and Assistance FAQs and still not got the information you need? Please get in touch via Facebook or email us info@noisilyfestival.com

If you would like to continue and make an application to, please click here.