Hello and welcome to the Noisily FAQs page, here we answer the questions we get asked most. As questions are asked more frequently, we will add them here. For information regarding specific areas of the event, please visit the correlating pages via the info section on our website.

Ticketing FAQs

Thursday – Gates open at 2pm and close at 10 pm.

Friday – Gates open at 10am and Close at 11 pm.

Saturday –  Gates open at 10am and Close at 10 pm.

Sunday – Gates open at 10am and Close at 10 pm. 

Monday – Gates open at 10am and Close at 2 pm.


Campervan tickets are now sold out. Keep an eye on our Ticket Buy + Sell group or Ticketswap for any that are being sold. Please be vigilant and keep and eye out for scams when purchasing tickets. 

These are the same as they were in 2019,  a Standard pitch is 5m x 5m and a Large pitch is 5m x 10m.

Local tickets are £50 as usual. As usual it is only people in the local vicinity of the festival that qualify for these tickets. These will be available soon.

You can check on your tickets by logging into your Kaboodle account or by contacting them directly.

If there are tickets still available then yes. However we have a huge demand and a limited space. We cannot stress enough the need for you to get the right pitch as we will not be able to allow entry for vehicles that have tickets for the wrong size campervan pitch. This is a safety issue and not something that we can turn a blind eye to. So please please please help us to help you, by ensuring you buy the right tickets. We will not tolerate any abuse to our staff for this or any other matter.  

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for our tickets, however we have partnered with TicketSwap as our official ticket reseller. Selling tickets anywhere other than Ticketswap is strongly discouraged.

If you are experiencing issues selling your tickets, please reach out to the TicketSwap support team.

General FAQs

We are an electronic music festival and cover all flavours: Techno, Psytrance, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, House, Disco, Desert Techno, Medicinal House, Slo Mo, Jungle, Jump Up and everything in between.

Set in the rolling hills of the Leicestershire countryside, 10 minutes from Grantham. Ticket buyers will be sent the postcode with their tickets.

No, Noisily Festival is strictly an 18+ event

Noisily is in a beautiful wooded valley, it’s a bit rough around the edges and hilly, which it makes it a little difficult to get around but we love it and think you will too!

We have constructed lots of roads and more easily accessible areas, which you can find out more about in our accessibility info.

The Mind Body Soul area will be open from 4pm, with activities continuing until 10pm and an opening party going on until 4am that night.

The main arena will open around 10am for MBS programming.

Music will start on the stages at 12pm on Friday 9th July, and don’t miss our opening ceremony starting beforehand in the Mind Body Soul area.

Yes, we have implemented various measures to make the site more accessible, please visit the Accessibility Info Pages here for details and how to apply for either free carer ticket or access to the accessible campsite.

Yes, you can – please make sure you read the info pack sent out with your tickets; in it will contain advice about where to park and when you can come back in.  Please note there is no local public transport

Although we love animals as much as you might, they are not allowed on site. If you have a guide dog, let us know on our access application when you apply.

The safety and welfare of everyone onsite is our number one priority. When it comes to drinking alcohol, we want you to do it responsibly.

You must be over 18 years old to attend Noisily and there will be ID checks at the gate. We operate a Challenge 25 at the gate and at all bars. If you’re lucky to look under 25, you will be asked to present a valid form of ID so please ensure you take one with you.

Do not overstep your limit. It is illegal for bar staff to serve alcohol to someone who is drunk so if you have had a few too many, you will be refused to be served alcohol. 

You are allowed to bring your own alcoholic drinks to Noisily in the following quantities: up to 8 cans of cider, beer or mixers, or up to 2 bottles of wine. Please try to buy your wine in tetra pack cartons or recyclable plastic bottles. Glass is strictly prohibited onsite. If you bring alcohol in glass bottles these will be confiscated so ensure you decant them into non-glass containers before coming to site. Excess alcohol will be confiscated at the gates or if found in the campsites. 

Yes, there are cash machines on site in the main arena, and all of our bars accept card.

Yes, we will have a convenience store stocking the essentials

There will be lots of delicious cold drinks on the site to refresh you after a good hard dance amongst the trees. We keep the price down as much as possible, as we also get annoyed by high drinks prices.

In order to do this though we need to limit the amount of alcohol that you bring in with you to the site (see below). Bar sales form an essential part of being able to put on the party and without them, we’ll struggle to put it on again next year!

Prices are from £4 upwards.

We love food at Noisily, and we are working to get you some of the most delicious festival sustenance out there. Nobody likes the dry piece of meat between two pieces of stale bread that some festivals seem to think is acceptable, so we search far and wide for the most delicious and dance-fuelling food around. We promise that you won’t be disappointed when it comes to your breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner time or midnight feast...

Yes you are welcome to bring your own food, please be mindful and avoid bringing food that has plastic packaging

We’re afraid not. No gas stoves or BBQs will be permitted in the tent camp site. Campervan owners with built in cookers may use them in the safety of their mobile homes. Fear not though, food is very affordable on site, and even more delicious!

Yes, we will provide a communal cooking area. Please bring your own pots and pans, we will provide the rest, and remember, NO single use plastic please!

Do you have showers?

Yes, run by Posh Wash. They will be about £3- £4. They will be fully serviced and therefore cleaned regularly. We will be asking you only use environmentally friendly products, so no harmful chemicals.

As our showers drain off into a soak-away, it’s even more important that you don’t use any  products that contain environmentally harmful chemicals. Generally “Paraben” and “SLS” free products are OK. We will be working with some suppliers to try and offer some options to buy on-site in case you forget. The lovely people at Posh Wash will be checking what you are taking in with you.

Yes, there are plenty water points all across the sites which will be marked on the public map.

Yes but we ask that you only use biodegradable glitter bought from a reputable supplier. Avoiding microplastics is really important to us – please support us in this

  • Your stomping shoes.
  • A tent – please try to buy one that lasts instead of cheaper, more “disposable” one, as these are typically non-recyclable and end up in a landfill.
  • A sleeping bag – it can get a little cold at night so make sure you have one that will keep you warm in lower temperatures.
  • Some money and back up cash card in case you lose your main one!
  • Wellies – as with most festivals if it rains you’ll need a pair to keep your stomping feet dry.
  • Warm clothes for partying at nighttime.
  • A waterproof jacket.
  • Sun glasses & suncream.
  • A torch & batteries.
  • Condoms, a cap, toothbrush & toothpaste.
  • Good vibes and an open mind!
  • Charcoal Barbecues – they scorch the ground and can cause fires very easily.
  • Glass – glass is not allowed anywhere on site – it will be confiscated.
  • Weapons – large knives, or other objects deemed weapons will be confiscated.
  • Fireworks.
  • Chinese Lanterns – or any type of lantern apart from battery powered camping ones.
  • Nitrous oxide: Inhaling No2 is not only illegal, the canisters also cannot be recycled. Please don’t bring it, we’ll hear that unmistakable jingle as you get to the gate anyway…
  • Your own sound system (small portable speakers are permitted).

Please note any items confiscated, if legal can can collected on the Monday after the festival from the lost property team at the box office. If you need your item before this,  let one of the team know.

Noisily has a zero tolerance policy to drugs including: “legal” highs, research chemicals, NPS, poppers, nitrous oxide and the misuse of prescription drugs. There are searches on arrival to the festival. Should you be found with either a controlled substance or herbal or legal high at the point of entry, you will be denied entry and handed over to the Police. 

Should you be found within the festival site with either a controlled substance or legal high you will be ejected and may be arrested. We provide drug amnesty boxes at the entrance of the festival, should you wish to safely and legally dispose of any prohibited items before you enter the festival.

Noisily also supports a harm reduction approach, and as such our medical and welfare teams employ staff who specialise in drug harm reduction. If you have any drug related issues on site, please head to our Welfare or Medical Tents, or speak to a member of the security team.

You should fill out this form and apply for it here ASAP the last batch is being produced AT THE END OF MARCH

This will be released in advance of the festival. Watch this space. 

Yes we will provide a place near the box office. They will be parked at your own risk. 

It is not far from the campervan field to the other areas of the festival. However if you have accessibility requirements, please complete the application and get in touch with our team directly.

Application FAQs

Trader applications will be open in January 2023.

Applications will be opening soon once our accessibility team is back in the office.

MyCause issued all refunds for stewarding with them. Any Noisily volunteers will have been rolled over and we will be getting in touch very soon.

Volunteer applications will open January 2023.

Covid FAQs

We plan to go ahead at the same capacity as in 2019. However we are monitoring the situation and will be following government guidelines and best practise.

We will be following government guidelines on this.

There will be all sorts of new extra measures put in place to ensure that we will provide a safe environment for our guests. Many of these everyone will be very used to by now such as enhanced cleaning regimes, extra hand wash/ sanitiser stations,

We will be following government guidelines to ensure we comply with best practise at the time. 

We are going ahead in 2022. The country has reopened and restrictions will have been removed. This does not mean however that we are going ahead without careful planning, quite the opposite. We are working to create a very safe event and will be following advice and best practice at every step. 

Historically they are great and have been very effective. It is often stated that vaccination has made the greatest contribution to global health of any human intervention apart from the introduction of clean water and sanitation, and we are inclined to agree with this.