Noisily offers an alternative to mainstream festival culture, an inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes. Noisily is grounded in 5 core pillars, one of which is:

Inclusion: Diversity is inviting people to the party, inclusion is getting them on the dance floor – we will strive to make everyone feel welcome at Noisily.

We believe that by inviting volunteers into the fold we are increasing the richness and diversity of our team, we often find highly skilled people who are an asset to the team, just wanting to be involved and be part of the event. 

We also appreciate that sometimes the cost of a ticket may be too much for some, so we allow people to exchange their time for a ticket.

If you’re keen to be involved and cannot manage the total balance payment,  please add some details in the “anything else section” and we will speak to you individually. If you’d like to read more about us and the five pillars of Noisily,  please visit our ethos page  here

If our ethos and values appeal to you, then we’d love you to join the team!

Application will be reviewed form the 1st April, to guarantee your application is looked at please send it by the 14th April, after this date we might not be able to consider you.

Before you apply, please read all the information below carefully


Volunteer FAQ’s

If you have a question not covered here or on the application, please us the “anything else” section of the application…


What skills do I need or are we looking for?

Whether you are skilled with a sewing machine, a master of spreadsheets, are a total people person, and want to welcome people in at the gate or are  totally tech orientated and really would rather not, we have a role to suit you.

You do not need to be an expert in any of these areas for you to be able to volunteer with us, each department require some slightly different skills which we will cover on the application.

To be an awesome volunteer all you need is some common sense, enthusiasm, a can do attitude, believe in wheat we do and a willingness to support our team in delivering such a wonderful event.


What areas can I volunteer with?

Gates and Box office, Production office, Litter Pickers, Technical Production, Site Art and Decor, Stage Management or Artist Liaison.

If you want to apply for My Cause Stewarding or the Psycare Uk team, please see the “get involved” page here for details


What does each role involve?

If you want to know more information about the areas you can work in, Please click here to download the role descriptions


When do applications open?

Applications open on the 14th December, 2018


When is the deadline and do applications close?

To guarantee your application is looked at, please apply before the 15th of April

Please note we will not be closing the applications until the end of May in case we have any additional needs but will will keep you posted about this on Facebook, the website and the application itself


When will I find out if I’ve been successful?

We will begin reviewing applications around the first week of April

We hope to confirm positions by the end of May.


How many hours do I need to volunteer for?

We typically ask that you volunteer around 21 hours of your time to us spread over however days you want to be on site. This depends on the role you apply for or are chosen for; this will be agreed with you during the application process.


Will I be able to choose my shift so that I can see my favourite artist?

We cannot guarantee we can arrange this but we will do our best to help, and in some cases if you are on a shift, you may be able to have a short break to allow you to catch them, this has to be agreed in advance.


What do you get when you volunteer with us?

For your time you will be given a crew wristband that allows you access to the site of the duration of the event, of which you can enjoy when you are not volunteering.


Do I get fed and what food is available on site?

You will be provided with one meal per shift, which is typically 6.5 hrs. If you end up working less hours spread over more days; you will also get at least one meal and access to discounted meals from our catering providers for around £4-5


I have dietary needs, will this be catered for?

Our crew caterers are experts tailoring meals to suit people with any requirements, just let us know any requirements you have when you are applying.


I have a disability or access needs, can I volunteer?

Yes of course!  We want volunteering opportunities to be accessible to all, if you have any specific access needs please get in touch with to let us know your specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Upon applying you will need to pay a deposit of £50. The total amount is higher than a full price ticket to help deter people applying to volunteer and then not coming to any of the shifts.


What happens after I pay my deposit?

We will begin to review applications is early April (maybe sooner) and begin to accept people. We might want to ask you a few questions, so keep an eye on your email.

What happens once I’m accepted?

You will be notified by eventree and you will need to pay the final deposit balance of £125. If you are confirmed for a pre event role, you do not need to pay this.


Can I spread out the payments?

Unfortunately we were unable to set this up for 2019, however if you are accepted, you have until May, 14th to pay the remaining balance leaving you plenty of time from now to save up.


Why is the total balance so much?

The total deposit is higher than a full price ticket to help avoid people applying to volunteer and then not intending to come to any of the shifts.  


When do I need to pay the deposit?

When you first apply – the application form will take you to a Paypal link


When do I need to pay the balance by?

Once your application is accepted, all deposit balances must be paid by the 14th May.


When do I get my deposit back?

If you were unsuccessful in your application, we will refund you by the 1st June.

For those who volunteered with us, we will aim to return all deposits within 2 weeks of the event but at least no more than 4 weeks. Will keep you updated on this at all times.


What do I do if I can’t make my shift because I am ill?

As this is volunteer work we cannot demand you turn up to a shift, we simply ask that you let us know at the earliest possible time to allow us to reshuffle our schedules and rotas.  We are an understanding bunch and will do all we can to make sure you are okay, we have medics on site who can help you if needed. If you are unwell and have to leave site before the event and have already worked, don’t worry you won’t lose all of your deposit. We will process it the same way as everyone else. If you fall in on the Saturday or Sunday, we will look at each case individually and perhaps look at a prorated refund.

What happens if decide I don’t want to volunteer anymore?

As your wristband is to allow you access to crew areas, if you decide to stop volunteering with us, we will have to remove your crew band. You are at this point welcome to purchase a standard public ticket at full price, without this you cannot remain on site.

If you want to apply please fill out the Noisily Festival Volunteers application form here

If you have any further Questions, please email us at