Onsite info – What’s here, what you can and can’t bring etc…


Is Noisily Festival a  “Green” Festival?

Yes we are – Some of the green measures we have in place are;

  • No single use plastic bottles on site (please bring your own bottle!)
  • We encourage and facilitate car sharing and use of public transport
  • We use only 100% Paraben and SLS free products in the shower.
  • We fully recycle all waste on site.
  • We will publish full information on our “Looking After the Woods” initiative early in 2019.


Can I get cash on site?

Yes, there are cash machines on site in the main arena, also all of our bars do take cards.


Do you you have a supermarket on site?

Yes, we will have a convenience store stocking most of the basics.


What drinks are on site & how much are they?

There will be lots of delicious cold drinks on the site to refresh you after a good hard dance amongst the trees. We keep the price down as much as possible as we are the first to get annoyed by high drinks prices.

In order to do this though we need to limit the amount of alcohol that you bring in with you to the site (see below). Bar sales form an essential part of being able to put on the party and without them we’ll struggle to put it on again next year!
Prices are from £4 upwards.


Can I bring alcohol onsite?

Yes, however you are only allowed to bring up to 8 cans of cider, beer or mixers OR up to 2 bottles of wine. Please try buy your wine in tetra pack cartons or recyclable plastic bottles – ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS ON site.

Please note you can only bring in alcohol upon your first entry when you get your wristband.


What food do you have on site?

We love food at Noisily, and we are working to get you some of the most delicious festival sustenance out there. Nobody likes the dry piece of meat between two pieces of stale bread that some festivals seem to think is acceptable, so we search far and wide for the most delicious and dance fuelling food around, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed when it comes to your breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner time or midnight feast..


Can I bring my own food onsite?
Yes you are welcome to bring your own food, please be mindful and avoid bringing food that has a plastic wrapping on it.


Can I bring my camping stove?

Please check back on this, in 2018 we had unprecedented fire risks, and are having to review our policies, we will make a decision and get back to you in the new year.


Will there be any communal cooking facilities again?

If we don’t allow cooking stoves we will provide a communal cooking area.


Do you have Showers?

Yes, run by Posh Wash. They will be about £3- £4. They will be fully serviced and therefore cleaned regularly. We will be asking you only use environmentally friendly products, so no harmful chemicals.


What products can I use in the Showers?

As our showers drain off into a soakaway, it’s even more important that you don’t use any  products that contain environmentally harmful chemicals.Generally “Paraben” and “SLS” free products are OK. We will be working with some suppliers to try and offer some options to buy on site in case you forget. The lovely people at Posh Wash will be checking what you are taking in with you.


Is there access to drinking water onsite?
Yes, there are plenty water points all across the sites which will be marked on the public map.

Are the steps going to be as bad this year?
The steps are going to be just as awesome and just great for your fitness levels as before.

Do you allow people to bring glitter onsite?

Yes but we ask that you only use biodegradable glitter bought from a reputable supplier. Avoiding microplastics is really important to us – please support us in this.


What essential items should I bring?

  • Your stomping shoes.
  • A tent – please try to buy one that last’s instead of cheaper more “disposable or one use options as they can’t normally be recycled and end up in landfill.
  • A sleeping bag – it can get a little cold at night so make sure you have one that will keep you warm in lower temperatures.
  • Some money and back up cash card in case you lose your main one!
  • Wellies – as with most festival if it rains you’ll need  a pair to keep your stomping feet dry.
  • Warm clothes for partying at nighttime.
  • A waterproof jacket.
  • Sun glasses & suncream.
  • A torch & Batteries
  • Condoms, toothbrush & toothpaste.
  • Good vibes and an open mind


What shouldn’t I bring?

  • Charcoal Barbecues – they scorch the ground and can cause fires very easily.
  • Glass – glass is not allowed anywhere on site – it will be confiscated.
  • Weapons – large knives, or other objects deemed weapons will be confiscated
  • Fireworks.
  • Chinese Lanterns – or any type of lantern apart from battery powered camping ones
  • Nitrous oxide: Inhaling No2 is not only illegal, but those little silver canisters get trod into the ground, never to be recovered, and when we do manage to pick them up, they can’t even be recycled. Please don’t bring it, we’ll hear that unmistakable jingle as you get to the gate anyway…
  • Your own sound system.


Please note any items confiscated, if legal can can collected on the Monday after the festival from the lost property team at the box office. If you need your item before this,  let the team know.