‘I’ve never seen such a mass exodus’, says Goa from Brighton…

After news that nearly 1/3 of all Noisily attendees will be coming in campervans this July – We have chatted to 2 of the people most effected by this ‘Mass Exodus’ of some of the most hippified cities in Englandshire.

Brian Bigglesworth from Parking Brighton who is officially in charge of ‘Keeping the streets of Brighton hippy free’ noticed that he had literally nothing to do in the second week of July and loads of overnight parking spaces for residents as his local vegan hippy population kicked their heavily polluting vans into gear and headed off to the Leicestershire countryside on mass for a rave up at Noisily.

We also chatted to a local hippy known as ‘Goa’ by her friends who changed her name by deed pole after heading to the popular hippy haunt in February and in her own words, ‘Finding a new level of spirituality on a beach in Goa while listening to Ajja play Shiva Valley one night’.  Goa said that her and many of her hippy cohorts will be heading to Noisily in July in convoy in what some members of UK government are worried will push the UK’s over its net carbon targets for 2023 as hundreds of buses, vans and trucks with piston rings more worn out than Keith Richards head on mass to hippy mecca Noisily Festival.

Over and out.