James Anthony, a Director’s Cut

In 2014 Noisily opened it’s gates for the 3rd time, welcoming just shy of 1,500 people through the gates. One of those was James Anthony, co-founder of Liquid Records and helmsman of the Liquid Stage, of former Glade Festival fame.

James brought with him a wealth of experience, a marketeer in Chris Williams, and a stage which has become an invaluable asset to the Coney Woods. Herein he shares what Noisily means to him…

Where do i start ?!  ….. Noisily is a festival with pure intentions at the very core, and I really believe this manifests in the event itself, resonating through the vibes.  For me, after nearly 20 years of being involved with events and the music industry, it is an absolute honour to work with my fellow directors and each and every one of our team.  Everyone is so dedicated and work so hard to help create this magical wonderland in Coney Woods. 

The production values and the music, the arts and the decor are curated with an attention to detail second to none. The vibe and safe space we create is what it is all about – a platform where you can come and be yourself and thrive amongst nature, dance in front of an epic sound system, express yourself and be surrounded by like minded and spirited people away from the constraints of your daily life.  Noisily is a place where you can just be, form new connections, nurture old friendships and develop life long relationships.

To conclude, it’s about YOU! The festival goers, the ravers, the people, the ever growing Noisily family, the Noisily first timers – we do this for you and you make the vibe what it is.  So thank you for being an equal and synergistic part of making this magical event happen.

For those of you who have been to Noisily before we welcome you back and for those who haven’t, you are really in for a treat for our 6th year.  Onwards and Upwards.

Can’t wait to see you all in the woods this summer!