Lachie Gordon, thoughts from a founder…

As I was sitting in the bus stop looking over the Noisily stage in a quiet moment of reflection on a recent site visit, I couldn’t help but have vivid flashbacks to the Sunday night of Noisily 2016. That Vibe! That seething mass of Noisily family absolutely having it on the dance-floor. Each person moving to their own beat, yet all in unison. It gives me shivers thinking about it and leaves me grinning from ear to ear.

Festivals to me are so much more than just parties, they’re places where beautiful life long relationships are forged. A place where we can all believe that humanity is rooted in good, not evil. And of course, a place where we can learn to truly be ourselves, away from the pressures of the default world.
And that’s why I love Noisily so much, because of the people. We could spend millions on artists, lasers and art, and it would all be for nothing if it wasn’t for the amazing group of people who pour through our gates each year. Growing slowly through friends of friends has made for such an extraordinary vibe, and has attracted a wealth of incredible musicians, artists and performers. And, of course, you! The Faithful Noisily Family.