Launching Festicket – 2018 Travel & Accommodation Packages

We are excited to be teaming up with our friends at Festicket again to offer festival packages to our ticket buyers. For those of you who favour ease of booking multiples facets to your festival experience, such as travel, accommodation and the tickets themselves, look no further than Festicket.

We’re working with them on the ground in the UK, but also, and perhaps more exciting, is our relationships with their Berlin, Paris and Barcelona offices.

After an influx of foreign festival goers in 2017 we did some digging in the data, and it turns out that interests have been peaked in these 3 European musical meccas. Several thousand individual sessions on the Noisily website suggest there’s reinforcements to be recruited from the continent!

So if you have friends over the channel in the Eurozone, let’s fill the woods with our friends from foreign shores!

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