Launching The Parliament of Funk Line Up

Noisily has be yearning for an all new stage for some time, and somewhere deep in the heart of Coney Woods our team of artists and chippies have been working their fingers to the bone, honing our all new musical manifesto, ready for the most un-general sonic election the festival has ever seen. Welcome all, to The Parliament of Funk.



Last year rising star Lucid Stannard came to play on the Pablo Di$cobar, and although the Narco Chic establishment has since left the Coney Woods – an enormous bust smuggling counterfeit tequila left their cartel bosses behind bars / they had other commitments – Lucid is returning to woods in style with her all female outfit Womb 2.

The brainchild of Number 90 Bar’s notorious events programmer, Petra Kluk, and Lucid Stannard herself, the idea behind Womb 2 (Women Of Music Business) is to promote booking more female, female-identifying and non-binary artists within the nightlife and arts industries. Their music policy covers House, Techno and Disco, all the way to funk and R’n’B.

They are disrupting a historically male dominated industry, off the back of the recent rebellion from women who have collectively had enough.

In their own words – “We have the opportunity to make it big and give female, FI and NB artists their deserved moment in the spotlight. Whether you have a womb or not, you are welcome to join us!”

At Noisily Womb 2 will be facilitating an epic takeover with sets from Sisu Crew, Ella Hagi, Fourtit, Lucid Stannard, Kristi Harper and the awesome Michelle Manetti.

Our second takeover comes from Big Game, masters of the spin hailing from the one and only Dance Off Crew.

Big Game will take you on a safari journey beyond the moment, penetrating your ears with melody and your stomach with vibrations, as they work themselves inside you like a half melted slush puppy on a rollercoaster. Expect a smorgasboard of disco bangers, funk re-works, 80’s smashers, soulful breaks and a dose of cheeky electronic bass. Always looking to take the vibes somewhere new, Big Game are specialists in marathon performances – their record of 9 hours was set at Burning Man.

DJs Stavros Asbestos and Prawn The Cracker hail from the Dance-Off crew – the UK festival scenes favourite participatory dance-battle boxing-ring mayhem stage. This motley crew have been throwing parties for over a decade at the Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Love Saves The Day, Shambala and Snowbombing, and they are all about fun. Which is handy, because that is Noisily’s cornerstone! You’ll be dancing and smiling so uncontrollably that if the wind changes, you’ll end up looking like Ronald McDonald for the rest of your life, so they say, and we believe them.

“It’s Miami, 1984. The sun is out, the beat is pumping, the bass drives your shoulder forward as you strut around the pool. Sunsets and glitter; Lamborghinis and speedboats; sequins and roller-skates. And the music, always the music.

Let’s go Disco. We are Poolside Strut…”

Takeover number 3 comes from our friends from Birmingham, Poolside Strut. All new to Noisily, Deano Ferrino & Andy Watson (DJs) and Kevin Doody (Production) are the dream team behind Birmingham’s legendary Magic Door Parties. Think 70’s porn star funk mixed with 80’s Miami disco, add a splash of Chicago house all served up to strut, all set to a neon dream backdrop with disco props and decor. They have invited special guests Lawrence Jones and Jack D (Tektu) to drop vibes too.

They have some impressive credentials in their wake, having started 6 years ago, to break the monotony of club nights, they kickstarted the glitter revolution by bringing a festival vibe into clubs. Mixmag included Magic Door in the top 15 best nights out in the world for NYE last year and their resident DJs include major stars Maxxi Soundsystem, PBR Streetgang and Mr Dorris, alongside co-founders Deano Ferrino and Jukes of Hazard.

Beyond our three takeovers, we have an epic mix of music on offer at the Parliament of Funk. Highlight include sets from the ever Psychedelic Tripswitch, the deep and extremely groovy Olaf Stuut, his cosmonautical amigo Mojo Filter whose new self professed spiritual home is Noisily, having wrapped up a solid tenure as chief coordinator in The Woods at Secret Garden Party.

More highlights include Mara LeFay, Natural Born Chillers and Yes Mel, whilst the Strutt Brothers are always a complete hoot, and there will be plenty more notable artists and DJ’s laying down their flavours throughout the weekend in the hallowed halls of our brand new stage.

So head up the hill, grab a cocktail, mosy through the trees and leave your politics at the door, The Parliament of Funk is open for business!