LIVE Stream Meditation with Fabio Garces @ 6pm Today, 9th May

As part of the expansion of the Mind Body Soul area at Noisily this year, we have a number of experts in sound healing coming to share their knowledge in the Coney Woods – one such practitioner is Fabio Garces.

Fabio is an expert in Sonic Enchantment and Sound Healing, merging a background in music production and sound engineering, Fabio has spent the last 7 years researching the field of cymatics, acoustic therapies, solfeggio frequencies and ancient South and Central American shamanic sound healing practices.

Join us for the first Noisily Digital Meditation, 10 minutes of Sonic Enchantment streamed live from HQ. The perfect way to start your Tuesday evening, drifting off amongst the frequencies with your eyes closed, escaping the stresses of daily life and channeling your energy towards positive resolve. 

To join in the meditation, visit our Noisily Facebook Page a few minutes ahead of time this evening, and for those of you would like to book he full 2 hour session at the festival HERE, we’ll send you a copy of the 10 minute meditation as a wee pressie for you to use as and when you need to unwind.

Meditation Instructions from Fabio himself: 

Take this opportunity to relax and be guided by the sound, on a journey into a meditative state, even if you don’t have prior experience. Find a comfortable place for the next 10 minutes. Get your headphones on and close your eyes. Bring your mind’s focus on to your breathing and slowly start to deepen the breath.  Throughout the whole sound journey remember to bring your awareness back to your inhalation and your exhalation any time you find your self drifting into thoughts. The use of binaurals and sacred sounds will slowly guide you into a restorative and meditative state. Enjoy!