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Hello and welcome to the Noisily Festival local residents page.

Communicating and engaging with local residents is important to us. We believe this is an essential ingredient to creating a successful and sustainable event, we really cannot do this without your support.

The aim of this web page is to inform you about the measures we have put in place to make the festival a positive experience for all involved, and our commitment to protecting the local environment.

Here you will find information specific to locals, including:

o    Event opening times and pre-event timings.

o    Traffic management measures.

o    Details of how to get in touch with us and opportunities to give feedback to us.

o    Details of how to get involved with the event.

o    Locals tickets, eligibility and how to apply for them.

Before we get on to all that, here are a few words from a co-founder of Noisily Festival and a Leicestershire resident from birth.


Hello, and thank you for your interest and support for Noisily Festival of Music and Arts.

My family and I have lived in this beautiful area of the world for a very long time. Personally I have a very deep love and connection with this beautiful part of England, which I was lucky enough to grow up in and we are lucky enough to call home. 

I would like to thank you for all of your support for the festival. As you will know from our communications, we are trying our best to cause as little disruption as possible for the local community, whilst curating a very special experience for all those who attend and enjoy the festival each July.

We have come on leaps and bounds since we first opened our gates 13 years ago, and are now an internationally recognised event with attendees coming from all over the world. We are a multi faceted festival, providing swathes of content in the mediums of art, music and wellness, promoting environmental consciousness, and kindness and compassion amongst our guests. 

We are aiming to be as inclusive as possible with people who live and run businesses locally, and are improving on this year on year. Wherever possible we use local suppliers and encourage our food traders to do so, and are committed to open and honest dialogue with everyone who lives in the area.

We wish you all the very best, 

The Noisily Team

Please scroll down for all Locals Info and how to apply for tickets…



Event Opening times:

The Festival opens to the public at around 12:00 on Thursday 8th July and closes at 23:30 on Sunday 11th July. The campsites will close on Monday 12th July at 14:00.


Traffic Management:

We are dealing with the local Highways agencies to implement suitable measures to ensure the festival’s impact on the local community is minimised. We regularly engage with local parish councils to provide information about the festival and how it will impact the local area, including traffic management. The main traffic management measures will consist of signage being deployed from the major roads and within the local area as well as speed reduction and traffic regulation on the approach of the festival gates. These measures will be in place from 27th June until 21st July. 

We will start our build-up from 27th June with a few vehicles accessing the site to make deliveries. Traffic will increase from 9th July when our traders start to arrive.  

The majority of attendees will arrive on Thursday 11th July from noon until Friday 12th July. We expect low level traffic on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July. The majority of attendees will leave the site on Monday 15th July morning until 14:00; and all traders will leave by 20:00.

Contacting us:

We will have three ways for you to get in touch with us:


Firstly, our local residents email address is locals@noisilyfestival.com. This email address is already live so feel free to email us and we will aim to get back to you within two working days. This email address will continue to be monitored when we are onsite from 27rd June until 21st July. 

Secondly, we will also have a dedicated telephone line for residents to reach us during the event. The telephone number will be communicated via a letter delivered to all residents living within a 2 miles radius and it will be provided to local parish councils further afield. The residents telephone line will be monitored between 08:00-19:00 during the build-up and breakdown and 24/7 from Thursday 11th July from 08:00 until Monday 15th July 19:00.  

Thirdly, you will be able to contact us online via our website using our Resident’s Contact Form. This form will be made live just before the event. It will allow you to log enquiries or report issues during the live period of the event. Like the telephone line, it will be monitored 24/7 from Thursday 11th July 08:00 until Monday 15th July 19:00. 

Getting Involved:

Please visit our Get Involved page here.

Once you have checked it and if you think none of the information or links there applies to you, please email locals@noisilyfestival.com


Local Residents Tickets:

To qualify for a locals ticket you need to live within 2 miles of the festival site.

If you live within the catchment area you will receive a letter during the second week of June. If you have not received one by then please let us know on locals@noisilyfestival.com

This year to improve our service and speed things up at the gate we have created an online application process.

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