MBS Mondays – Week 11

MIND : Beyond the matrix : Is this reality we live in an illusion? with Ann Mathie

Is there a way out of this mind matrix?

In this talk, Ann Mathie will be looking at what the Buddha discovered under the Bodhi tree which led to his radical freedom from suffering. We will explore the different types of deep ecstatic absorption or Jhanic states, and how these states are experienced in the mind-body based on the direct experience of long-term meditators and Buddhist monks. We will look at how the Buddhas’ different states of absorption lead to insight into the workings of this mind matrix.

Exploring the metaphysics of the reality we live in and the relationship between mind and matter in the Buddhist context, based on Abhidharma manuscripts, we will look at techniques of freedom discovered by the Buddha in detail based on the Pali Canon and early Buddhist literature. We will examine the importance of human physiology with regards to awakening and how preserving its natural state is a key to greater awareness.

Ann Mathie has completed a Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, where she was taught by leading scholars in the fields of Buddhism and Yoga. Her research focuses on the phenomenology of liberation through Buddhist and Yogic practices. She also studies Sanskrit to gain a closer understanding of scripture. 

As a practitioner, a researcher and a school teacher she brings complex theories of metaphysics in Buddhist and Tantric doctrine into clear comprehension to frame practice and experience for everyone.

Ann has been practising yoga and meditation for the past 20 years, exploring practices in the Tantric, Yogic and Buddhist milieu, working at bridging the gap between the knowledge produced by the insights of mediation masters throughout history, and our current exploration in cutting edge consciousness theory.