MBS Mondays – Week 2

Cacao Ceremony with The Shanti Space

Another regular offering at Mind Body Soul, and returning to the woods this Summer are Jack and Jess from The Shanti Space. Jack’s been busy harnessing his DJing skills and this year they’ll be combining their signature Cacao ceremony with Ecstatic Dance.

Now, in the second of our New Year MBS Mondays, join Jack & Jess live from their yoga deck under the Portuguese pine trees for a cacao ceremony with some gentle movement to clear blockages & get your neurotransmitters firing. 

Centre & connect with the wisdom & power of chocolate. 

Here is some guidance on how to brew your cacao courtesy of Jack:

Find & order some good quality cacao online if you don’t have any

Break up the cacao if it’s in a block

Optional additions – lucuma powder, chaga / reishi mushroom & raw mesquite powders

Add honey to taste, + ginger, cayenne pepper & cinnamon to really activate the cacao
Plus filtered water

Simmer on a gentle heat, stirring with love & intention!

Full video HERE



Cacao Ceremony with The Shanti Space