MBS Mondays – Week 7

SOUL on Friday

Wild Journeying: Learning the Art of Shamanic Meditation with Soizic Loup.

We are so excited to be welcoming Soizic into the Mind Body Soul family this year. Of Tunisian, Guadeloupean, Polish and Middle Eastern descent, she draws from the ancient power, wisdom and stories of her lineage and has trained all over the world. Collaborating with indigenous shamans, transformational teachers & queer healers, she is looking forward to sharing these experiences and incorporating them into her unique blend of healing & energy work.

Soizic will be offering her workshop ‘Wild Journeying: Learning the Art of Shamanic Meditation’ – where you will be invited to connect directly with spirit guides, insights from the natural landscapes and even your future Self. 

It promises to be a powerful and transformative experience, helping participants really let go of what no longer serves them, alongside seeding beautiful insights on their relationships with themselves, others and our surrounding natural world.

Meditation doesn’t need to be hard or exclusive. We’ll use simple but really efficient techniques (which take into account the realities of neuroscience, embodiment practice, breathwork and sound therapy) to take ourselves into a step of release and relaxation, when we become more suggestible and our minds more malleable. From that place of ease, we’ll use the traditionally shamanic practice of Journeying, a form of meditation that fully engages the senses and our imagination. This way, we tap into the raw power of our creativity rather than being limited by the mind, and go journey into strange lands to find allies, answers to our questions (or just discover new ones we should be asking), and planting seeds for what we’d like to grow. 

No previous experience is needed. 

Join her Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2584727334908962/