The full Mind Body Soul program will be announced at the end of February and will feature an expanded program of speakers and a huge variety of healing practices.

In the meantime, if you are interested in contributing, please apply through our online form HERE.

If your offering is a lecture / talk, then you can fill in this abridged application form, please note that if you fill this out for something other than a talk you will be asked to fill out the other form anyway.

All applications close on the 30th of January.

Mind Body Soul Theme for 2019: Human Connection

In 2019, with profound ecological, societal and economic disruption shaking the foundations of our civilisation, the Noisily Mind Body Soul program will explore the nature and importance of human connection. Connection to ourselves, each other, nature, and the communities which can give us meaning in this complex world.

We believe that it is only through truly feeling, experiencing and understanding these connections and the inner place from which they come, that we may be able to begin to find answers to the larger issues that we face in the world today.

Over four days we will delve into these subjects though workshops talks and healing practices. loosely based on the daily frameworks of Connect, Collaborate, Create & Integrate.

So when you come to Noisily, whether that be as a ticket buyer, a therapist, an artists, a healer, a trader, or indeed with any other contribution, make sure to keep connection at the forefront of your mind. Make friends, share yourself with others, listen, learn, teach, hug, hold, hold space, stand in your truth and allow others to do the same, because that is where the true value of your experience exists in the Coney Woods.