Bill Commerford - Noisily Festival

Bill Commerford

Deep Tissue Massage

Relax, energise & revitalize: full body treatments are available that focus on specific issues or areas and are Ideal for fatigued necks & shoulders. This will benefit any parts of you that are stressed by life, physical and emotional injury and trauma, over-exercise & Festival-itis 

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the essential oil, or a blend from over 20 Neals Yard essential oils that suits you: ideal for treating tension, digestive, respiratory, physical & emotional issues; nut & seed free Neal’s Yard base oils are also available: ask Bill if you have allergy / intolerance concerns

Sports Injury Massage

Treats fatigue, repetitive stress injuries towards recovery & ease of maintenance and can ease painful tight neck & frozen shoulders, limbs, joints, muscles & sinews in acute & chronic issues: exercises are included to aid recovery & wellbeing

Movement Shiatsu Oriental Massage

An interactive somatic and experiential approach to movement body work with Bill that is ideal for physical, emotional, acute & chronic health issues – especially effective for head & backaches, PMT, anxiety & stress as it is for muscular, fascial, joint & neural conditions e.g. sciatica. We explore ways for you to move effectively from your core & develop awareness of this – enhanced with simple exercises for you to develop the work beyond the treatment

Shiatsu-Shintai Oriental Massage

Clothed Japanese massage: Bill tailors sessions to your requirements to be physical & energetic, or gently supportive as you wish. Traditionally, clients are treated on a futon, but Bill adapts this for treatments on a massage chair, couch or body cushions and works with breath, resistance & movement interactively at a fascial & muscular level, this assists you to develop awareness of your posture and how to move with greater ease

Japanese Facial Massage

More than a cosmetic makeover, a cleansing, relaxing, nurturing & revitalising experience: melt in a deep release of tension, neck & shoulders are an optional extra

Seated Chair Massage

Includes neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands – enjoy! Treatments are available with, or without oils as massage or shiatsu sessions: ideal for pregnant clients & those unable to lie down easily

Bill travelled widely in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and developed an interest in different ways people heal themselves and each other, through a variety of activities from yoga, meditation, qigong, music, dance and other forms of creative expression and therapeutic body work. Bill’s interests continue to be voyages of self-discovery and self-development that hopefully enable a better understanding of self and others.

Working in complementary therapies for nearly thirty years, first as a masseur, then as a shiatsu practitioner and later as a MBACP Accredited Counsellor, Bill works in sexual and mental health projects, substance / alcohol dependency programmes and NHS projects. Bill also works with clients with learning and mobility issues. He provides on-site treatment to staff in London based companies and to the general public at music festivals around the UK every summer. He lives in Dorset and sees clients in the West Country and in London.

Bill teaches and runs workshops and training courses in Movement Shiatsu & Inner Qigong at Ki Kai School of Shiatsu in Islington, London, where he is Course Director and Head of School. He also teaches Shiatsu-Shintai at the British School of Shiatsu-Do London, Colchester & Ljubljana, (Slovenia). 

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