The Birth of Cacao: The Ancient Roots Ceremony - Noisily Festival

The Birth of Cacao: The Ancient Roots Ceremony

with Root of the Gods.

£20 book via Kaboodle.

The Birth of Ceremonial Cacao: The Ancient Roots
The ancient Mayans and Aztecs believed cacao was a gift from the gods, and the botanical name translates to ‘Food of the Gods’. Local leaders use cacao in spiritual ceremonies, rituals, and medicinal practices. It is very rich in antioxidants, more than green tea and red wine, due to its high content of vitamin C, fiber and serotonin. Excellent ally to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver, gastric and colon cancer.

It also contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, theobromine, caffeine, antioxidants and water, among others.

In women it helps a lot to balance the hormonal flow and helps to recover appetite. In men it helps improve appetite and feel more energy.About Root of the Gods – Ahau Samuel is a native Mexican medicine man, co-founder of Root of the Gods; a project that preserves and re-activates sacred wisdom. Studying and sharing ancestral medicines for 11 years through ceremonies, workshops and deep healing experiences. Ahau is a great teacher with a humble heart, his lessons and words valued by many communities across Mexico. His teachings include Temazcal Sweatlodge, Vision Quest, Drum Making and ancestral medicines such as Kambo & Hapé; with experience working in many settings including rehabilitation centers, working as a doctor of ancestral medicines to support and heal chronic and autoimmune conditions, addictions, mental and physical disease. Ahau is part of the Camino Rojo Foundation and is responsible for supporting cultural ceremonies such as the Moon Dance (Danza de Luna) and Sun Dance (Danza del Sol) All that Ahau takes into his path is aligned to his life purpose – being of service to humanity. Robyn Leonie is a sacred space facilitator, medicine woman, creator & natural living advocate – leading through a powerful, grounded approach to connected living. Co-founder of Root of the Gods; a project that preserves and re-activates sacred wisdom. Robyn has traveled the world as a student of anthropology and ethnobotany – studying the roots of our cultures and learning how they positively guide and support our human experience. Throughout her journey, aligning with whole living, natural cycles & mind-body medicine, it became her purpose to be of service and to help reconnect us all back to our original state of love and abundance. With her unique filter, she transforms her knowledge into simple guidance; creative, clear & humble steps towards a more beautiful future for all. Sharing her tools through prayer, sound, breath, ceremony and sweatlodge, her powerful work is an organic expression of all that has been learnt on her own way to presence & wholeness. Robyn embodies a bridge between the ancient and modern cultures – working alongside indigenous wisdom keepers creating programmes and experiences wherein their cultural teachings can be honoured, shared and guided in their growth and integration.

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